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“Awful … ludicrous … Meatloaf”: BBC Radio 6 Roundtable

50 Words was comprehensively trashed on Steve Lamacq’s Roundtable on BBC Radio 6 this evening. Miranda Sawyer (as we already know) thought it was “awful”, Jamie Hince thought it “ludicrous”, and Elizabeth Morris confessed to being confused and  compared it to Meatloaf. Should you want to listen it’s just short of 48 minutes into the stream.


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  1. Keith

    You know, I can’t listen to this as descriptions of it read as if it’s a group of Cruella DeVils gathered at a cocktail party and throwing the glib and “witty sharp tongues” bit around like some really sad and bitter people. Value judgment, I know, but they just sound like such freaks!

  2. giulio

    This review, and especially the tone of the conversation around this
    new album, was really unfair and showed lack of professionalism.
    One can comment their doubts on an album, but here maybe they wanted to
    pass the time away. . .

  3. Sandra Kerr

    I think Miranda Sawyer’s comments are fair enough, she has confessed to loving the Aerial album so she must be a woman of sound mind. Admittedly the tracks on “Snow” are quite long and a little sparse, that’s not really a criticism but I will be drawn to this album much less than say Aerial or Hounds of Love in years to come. I too dislike the Elton John track and while I like the title track I wish Kate would stop collaborating with her ‘Comic Strip’ chums (Rowan, Griff, Miranda, Robbie..enough now). I like the album and it’s concept but I respect the opinions given in this discussion. It’s only Jamie Hince who is a little rude in his comments but let’s face it , he’s a man in his forties who never quite made it out of his teens.

  4. Rob Brown

    Do we have to have the word ‘trashed’ used? This isn’t the US you know. ‘Rubbished’ would have sufficed. 😉

  5. Maybe the term ‘TROLLED’ would be better? 😉

    That’s the second Roundtable I’ve heard in my life and I hope it was the last one. Such a waste of time. If one expected any serious, respectful criticism- there was no such thing there. Just trolling and laughing at things the reviewers could not understand. I felt a bit sad for them but in the end – they made me smile. I’m glad I got the album, or rather the album got me!

  6. Neil

    It’s a show about criticism and they were criticising.Just pot luck who you get on.Bad luck Kate but plenty out ther that love it or most of it.

  7. Nanette

    I’ve listened to this show a couple of times now, and it really is crummy. Noone seems to really analyse what they hear, or have anything thoughtful to say about it. I don’t care if people don’t like the music I like–we can’t all be the same–but if you’re going to do radio commentary, at least say something thoughtful and fresh.

  8. Neil

    Listen to Lady Ga Ga’s attempt at a xmas song with’ i’m dreamin of a white snow man’ to appreciate the sound and feel of 50 words .Radio one is just not the place to hear it amongst 3 min pop .

  9. Neil

    The appeal has been world wide ,Australia,Canada,Sweden,USA …nuff said

  10. nel

    Elton duet for me still over the top and only blemish on the album and i can see why they didnt lke it.The rest is well………cool

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