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50 Words For Snow vinyl album is a UK bestseller in 2011!

The resurgence in popularity of vinyl albums continues to grow which should make Kate very happy. A BBC article has revealed that 50 Words For Snow was one of the best-selling vinyl titles in the UK in 2011. Are you loving your brand new Kate Bush vinyl albums? Send us a picture of you and your copy of Director’s Cut and/or 50 Words for Snow and we’ll feature it in a gallery here on the site! Send pics to (with thanks to Malcolm Calder for article link)

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Top 10 UK vinyl album sales of 2011:

1. The King Of Limbs – Radiohead

2. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

3. 21 – Adele

4. Let England Shake – PJ Harvey

5. Suck It And See – Arctic Monkeys

6. Bon Iver – Bon Iver

7. Different Gear Still Speeding – Beady Eye

8. 50 Words For Snow – Kate Bush

9. Submarine (Original Soundtrack) – Alex Turner

10. The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd


‘Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe’ film is warmly received online


In praise of … Kate Bush


  1. Harry Horton

    Kate Bush internet media accounts for the latter part of fourth week January 2012. An interesting substantial article from the Guardian looking back on her song: WOW from the beginning period of her career. Also another extensive article from

    “Old Music: kate Bush – WOW” The Guardian; Wednesday 25 January 2012″ George Chesterton.
    ‘First Watch: Kate Bush’s Shadow Play”–” NPR Music” All songs considered THe Blog.
    “Kate Bush’s 50 Words for Snow” Entertainment section 26/01/2012.

    Also the following media areas had articles on kate Bush these past couple of days: Prefix, The NJ Underground, Huffington Post 01/25/2012, Stupid Doper: New Muisc Video: Kate Bush -Eider falls at Lake Tahoe.

  2. Christian

    I have all Kate’s albums on vinyl except The Red Shoes which i think didnt get a vinyl release ? I dont play the last 3 as i have them on cd also,i just love vinyl but in Kate’s case i just buy them 4the collectability,they r nice items 2have.

  3. Eric

    How many of these albums have been sold?

  4. Artur

    Christian, The Red Shoes had a vinyl release, but its pretty rare to find it. I have a brazillian copy…

  5. Aaron

    ’50 Words for Snow’ was the first piece of vinyl I have bought since perhaps 1986 or 1987!? Anyway, I brought the vinyl and then the following week I brought a turntable! I am getting reaquanted with vinyl, and it meant alot to me that Kate’s latest was my first album in my rediscovery of the ‘old sound’.

  6. That’s wonderful news for Kate.

    To answer someone else’s question on this thread – Yes, The Red Shoes did get a vinyl release. I picked one up in the UK back in ’94 from HMV in London. Oddly enough, I never opened it. Vinyl records were slowly being phased out at that time, so not a lot of copies were pressed.

  7. Harry Horton

    THe internet for February 7, 2012 has another news article on kate Bush from the Guardian. A short piece.the article is: “In praise of…Kate Bush” THe Guardian, Monday 6 February 2012. A paragraph piece that emerged a day after the super bowl that had Madonna’s performance at halftime, with some interesting Elton John pepsi commercials. The BRtisih Music awards are about two weeks away or so, and Kate Bush will be in the running for one of them. WIth that coming up perhaps more kate Bush articles will be appearing in the media. Also Paul McCartney released His Kisses from the Bottom album in the recent weeks or so. Reminds me of kate Bush’s lyrics in the Red SHoes: “Feet kissing the ground.”

  8. Harry Horton

    The animation videos done by kate Bush are fairly imaginative, particularly the Eider Falls one. I wonder if Kate Bush would do animation stories with her music becoming something of a background function in such visuals. I have always wondered what kind of screenwriter Kate Bush could be coupled with her composing of music.
    In anycase, there are no articles for Kate Bush in the second week of Feb commencement but the following ones I found on Paul McCartney off the internet:
    “Album review: Paul McCartney’s “Kisses on the Bottom” L.A. Times Pop and Hiss Music Blog February 6 2012
    “Sir Paul says yes to Hollywood Star”
    “Lana Del Ray said to keep Paul McCarteny off the top of the UK Album Chart” February 8, 2012.
    “Album of the Week: Paul McCarteny, Kisses on the bottom” National Post (blog).
    “Paul McCarteny just says no to streaming” CBS News.

  9. Harry Horton

    The following articles off the internet focusing on Kate Bush for February 2012:
    “Spun: Kate Bush” Gauntlet, February 9, 2012.
    “Fifty Words for Snow” Best of Rally Live. A minor tire company Michelin ad that has a reference for fifty words for snow.
    “Grammy, 2012 notebook: The junking of commercial rock music”
    “Coldplay, Jon Stweart, Reggie Watts to have a Ball” The Music of New York-” Tickets for the Secret Policeman’s Ball go on sale today” Jan 31 2012. There is a kate Bush reference in the article. But more importantly kate Bush and David Gilmour did Running up that Hill at the SPB in the 1980s.. You tube carries that performance.

  10. bry

    i brought the red shoes here in new zealand last year for $80 dollars 2nd hand,i dont recall it being released in new zealand in vinyl only cd,so i think it must hav been imported in at sum stages,but i was able to get the directors cut and 50 words for snow for $65 dollars brand new from the shops,just love the sound of vinyl and hav all kates albums in vinyl as well as cd

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