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Gigwise viewers name Kate Bush best mum in music


Kate Bush has been named the best mum in our Mother’s Day poll.

The mother-of-one, and ‘Wuthering Heights’ pop innovator, beat mouthy Londoner Lily Allen into second place. Also placed in the Top Five were Chris Martin’s wife, and Glee performer, Gwyneth Paltrow, US soul singer Alicia Keys and brilliant Icelandic nutter, Bjork ...”


Kate to release Lake Tahoe / Among Angels 10″ picture disc for Record Store Day!


Record Store Day 10″ single – update on availability


  1. Pity they’d employed an idiot to write the captions for the pictures…

  2. Nanette

    Now THERE’S an award she’ll be proud of. I bet she’d even think about showing up for the awards ceremony, if there was one. Every mother likes to be called a good mum.

  3. A very wonderful honor for Kate. Congrats!!

  4. Harry Horton

    The Best Mum award sounds fantastic for music industry mothers. Forget the grammys or the Brit awards, the entertainmnet industry ought to consider such a potential gala ceremony for the future for good mothers. I’m happy kate Bush won some sort of version of it. 50 words for snow still has a unique singular artistic feel to it, and its unusual nature gives it a separate and rarified like excellent musical quality inherent to it.

  5. Nanette

    It would be nice if they had a “best fathers” award, as well. What’s good for the goose, etc., etc.

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