In my humble opinion one of the best reviews yet from Simon Moore at Live4Ever:

She’s a storyteller. She was always a storyteller … these songs … are incredible, genre-defying songs, but Bush has never been one for resting on her laurels, so a new sound is necessary … Those little piano flourishes are jazzier, more sustained. That eloquent, silky voice has lost the fanciful swoops and dives of yesteryear; it comes to the front of the mix and gains a whole new poise and vitality … stripping the music down to its core elements … If this is startting to sound overly poetic, then you at least have some idea of what this music does to you. This mellow soundtrack to dark country evenings doesn’t grab you, it creeps and tip-toes up inside your ear and works on you, letting each song grow on you until you can’t help but lose yourself in the whole album … With every listen, this album will reveal another layer, another part of the story you’d never heard before. There’s a lifetime’s worth of listening here. Best get started.”