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“It really is that good”: HeavyVinyl

Keiron at HeavyVinyl is very wary of all the good reviews of 50 Words … but guess what:

I may have read more reviews of this than any musical opus released this year. It’s partly my own fault as I too am one of “those people” whose rabid love for all things Kate can bore the shit out of people at parties … Every article I read makes the situation worse as there is a huge consensus that this is her best work… and this, predictably, grates with my sensibilities…. as I am one of those people who, when told what to think by critics and zeitgeist alike, tends to reject this perceived opinion with every fabric of my DNA. I. Just. Can’t. Help. It … Kate has stripped back the orchestration of “The Red Shoes” and “Ariel” to make a record that is both brave and beautiful. But despite the simplicity it is never sparse.. in fact it’s positively dense with ideas, lyrics, trembling pianos, choirs and stories that swirl round the listener like a blizzard. You can lose yourself in the melody and language and warm yourself with that incredible quivering voice. I know, I’m gushing, but it really is that good. Kate Bush really is an artist without peer and this is a perfect album for any season …”


“Awful … ludicrous … Meatloaf”: BBC Radio 6 Roundtable


BBC Radio 6 Music interview with Lauren Laverne

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  1. Neil

    The album sounds out of place on radio one probably because it’s surrounded by 3 min pop tunes and this is not the best way to appreciate it.But on cd it sound fab.The snowman song is meant as fun and not a metaphore for anything it’s just a story soKate herself as said and laught when others read anything intoit although the beauty is you can do that.I am too a bit uncomfortable with Eltons duet mainlly beacause it tries to sound too ernest and comes onver lke a Andrew lloyd Webber musical.However every other track is sublme and the title track has its tongue in its cheek.But it you want tohear a bad winter record listen to’ i’m dreaming of a white snowman’ by Lady Ga Ga

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