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Running Up That Hill re-enters UK singles chart

More UK chart action for Kate! In today’s mid week Chart update Kate’s original version of Running Up That Hill is No 31. This follows Bo Bruce’s performance of the song on ‘The Voice’ on Saturday.

Please be aware that this is just the midweek chart and only features sales from Sunday and Monday, so the final position will be lower on this Sunday, but it’s still fantastic that once again thousands of people are responding to Kate’s songs!

Update: Kate’s final position in the chart was 51, with sales of 6,011.


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  1. giulio

    …wonderful 😉 ….
    from 1985 to 2012 . . . ! 🙂

  2. Rod

    You know, the fact that people are seeking out the original, is a real testimony to the quality of the work. This is happening a lot with Kate Bush songs, with the originals re-charting in other countries as well. I know the same thing happened with Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah when a talent show version was released, the Jeff Buckley version too, but that was fan-lead and it probably wouldn’t have happened if it had been Famous Blue Raincoat, for instance. Hallelujah had its own devotees who mounted a sort of reality TV protest. This is different, it’s a voyage of discovery for a new generation of fans, and will hopefully lead them to the albums. You’re so right Peter, it is fantastic.

  3. emil mcmahon

    Running is as relevant today as it was all those years ago… and it is awesome that it entered the UK charts again. the girl on The Voice did a good job, but no-one comes close to singing this track like Kate did. My all time fave song… I have listened to it almost every day of the last 27 years and will continue to do so for as long as I am here!

  4. “There is thunder in our hearts (again)!”

  5. Emily G

    I know that their music definitely sounds different (especially in the vocal realm) but does anyone think that Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple are amongst some of the most unique, singer & songwriters ? Granted, none of them are pop artists, but I feel that all three artists have their own, emotional style. I’m happy to see that Kate’s album has re-entered the charts. Another album I’d like to note is Fiona Apple’s new album due out 6/19. Of course, it has a 21-word-long album title (typical to Fiona’s style). I heard her song, “Every Single Night” off of the project…. has anyone else?

  6. Alberto Di Costanzo

    Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill (115-51, 6,011 sales)

  7. Harry Horton

    The British Music magazine NME May 25, 2012. On their web site, they have ‘a slideshow like article section’ of thirty songs amongst various artists thatcreated lyrics that are considered to be the most beautiful lyrics written by various rock and roll artists. The slideshow like section article though, is introduced on the NME cover with a picture of Kate Bush. And after clicking on the web site article, lyrics from Running up That Hill are included in the article along with another surrealsitic picture of her contained in the photograph progressions. Running up that Hill re renters the UK charts as the above KateBush NEWS piece relates and then following closely on the Heels of the above ‘UK charts Running up that Hill accomplishment’ an interesting further thrust of ‘Running up that Hill’ appears in the NME internet magazine. May has been a good month for Running up that Hill evidently.

  8. Still one of my favourite Kate songs.
    I also agree with many above – Kate is being covered, transmitted and becoming more popular than ever – she is surely part of Britain’s pop royalty!
    I watched Bo sing on The Voice – and loved it (mostly because it was a Kate song) and am so glad that this has enabled extra Kate exposure to those who are too young to fully know who she is or appreciate her place within the history of British music.
    Time for another best of methinks!!! 😉

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