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“Pretentious, otherworldly, delightful, and constantly arresting”: Christ and Pop Culture

Jason Morehead in his Grace Notes* section at Christ and Pop Culture:

“On 50 Words For Snow, Kate Bush sings from the perspective of a snowflake as it drifts down from its cloudy birthplace to the ground, tells the story of a woman who has a love affair with a snowman, and has comedian/author/actor Stephen Fry recite 50 words for, well, snow. So you could be forgiven for dismissing the album as pretentious. It is pretentious. It’s also otherworldly, delightful, and constantly arresting … 50 Words For Snow feels warmer, more organic, and even playful at times.”

(*Grace Notes is a weekly exploration by Jason Morehead of signs of common grace in the music world. We hope to alert you to wonderful music, some of which will be spiritual in nature but all of which will be unique and worthy of your attention)


“Hilarious” or “Fearless”: Radio 4 Saturday Review


“Can be a frustrating listen”: Observer


  1. Neil

    Liked this review a lot and a good comparison with Vespertine by Bjork whch i think is her best album.Doesn’t dwell on the length of the tracks as much as say the Sunday Mail reviewer did who reviewed it using a stopwatch me thinks.

  2. Didn’t Jason know it was mainly Bertie singing the role of the snowflake?

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