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Australian album stream now up

As we posted below, 50 Words for Snow is album of the week on ABC Radio National and the album stream is here


“Ambitious, lyrically eccentric and rewarding”: Mr Kinski’s Music Shack


“Very self-indulgent”: Strange Things Are Happening


  1. Neil Mayor

    Well heard the album about 3 times now and it definately gets under the skin as each track comes into focus like something familiar emerging from the fog.Stand out track for me is Among Angels which can compete with A Coral Room from Ariel for tear drop- inducing effectiveness. It’s as ellusive , delicate and simply beautful as a snowflake itself.

  2. Gio Willis

    This is perhaps Kate’s most ”difficult” album so far….. It lacks unity. there is not a single ”outstanding” track which may be considered commercial …. but at moments it is a masterpiece, a new concept of ideas I have not heard from anyone so far… I am sure that after an accurate listening , I will love it better and better….

  3. Neil

    The visual effects on ths site work really well letting the listener use their imagination whilst flashes of colour and shifting shapes complement the moods of the music

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