Short interview with Mike Ragona in the online Huffington Post


Mike Ragogna of the Huffington PostMR: Nice. Could you go into some background on “Misty”?

KB: The thing about that song, aside from having sort of unusual subject matter, is that it’s a very long song–it’s the longest song on the album. I think it runs about 14 minutes. It wasn’t even that I set out to write a song that long, but I was trying to explore the idea of working with longer song structures and moving away from the more traditional form. I wanted to be able to tell the story through a much longer piece of time and so I was able to go through various elements of the story and, hopefully, make the song build. The subject matter is sort of just about a girl who builds a snowman, and later the snowman comes to visit her in her bedroom.

MR: As snowmen often do.

KB: Well, I don’t know about that unless people just keep quiet about it. (laughs)