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‘Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe’ film is warmly received online

Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe

Blogosphere buzz on Kate’s beautiful new film has been very positive: Huffington Post “The simple tale matches the animation technique, which, in an era of stop-motion this and 3D that, is almost more impressive to watch and be completely taken with. Thank you, Kate Bush, for this short moment of reflection.” Perez Hilton: “What a beautiful music video. The exquisitely devine Kate Bush has released a new music video for her latest track…so, so lovely. The song matched with the animated video is really something you don’t want to miss.” BBC America: “Kate Bush – the last shadow puppeteer?” Chart Attack: “…still a master of her art — both sonically and visually” Stereogum: “I somehow had goosebumps for almost the entire running time, and I got a tiny bit choked up when the lady and the dog came face to face….Kate Bush has put together yet another bewitching piece of work.” Prefix: “visually engrossing” Electronic Beats: “What’s the perfect medium for Kate Bush’s thoughtful, melancholic music? How about some old-school shadow puppetry? ‘Eider Falls At Lake Tahoe’ is the simple story of a lost dog, his owner, and the house they share that is eventually washed away on a mysterious ocean. Perfectly performed, it captures the bleak beauty of the track, shortened here from its 11-minute length since we last heard it on Bush’s 2011 cold masterpiece 50 Words For Snow.” Fistfullofculture: “a simple but surprisingly moving video” Listenbeforeyoubuy: “one of the most beautiful videos we’ve seen in a long long time”


Kate’s new film, “Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe” now on Youtube!


50 Words For Snow vinyl album is a UK bestseller in 2011!


  1. giulio

    !!! 😉 !!!

  2. Very happy for Kate, Lake Tahoe is my favourite track on what is a sublime album.

  3. Harry Horton

    An interesting animation video and leaves the question how much in the future is Kate Bush moving into the direction of doing more animation with future creative projects? Also, from UNC-Chapel Hill’s radio station here in North Carolina I found the following web article on the internet from the campus radio station WXYC. “An imaginary interview with Kate Bush” WXYC Chapel Hill 89.3 FM. Its an interesting read.

  4. Harry Horton

    Once again two more interesting articles on Kate Bush off the internet in early February 2012:
    “Kate Bush – 50 Words for Snow” February 3 2012. Kate Bush’s winter wonderland. THis being a section of the article.
    “The times they are a changin’ for this Cathy” This is Cornwall.

    Its interesting 50 Words for Snow is still gathering attention from the mdeia here in February. Also the This is Cornwall article is a little off the wall but is interesting to read.

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