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Kate nominated for 2012 Brit Award – Best British Female Artist!

The Brit Awards nominations are being announced at this moment at an event in London and Kate has been nominated for best British Solo Artist. More as we get it! Congratulations Kate, great start to 2012!! Update: Other nominees in this category are Adele, Jessie J, Florence and the Machine and Laura Marling. Kate’s nominee page at the Brits website is here. Full list of nominees here.

Telegraph | Daily Mail | Mirror | Artrocker | TNT | Guardian

The Guardian front page 13th Jan 2012


Happy New Year!!!


Paddy Bush – World Routes in Madagascar – Listen to programme 4!


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    Fabulous Kate been nominated for best female artist, though alas the album has not been shortlisted. I’m not expecting her to win, but great that she is appreciated.

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    There’s no better (+free) promotion than Brit Award nomination. Education time! 😉


    Go Kate! ^^

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    Hope she wins. It’s great to know she’s still relevant in today’s music scene x

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      Yeah, because she needs a Brit Award to be relevant doesn’t she?

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        No she she does’nt need anything to be relevant to me just glad that she is appreciated and made known to a wider and younger audience thats all.

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    great, be awesome if she shocked us all by attending

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      Paul, that would be great, but I’m not holding my breath.

      The Daily Mail today said an American fan had broken into Kate’s home while she was out, allegedly. To quote Adrian Mole’s dad: ‘That’s her story!’ ( re: Michael Fagan breaking into the Queen’s bedroom.)

      Tomorrow: Bertie McIntosh to host QI while Stephen Fry is on holiday (only joking)!

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    just fantastic…

    and well deserved

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    Highly deserved honor for the brilliance of “50 Words for Snow.”

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    Now this is an achievement:

    Winner in 1979, 1980 and 1987 – and nominated again in 2012!

    Can’t think of many people who get nominated and the last time they won all of the other nominees weren’t even born!

    Come on Kate – play live and rediscover the one element of your career that you shouldn’t have abandoned!

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    Kate should definitely win this. By now it is safe to say that everyone knows that Kate’s albums outlive those of most – if not all 😉 – other albums. 50WFS takes the concept of “A” song and “An” album to new areas: one in which the song is a story in itself, a cinematic experience. I only know of the art form of movies and books that try to do that. Kate has brought that to music. … and it would not surprise me if Kate’s music would be the inspiration for feature films and plays and books. I say KB FTW.

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    Please Kate, show up at the ceremony! It would be rude not to!

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    Congratulations to Kate!! Wouldn’t it be great if she showed up in person?? I would pay to see that!!

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    A maniac broke into her house! But thankfully she is okay!

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    Hurrah!!! 🙂

    I was not expecting this, so happy for her! I hope we will all be surprised and see her win this award. I would feel terrible if Florence + The Machine won, but Adele will probably get it either way.

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    Florence and the Machine good as she may be is old hat by comparison to Kate. 2011 was a great year for Kate, ’50 words’ critically acclaimed across the boards. Its good to see that not only the fans are appreciative of Kate’s work.

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    Weird the album isn’t shortlisted! It’s much more reachable then Kate herself!

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    All this on the same page as Tesco taking a battering! It’s so good to see two great institutions getting their just desserts.

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    She won’t attend and she won’t win, but when this year’s winner has disappeared into obscurity Kate will still be making excellent music.

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    Harry Horton

    What are the chances for Kate Bush winning this year’s award. I heard rumoured it will be a long shot, with the likes of Adele’s song: Rolling in the Deep as illustrative of the formidable competition Kate Bush will face amongst others. Additonally a january 16 2012 article on the internet from the Guardian: “Indie rock’s slow and painful death”
    Dorian Lynskey. A rather in depth piece on the sales status of the Indie Rock’s business and general overall status of this arm of the music business.

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    i spy with my little eye.. tori amos ! lol

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    Marios Katsouromallis

    Kate, you need to attend the ceremeny.

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    She deserves the nomination and in reality she would be the most deserving winner but unfortunately the award will probably go to Adele (who i do like btw) just because she’s so big atm. I also think the album should have been nominated…
    Hope Kate does attend, that would be a supprise and an amazing one, hopefully she and her family are ok too regarding that stalker breaking in.

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