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Record Store Day 10″ single – update on availability

Lake Tahoe / Among AngelsWe understand that there are 1,000 10″ picture discs of Lake Tahoe / Among Angels being pressed for sale in the UK, to be sold only at stores taking part in Record Store Day and then another 1,000 that are for the international stores taking part in the EMI territories, which is everywhere except the USA. Details of which shops are included can be found at the Record Store Day website.


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Updates and emails…


  1. Alan

    These items can’t be pre-ordered. If they’re released to promote independent record stores then the concept has failed miserably. I’m not in the UK on 21 April, and where I am on that day (Jersey, Channel Islands) doesn’t have a participating store. Even if I was near a store on the day, there’s no guarantee that they’d have this item. An independent store therefore doesn’t get my business, which surely defeats the whole purpose? I can pay an inflated price on eBay at some point in the future, but I won’t be doing so.

  2. I live in an area where some stores are participating. However, I found out something interesting from one store, whose doors will be open 30 minuts early, but only for those with store membership cards. So even if that store manages to secure a couple of copies, there’s no guarantee that anyone from the general public will get a copy due to this “special” pre-sale. I’m sure that any store that sells membership cards will no doubt have the same advanced pre-sale on the day as well.

    I’m of the opinion that a lot of these will end up in the hands of greedy sellers, who will then charge a lot more for them. I’ve seen it happen many times before. I personally feel that Kate should have offered these through her website instead, at a limit of one per person. That way it would give more of us who are real fans, and genuinely want one, a better chance of having one in our collections.

    I realize that the point of Record Store Day is to encourage people to go into record shops and buy music, but it’s the real fans that will suffer the most with this release.

  3. Harry Horton

    A recent late March 2012 article on kate Bush from NME news: “The greatest pop songs in history- No. 11: Kate Bush Wuthering Heights ” – “When the song hit the top of the charts she became the first female UK singer to get to the position with a self penned track. It also lead the EMI boss to buy her a Steinway piano to say sorry for doubting her single instincts.” Some nostalgic magic from yesteryears in the Kate Bush camp era at EMI three decades ago. Wuthering Heights was released in 1978.

  4. Mingus 42

    I too believe that this release should have been available through Kates on-line shop. It’s a beautiful piece of ‘Art’, and so many true fans will miss out on it. I’ll be in Copenhagen on that day so hopefully the record store there will have one.

  5. emil mcmahon

    as an avid collector of all things kate, this release (like last years) is very frustrating. Even in a city the size of edinburgh, the shops i have contacted have been told they can expect 1 copy if they are lucky. The biggest record store in town has queues starting at 7am so I think it is safe to say I am not going to get this 10″.
    Interestingly enough, last years ltd ediction is currently on Ebay for £80.00, it must have been a true fan who bought that.
    I have every single piece of vinyl that has ever been released here in the Uk apart from the 2011 ltd release… and I think it fair to say i won’t be getting this years either.

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