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New York Times Review: “unhurried, utterly self-contained, exquisitely strange…the new album glistens”

Nate Chinen reviews the new album for the New York Times here““The world is so loud,” murmurs Kate Bush in the first of many disarming choruses on “50 Words for Snow,” her unhurried, utterly self-contained, exquisitely strange new album….if (Director’s Cut) was the effort needed to jostle her into the right frame of mind for “50 Words,” it was worth it. The new album rightly glistens, its sonic parameters set by Ms. Bush’s supple pianism, its lyrics firmly girded by her imagination….the mood is slow and somber but not lugubrious — even when, as on a glacial ghost story like “Lake Tahoe,” there’s real pathos in play”

Kate makes Lake Tahoe film segment


“There’s a lifetime’s worth of listening here”: Live4Ever


50 Words For Snow: A Conversation With Kate Bush in the Huffington Post


  1. Rod

    That’s a very well-written piece, isn’t it? Nate Chinen knows his stuff, and his jazz.

  2. richard Hanna

    If you are looking for “instant gratification” then you won’t find it here. Gone are the days when a Kate bush song inspired Love at first sight. The songs on 50WFS demand that you get to know them better before they “put out” but after the required amount of time they most certainly do! ‘ Lake Tahoe’ is sublime; sexy, mysterious and elegant. We won’t mention “snowed in at Wheeler street” because nobody is perfect…

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