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Gig Review: WOW – A celebration of the Music, Lyrics & Dance of Kate Bush

LSMedia on last night’s Maaike Breijman’s tribute gig:

There may have been the odd one or two in the audience… that would have been in the audience the only time Kate Bush actually played in Liverpool and …the only ones to be there over 30 years later from that date to hear the sensational talent of Maaike Breijman go through two sets of the most sensual, inspiring and classic music from one of the queens of British popular music …There are not many women who would willingly go through so many costume changes in the name of music but as soon as Maaike came out on stage for the opening numbers of Moving, James and the Cold Gun and the haunting Babooshka, the audience knew they were in for a night that went …into the realms of performance high art…

The second act of the show was just as impressive with tracks such as This Woman’s Work, the incredible Running Up That Hill, Cloudbusting and the sensational Wuthering Heights …This was so much more than a gig or even a celebration of music created by one of the most endearing song writers of her generation …it became a show of importance, a moment in time that captured the essence of the music and left the audience stunned by the spectacle and roaring with their approval…”


“No one had ever treated her as a composer…”


Hope gets approval from “Talent” judges for This Woman’s Work


  1. Mike

    Saw the show last night and was very impressed with the presentation and musicians on offer ,playing a range of songs from KB back catalougue. this girl looks the part ,acts the part really well and in the right light spesh on `them heavy people` she Doubled for KB to a tee!
    Would go and see her again, vocally NOT very like KB and this shows in `the man wtcih eyes` but a good show nonetheless although needs to do an encore though and mabye take out `sat in your lap` experiment` and `big sky` and replace with more melodic songs although these are all video based songs and visual numbers to watch the dancing ,like the big sky the chorus just repeats and repeats and repeats and the time could have been filled with more beautiful numbers!
    Although I was looking for the` infants kiss“ under the ivy“,oh eng my lionheart` etc etc , I know I know you cant please everyone!!
    Special Mention must go to the guitarist who dueted on `dont give up` sounding vocally more like Peter G than she sounded like KB!
    Dont expect exact vocal soundalike and go see and enjoy!

  2. Hazyl Martin

    I was very lucky to have 2nd row seats when Kate played the Liverpool Empire in 1978 and I still view it as the best gig I’ve ever seen. I was a tad further back last night for Maaike Breijman’s performance but it was an excellent show, WOW indeed!

  3. Kevin Bone

    I was at the concert last night, a gift from my 24 year old daughter who was also there, and has been a Kate convert since childbirth! It was great that Maaike didn’t just run through the hits, but also some of the tracks that weren’t released as singles. it brought “new” songs to Mel (my daughter) as I still haven’t got round to transferring my first four kate bush albums onto mp3 yet. The dancers seemed a little uncomfortable on stage initially, but after a few performances warmed to their task and by the time Rubber Band Girl was performed they were certainly into it! The performance of Man with the child in his eyes to end the first set had some audience members in tears!
    The band also deserve a mention as they really helped to bring the performance alive, and the guitarist who did Peter Gabriel’s part in Don’t give up was exceptional.

    ps – loved the Cloud busting machine!

    In conclusion a fantastic night out, I only wish they had done an encore!


    Glad some of you had a great time and Maaike seems to be a talent but being a bit away decided not to take the risk of disappointment.

  5. paul richardson

    i was at the gig last night, great entertainment , vocally not Kate but then again who is comparable to Kates unique voice and talent!!. A lot of research and practice must have gone into the routines. especially liked Breathing and when the Clouudbusting machine was wheeled on stage. If there is another show i would definetely attend again .

    • She was hardly going to do five minutes of stand-up, FFS!

      • John J

        I was at this show and find this review a little baffling. The reviewer struggles to find anything to criticise but carries on regardless and makes himself sound like an idiot.

        It was too clinically executed – what the band were too good?
        It lacked intimacy – she played 3 songs solo on piano, how much more intimate does it get?
        The cloudbusting machine wasn’t real – Seriously?
        Excellent musicianship and dance routine for the most part – What? So it must have been bad at times – but it wasn’t so what does that mean…

        He also conveniently fails to mention that the show received an extended standing ovation which would undermine his strange opinions.
        The girl does not sound exactly like Kate – who does? but i was seriously impressed by how good the show was and will definitely be going again.

        • Mike

          John J, That seems to be the opinion of most of us who went, I was sceptical personally as I knew she sounded unlike KB but ,the show was a great effort by all involved and they pulled it off superbly!
          Is this a touring show? as I cannot find anymore dates on t`internet ( anything fairly local I would deffo go again,so sod the reviews people go put bums on seats you will really enjoy it!!,
          Great value for money too at £15 a ticket for a really well organised and hard grafting performance while On the cinema now is Titanic, a movie made in the mid 90`s at £13 a ticket !! get the theatre if the show hits your town,ah thank you 🙂

  6. Kaybee

    The show was wonderful. I was expecting little more than a fairish run- through of a few hits, it was so much more than that! When and where can I see it again?

  7. Gerry Mc

    Are there any more UK dates / venues of this show ?
    I missed the Liverpool one !
    Can’t wait another 30 years

  8. Andy

    I was at the performance last night in Glasgow, and I loved every second of it. Just to be in the presence of other Kate fans was a huge buzz, and the show itself was just tremendous.
    So much thought went into the staging and selection of songs. This Woman’s Work brought a tear to my eye, which I didn’t expect to be the case. Sure, she’s vocally not in Kate’s league but for certain songs like Army Dreamers there really wasn’t a dramatic difference.
    She deserves credit for even attempting Sat In Your Lap and Wow, and she didn’t disgrace herself with any of the songs. The band were tight and the male dancers very reminiscent of the Tour Of Life fellows. If this show comes near to your location don’t miss it.

  9. Cathi

    I went to the Northampton gig as I was curious – I’m a big Kate fan, but never got to see her live. I did have the Live at Hammersmith and Whole Story Videos – why is the former not on DVD? Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing from the first few notes of ‘Moving’ all the way through to Wuthering Heights, and would love to have seen more. OK, the voice wasn’t exact, but Kate’s voice and singing style have changed immensely over the last 30+ years and Maaike tackled something from every album except 50 words for snow, which was very brave. The interpretations were brilliant, the band spot on, and the Cloudbusting machine was wonderful. My one disappointment after reading the other reviews was that we in Northampton didn’t get ‘Don’t Give Up’.
    I will certainly go to see her again.

  10. Ed

    Crew congratulations it was 12 april 2012 Royal Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool when I saw the “try out” of this Wow-show. At that time is was not perfect yet, but after the show last night in Theater Carré I come to the conclusion that the show has grown to a high level. The crew has grown toward each other and the show is solid as a rock. It is particularly handsome that Maaike Breijman the combination singing and dancing can perform almost flawlessly. Kate Bush himself had much more trouble with it during her live performance. And the backing vocal made along with the ‘excellent musicians ‘ and dancers this show really complete.
    The show has now ended in the Netherlands in theater Carré but I hope it shouldn’t stop now, that’s a pity. That would be a real disappointment for Kate Bush fans. In the Netherlands we would say:”dit smaakt naar meer” (this tastes like more!) Good Luck!

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