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5 star review from Finland’s biggest music magazine, Soundi

A wave of fantastic reviews have been coming in for the new album. You can read them over the last few pages of news postings. Today the album is released here in Ireland (I’ve taken the day off work!) and in most of Europe and Australia. Here’s another one to add to the glowing accolades: the biggest music magazine in Finland, Soundi, gave the new album 5 stars today. The full page review says the album surpasses the expectations of even the hardest fan, and the critic says he thinks this is her best album since Hounds of Love. He says, listening to this “you know you are close to greatness”. We don’t have a translation yet. (thanks to Pekka)


“Otherworldly vocals and endless does of ambience”: Music Spiel


“Quietly beautiful”: Daily Telegraph

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    5 star also from Norwegian “” and “”

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