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In memory of Liz Pearson – one of the Tour of Life

Kate has posted on her official site a message of condolence for Liz Pearson, one of the two backing singers on her 1979 live tour. Liz has very sadly recently died from cancer.

In Memory Of Liz

I was very sad to hear the news about Liz Pearson who passed away last week. She was one of the two backing singers on the tour in 1979.  She was a sweetheart with the most beautiful voice and she was a lovely friend. She will be dearly missed.                                             

Deepest sympathies to all her family,


On his FaceBook page Del Palmer posted: “Another of the wonderful people from The Tour of Life has died!!… Lovely Liz Pearson one of the bee-vee singers… My thoughts are with her family.. She was a wonderful singer and a special person and I will miss her!!..just bothers me that all these wonderful people are gone!!… As someone said earlier God is putting together one hell of a band!!

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  1. Sky

    Very sad news, Liz was so young. She contributed something special to Kate’s very special tour. I love Del’s comment though – yes, another talented soul to make up an amazing band.

  2. We really need an official DVD of a full concert from the Tour, so we can see and hear all these musicians, now sadly gone, who performed at the peak of their talent in 1979.

  3. giulio

    Sadly gone too soon. 🙁
    I love the ”putting together one hell of a band!” idea.

  4. Rod

    I think it’s really heartwarming the way individuals with whom they worked are treasured and celebrated and missed by both Del Palmer and Kate Bush. I saw a post on youtube by one of Liz Pearson’s family members and she was delighted that Liz was being remembered, so I’d imagine the posts from Del and Kate will have provided some solace in this difficult period.

  5. Was that Liz Pearson on TOTP2 in the white dress and red cummerbund as part of the backing singers in the studio when the Buggles did ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’?

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