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Reminder: Mark Radcliffe radio interview with Kate this afternoon

Update: Part two of the Mark Radcliffe interview with Kate aired today, Tuesday 13th Dec – listen again here (1 hour 33 mins into the iPlayer stream)

The first part of Mark Radcliffe‘s new interview on BBC Radio 6Music with Kate is being broadcast today. The show runs from 1pm-4pm, and we hear that the interviews usually are aired about 2.3opm, but do check the live stream. Part 2 of the interview will be aired tomorrow at the same time. Catch today’s show here.


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  1. nel

    love the bit about having a freezer in the bedroom! Kate mentions that she doesnt write the music down……can she write music??

  2. Nanette

    I think she reads a bit (she took violin at school), but she claims she’s not proficient.

  3. SiOD

    Really fantastic interview. Kate is so happy to talk openly about her music and process. Mark obviously greatly respects her work. And they sound as if they really get on and enjoyed each others company. Shame no mention of Among Angels – my absolute favourite. But great to hear more ideas are forming.

  4. Vindrag

    Why isn’t part 2 avaliable yet? 🙁
    I loved part 1, another entertaining and inspiring interview with Kate.

    She was very funny this time with Mark R. – I think.


    Apparently part 2 is not available yet anyway-hope I’ll be catch it!

  6. Thanks or the reminder. LOVE the new wintery look for the site, Sean!

  7. Vindrag

    Oh! The interview is up now! Loved it.
    No mention on the title track or Among Angels 🙁

    Interesting that she already has ideas for her next album, willing to wait now a few years, thanks to the music she has put out this year! 🙂

  8. Vindrag

    PS. Agree about the new look for this site! 🙂 Looks superb.

  9. edov

    Crap! I can’t understand why, but the record sounds much better in this radio programm than on my cd!!! As if the voices are much more in the front of the mix…

  10. When they got on to the subject of the Klingon language, I remembered a Big Bang Theory episode where Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard played a game of Klingon Boggle! The object of the game was to find Klingon words from the letters, but you also had to find out which were genuine Klingon and not Yiddish!

    I also like to think Sheldon could be very much like the man who ‘loves his numbers’ in Pi!

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