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“Album of the year? By a country mile. Absolutely essential”: Music

Five Stars and nomination for ‘album of the year’ from Andy Snipper at Music News:

I was told to listen to this album a few times before making up my mind about it and I have to say that although I fell in love with it almost from the first moments of ‘Snowflake’, repeated listening has suggested that this is going to be my vote for album of the year … The music here is entirely something that only Kate could produce. Apparently simple but with huge depths and subjects that in the hands of anyone else would simply be weird or mawkish. She seems to be singing about the beauty and the harshness of the winter but in many ways this is just like sitting around the campfire as a yoiungster and telling ghost stories … Kate Bush has never been an easy listen: even back to ‘Wuthering Heights’ or ‘Running Up That Hill’ there has been depth and complexity in her music. There has also been an element of sensuality, of enjoyment of the close and warm and of the intensely observed. This album is completely in touch with all of those things and when, in the finale ‘Among Angels’ that gorgeous voice sings that “I can see angels around you. They shimmer like mirrors in Summer” it goes right to the heart. Album of the year? By a country mile. Absolutely essential.


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  1. I agree completely! My favorite album of the year by two country miles. 🙂

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