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“Otherworldly vocals and endless does of ambience”: Music Spiel

Music Spiel blog is very happy, and does like Sir Elton:

Whatever preconceived perceptions you have of Kate Bush, be prepared to toss them out the window. … Bush has always kept her listeners on her toes and doing whatever the fuck she wanted whenever she wanted … It’s a very piano-driven record with minimal percussion, provided by noted session man Steve Gadd, classical-influenced themes setting the tone for every one of the 7 tracks, otherworldly vocals and endless does of ambience … The silent intensity of the album continues with each track, the focal point being a duet with Elton John of all people called “Snowed in at Wheeler Street,” … I’m not a fan of Sir Elton, but he delivers on this track. I can’t find the right words on how this album makes me feel. I’m just fucking glad that Kate Bush has managed to wow me with an album, and she still has the spirit to make riveting music after all this time. I didn’t think she was capable of another masterwork. I was wrong. And never more glad to be wrong.”


“Tinkles, drifts and groans in thematic vignettes”: West Australian


5 star review from Finland’s biggest music magazine, Soundi


  1. Neil

    does he mean doses?

  2. Rod

    This is getting there. I’m looking forward to the review that really nails 5O Words for Snow. It’ll be a sound file with nothing on it but an ecstatic primal scream.

    Fantastic work keeping up with all the reviews Homeground team; you are playing a blinder.

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