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Kate featured in Classic Rock special issue – out next week!


Whatever your thoughts about applying a “prog rock” label on to Kate’s music, there’s no denying that this looks like a nice special issue from the makers of Classic Rock magazine.  It features a new interview with Kate and reader’s top 25 tracks among other Kate-related content. The quote from David Gilmour on the cover reads: “Those who have followed in her shadow are but pale imitations…” This edition hits shop shelves in the UK, Ireland and possibly other places from next Wednesday 28th December. Read more at the magazine’s Facebook page here. Thanks to Louise and to Graham Rhodes who published these cover shots on his blog here.


Classic Rock Prog magazine



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  1. Alex

    As much as I love Kate, not every female artist that came after is imitating her, as Dave Gilmour suggests. I don’t believe in ultimatums.

  2. Another Swede

    Great-but i want my idol as she looks now, its becoming a bit strange

  3. Paul Thomas

    I got mine yesterday..lovely to see all the glowing comments about our Kate, makes me proud to be a fan..although the “readers top 25” Kate songs has some pretty random tracks and no “Moments of Pleasure”!!

  4. Gabriella

    could anyone Kate fancys ,..please send me an issue of this ?? can pay for it,..
    love Gabi,..*

  5. Damien Ruud

    Wow, where is the shot from the first cover from?

  6. Sky

    No copies anywhere around my way, annoyingly. Will look further afield. Amazing that slightly different photos from old sessions are still turning up, but like Another Swede says I’d like one of Kate now please.

  7. I really enjoyed this article and another new interview…. as said before, am a proud Kate fan. I found the price of the magazine a little high although I had to have it !

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