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Pop’s 20 greatest female artists

From the Daily Telegraph 6th March 2013:


3. Kate Bush

Her florid, elaborate, mysterious recordings may be the most utterly female pop music ever made, elaborate bulletins from across the gender divide. A true one- off, Kate Bush opens windows to her inner world, dropping a needle in the groove of her psyche. This is the musical motherload.”


Picture: Dawn Wilsher


Wow ….“A celebration of the Music, Lyrics & Dance of Kate Bush”


Robyn Loau Covers Kate Bush Classic


  1. Nanette

    The Spice Girls on the same list as Tina Turner and Kate Bush? Really? They were ok in their way, I guess, but they make me think of that Sesame Street ditty, “One of these things is not like the others…”

  2. Kate Bush continues to be ahead of her time 34 years later. I consider myself fortunate to be her fan.

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