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News about the 50 Words vinyl release

From Kate’s official website:

Hi there everyone,
I wanted to let you vinyl lovers know that unfortunately the 50 Words For Snow vinyl release will be a few days late everywhere except the UK.  This is because we had some pressing problems and so we were late getting them from the factory.  The good news is that they sound great now. The USA vinyl will be available in stores around the 25th Nov, Europe and the rest of the world will be released on the 28th – maybe a few days earlier in some places. I am sorry about this but you know that I always strive for quality even if there is a slight delay.  I hope you enjoy it when you get it!!
All the best,
p.s. The vinyl has obviously been on a low fibre diet as it has less wind!”

(Seán says: “That’s okay, Kate – the Aerial vinyl had more birds!”)

50 Words For Snow vinyl


“Grating four minute instrumental solos”: University Observer


Kate’s official site will be streaming the album in daily instalments

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  1. Vindrag

    That’s OK Kate! 🙂

    That vinyl looks beautiful! Can’t wait to get it.

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