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Kate to release Lake Tahoe / Among Angels 10″ picture disc for Record Store Day!

Record Store Day

Lake Tahoe / Among Angels 10" single

As part of Record Store Day on Saturday 21st April, Kate will release a limited edition 10″ vinyl picture disc. The disc will feature two songs from Kate’s current album, 50 Words For Snow: Lake Tahoe and Among Angels. The disc artwork features imagery from her 2012 film Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe and also an ice sculpture by Robert Allsopp & Associates. According to Kate’s official site, this will be a limited edition of 2000 copies.

The single, which follows last year’s Record Store Day 10″ Hounds of Love EP, will only be available in participating record stores from the morning of Saturday 21st. These limited releases are intended to encourage people to support and rediscover the joy of their local independent record store. Read more about Record Store Day (and participating record stores) here.


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  1. giulio

    This is a wonderful idea to promote and support independent record stores.
    It’s called culture. 🙂

  2. John Sutton

    i am angry that these go to those record stores. the last one cost me $100.00 not the original intended price. i had to get on ebay. all the stores i called said they weren’t part of it and yet some of those stores were the ones selling it on ebay. this really sucks. being on disability makes money really tight. we should not have to pay out the ass to get one of these records.

    • Alberto Di Costanzo

      You can be as angry as you like but you are the one to blame in the first place… I found my copy of Kate Bush 10″ Hounds of Love simply by emailing around 50 different stores in USA (it is very cheap and fast to do so) I bought my copy from one of them from $15.00 + postage.. RSD participant stores have the obligation to sell their stock, they cannot hide it otherwise they will be reported and excluded from other events. if they want to sell on ebay they have to wait ONE WEEK, beffore doing so. If you have bought on ebay from ebay for THAT amount of money, well you know next time to avoid ebay…. there are many other places were you can buy it for cheap, even on ebay if you have patience…..

  3. Geoff


    I strongly agree.
    It says that these will be ltd to 2000 copies. How many kate Bush fans are there??? LOTS
    These being sold only by record stores isnt going to promote anything!! its just going to upset people more that they werent 1 of the lucky 2000, or that they would have to pay 100.00 on ebay….
    I think this needs / deserves a serious rethink.
    I still havent been able to get a copy of the last record at any price!

    • Alberto Di Costanzo

      Maybe you did not check properly, I have seen it sold on ebay for around £30.00 (many times), very affordable still, also all this hostile behaviour around a great event and a great opportunity to get rare items and Kate releasing a picture disc, the first in almost a decade!!!! THAT should be cherished all the way, don’t you think? 🙂

  4. Karen Newcombe

    I’m curious what the price was intended to be, vs. what it ended up being on eBay? Do we know what the price of this year’s item is intended to be?

    • Alberto Di Costanzo

      HMV in UK advertised it first as an official release to pre-order as a 7″ picture deisc to a retail price of £ 7.99, because it is a 10″ I guess it will be £ 9.99 (this is only my estimate)

  5. Sky

    I sympathise with John. Last record store day I found just one particpating store inthe Midlands, rang them and was told they were due to receive just one Kate record. This bore out the fact that these records were very scarce. But then days afterwards a whole bunchof them turned up on eBay for ridiculous prices. It therefore seems that greedy profiteering non-fans manage to get in ahead of the real fans at such opportunities. So I wish good luck to all fans hoping to get their hands on one this forthcoming Record Store Day, but I won’t be one of those desperately bidding on eBay for one of the many that turn up later. I would happily pay the going rate to the record store, but not to profiteering dealers.

    • Alberto Di Costanzo

      The guy told you the thruth… the HOL 10″ was released ONLY in USA, the few copies UK received where between 10 and 20 and spread out across UK. (Scotland received only 1 copy in Edinburgh and it went like a rocket)… You cannot and you should NOT blame the stores if you know the whle story. The copies of the 10″ release were sold through AUDIO FIDELITY members BEFORE the official release and most of them ARE NOT KATE BUSH FANS…. many had different copies (up to 4) because their memberships allowed to do so and the Audio Fidelity terms and conditions, so I know for a fact that those 1000 copies available for RSD were actually 600/700 to be distributed in USA and the rest of the world. Many members of Audio Fidelity (non Kate Bush fans) they start to sell them on ebay before they were actually available on stores for RSD, because they received them earlier… Once the records is in their possession they can do whatever they want with them, including selling on ebay for a crazy price…… so it has nothing do to with a store scam as all stores are monitored and they will loose the priviledge to get publicity and benefits from the events and excluded from future RSD event …. it happened already in a few stores in Scotland…

  6. John J

    Same happened to me – store guy would only sell at an exhorbitant price.
    Should split limited run equally between RSD and Kate’s web store – at least then some fans might get a copy at a fair price to compliment their collection.
    Kate is a big supporter of fairness so I doubt she realises the disadvantages of supporting RSD.

  7. Alberto Di Costanzo

    I was waiting for this release since it was advertised on HMV in UK as an official release for the 23rd of April, then it was cancelled…. I strongly suspected it might have been for RSD and here we go, I really love the artwork and the format… I have already 2 differents Kate Bush vinyls on the 10″ format, this will be the 3rd one, bring it on!. 🙂

  8. I can’t believe people are actually upset that she’s supporting Record Store Day. I think it’s brilliant. Record stores are rare places these days, especially in the states, so the fact that she’s having this printed up is very cool in my opinion. Last year for Hounds of Love, two stores had it here in Atlanta and I paid about $20 for it. I expect to do the same this year. There’s no “disadvantage” to Record Store Day. Half the fun is going around looking for the record and perhaps spending a little extra money while you’re in the store.

    • Sky

      With respect Collin record stores are rare beasts in the UK these days, mostly because independent shops have been priced out of the market by supermarket chains selling CDs very cheaply. This means there are few shops that might get copies of these vinyl pressings, and one would have to travel some way and then probably queue before dawn to have a chance of getting one. I’m a bit old for that sort of thing now, so will accept I won;t get one. But it is such a shame that something rare and interesting from Kate, which now happens so infrequently, will not be available for the majority of the fan vase here and abroad. I’m guessing there are territories out there who won’t get any records at all, and it’s the fans who live there I feel for the most.

  9. As Dave has pointed out, the difference this time is that this 10″ is an official EMI release and not put out by a third party.

  10. Nanette

    I agree with Collin: it’s Record Store Day, not provide a special edition for Kate Bush Fans Day. She’s trying to support an institution. People lose a lot when they can’t browse in record and book stores. I find the best books and music when I’m looking for something else.

    • James

      “She’s trying to support an institution.”

      Kinda like giving mouth-to-mouth, but with a two-puffs only rule.

      If the project was truly supportive, 10-15,000 copies would be printed, and record stores worldwide would be able to sell these in store for a few months, thus generating more visits from more fans, happy in the knowledge that they may actually find a copy at the retail price.

      • John Sutton

        Isn’t that the truth. The more records available, the more stores which would be able to get this record and to sell the record. And I just found out that this new record will not be available at the record stores in The United States. I want someone to explain that to me. I am not happy. I have no good words to say of this development. I want to know why we are excluded. I want Kate to answer that.

  11. neil

    Wish she’d release ‘Angels’ as a single generally and full length too.Along with woman’s work and coral room one of her most touching songs.

  12. Nathan

    This is great! I really hope I can find this in a record store around me. I’ve never really participated in Record Store Day or anything. And I hope that any stores around me are going to be carrying this. It looks really beautiful, and something great to own 🙂

  13. Nanette

    “If the project was truly supportive, 10-15,000 copies would be printed, and record stores worldwide would be able to sell these in store for a few months, thus generating more visits from more fans, happy in the knowledge that they may actually find a copy at the retail price.”

    Yes, but it’s Record Store DAY. Not months. The organizers themselves may have dictated the terms/made the suggestion to the record company.

  14. bryan upfield

    My local record store, advertised as being a participant in world record day, apologised and told me they weren’t actually a participant! I was furious, so mad, in fact, that I marched home and bought the picture disc on ebay, probably for far more that it was retailed at. Millions of true Kate Bush fans and only 2000 pressings….doesn’t seem quite right to me. And I don’t even want to sell mine, I just wanted a beautifully designed piece of kate vinyl! All is all am dissapointed with the promotion, all I have to do now is try not to lick the vinyl….!

  15. john sutton

    it is record day and on ebay, the gouging has begun, it actually began earlier in the week, but now more gougers are in the fold. as i said, we the fan are screwed. this really sucks. and nothing will be done.

  16. Geoff

    There you go as we thought, Not available at either of our 2 record stores, so it 40 to 80 on ebay!!!! And ive been a huge Kate Fan since the late 70’s !!!! Now i have to give my hard earned cash to someone thats only interested in the money not the music..

  17. Geoff

    Sorry, if i want to buy it now on ebay they are between 50 and 99 !!! Pure greed!!

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