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“No one had ever treated her as a composer…”

The New York Times remembers Theo Bleckman’s January live show, reviews his album of Kate covers, and interviews the man:

I fell in love with her music in high school,” said Mr. Bleckmann, who said he listened to Ms. Bush’s recordings incessantly until his interests shifted toward jazz in his late teens. After hearing her 2005 record, “Aerial,” he revisited her old albums. “I thought, oh my God, this is still incredible: it’s actually better now,” he said. So Mr. Bleckmann decided to make a project out of it “because no one had ever treated her as a composer in that way,” he said. “There are a few cover versions out there, but that’s it. The songs are hard to do. Some are very rangy, and weird intervallic stuff is going on; there’s a lot of meter changes and uneven bars. There’s so much weirdness about it, which, of course, I love and is exactly the reason I wanted to do it …”


Theo Bleckmann: The Soul Of Kate Bush


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  1. I could not agree more. I have the firm belief that Kate Bush will be referenced in schools along with the likes of Elgar and Britten.
    I have had a quick look at your “other CV”, my other CV (other than being a performer) also includes economics.
    Also, being a believer in equality and ethics, I have recently been corresponding with Prof. Greig Philo at Glasgow University. Have you seen this?



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