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Paddy Bush – World Routes in Madagascar – Listen to programme 4!

It’s been a year since we heard the last part of this excellent BBC Radio 3 series, presented by Lucy Duran. As she says herself, “what makes this island of strange dreams, ancestral worship and sorcery so special is its music” Now back for part 4, Paddy Bush and Justin Vali join Lucy again on this musical journey. You can listen to it here. Perfect aural sunshine to rid us of the January grey.

Paddy Bush, Raprosy and Lucy Duran


Kate nominated for 2012 Brit Award – Best British Female Artist!


HomeGround 30th Birthday Party!


  1. Gabriella

    just brilliance ,.. beautiful music,.. to me sound of always rejoicing,…i love hearing the diffrent interments ,.. all simple give nice grand sound ,…..

  2. Lesley Jacob

    Loved World Routes – best one ever. Dio you play anywhere in the UK? Especially London. Would love to come and hear it live.


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