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“Can be a frustrating listen”: Observer

3/5 from Kitty Empire at The Observer:

Like trudging through drifts, 50 Wordscan be a frustrating listen, where dour piano motifs have the edge over catharsis. It blows hot and cold, with Bush holding back rather than letting rip, a disappointing feature of her latterday albums … The final piano track, “Among Angels” should be pulling floods of tears from listeners’ ducts but never quite locates the tap. This album is rather better when it is winking at you, rather than seeking to cryogenically preserve emotion.”


“Pretentious, otherworldly, delightful, and constantly arresting”: Christ and Pop Culture


Observer: Kate Bush: the return of pop’s most resonant voice


  1. Alberto Di Costanzo

    Certain reviews should only be banned. She has not done any homework and how can you possibly rate this and said this is an un-inspired album? Among Angels has just started to give some emotion, I though it was a weak song on the album… of course I was wrong. This album is in my top list together with Aerial and Hounds of Love.

    She is at times very insulting to the art of Kate Bush: (QUOTE:As anyone who watches QI will tell you, the Inuit language does not actually have 50 words for snow. ) Obviousy she has not read what Kate said about it, plus can you see those aremade up words. Even a child can spot that…

  2. Neil

    Among Angels did move me to shed a tear .I can imagine it being a chosen song at lived ones funerals in fact.

  3. Short attention span is not recommended with this album! 😉

    This lady’s reviews are always like that, and again it’s a weak grade for Miss Bush. I guess some just… don’t let the weirdness in? It’s an important thing before stating the judgement.

  4. MistyTed

    Might be frustrating to Kitty. Not to me in the least. “Tahoe,” “Misty” & “Wheeler Street” alone should qualify it as a masterpiece. This is one gifted woman. There was never anyone like her. There still isn’t. There never will be. Thanks again, Kate, for injecting some beauty, mystery and enchantment into an increasingly ugly and uninspired world.

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