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“No one thinks like Kate Bush”: Adelaide Now

4 -Star album of the week from Cameron Adams at Adelaide Now:

It’s classic Kate Bush – a wintry, glacial concept album with seven songs, 65 minutes and zero concession to 2012…most unexpected is the wonderful Snowed in on Wheeler Street…Among Angels, just Bush and a piano and a sprinkling of strings, is stunning…the title track is Bush at her literal best…Lady Gaga has a long way to go before she ever reaches Bush’s effortless levels of unique artistry, and as ever, somewhere Tori Amos is weeping into her piano because, try as she might, no one thinks like Kate Bush.”


“Astonishing, immense, bizarre and perfectly realized”: Drowned in Sound


Language Log enjoys “50 Words for Snow”


  1. Elizabeth


    I love you, Kate.

  2. What a ridiculous review!

    I don’t get journalists who think they are clever by comparing and dismissing other talented artists just to add a little drama! Let the music speak for itself.

    Kate Bush is my all time favourite artist; yet Tori Amos is pretty high up there too – although, why they continually get compared is unbeknown to me! Yes they are both female – and both play the piano – end of! Anyone who compares simply has no real understanding of music!

    Tori is a classically trained and therefore far superior pianist to Kate’s un-trained (and often mediocre) attempts; Kate would (and has) admitted to this herself. She gets by enough to compose and record – and she indeed creates wonderful soundscapes that I adore…but, let’s be honest, she will never be in the keyboard leagues of Tori nor Elton. Therefore, I doubt very much Tori will be weeping – except for Cameron Adams’ lack of writing skills!

    Kate is a very talented songwriter, unique in style and concept – and a wonderful singer, artist and musician in so many ways…she doesn’t need to be compared to be celebrated!


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