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Kate nominated as “Prog Goddess”

Something Else reports: “Ian Anderson, Jon Anderson, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hillage, Rick Wakeman and Roger Waters will vie for the title of ‘Prog God’ in the first annual Progressive Music Awards, to be held this September in London. Sponsored by Prog Magazine, the ceremony will also include lifetime achievement recognition for a list of nominees that includes Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Van der Graaf Generator and Yes ….”

Kate is apparently up for the “Visionary” Award – “The spirit of prog independence, the rogues in our midst who make their own niche in a progressive direction” with Hawkwind, Kraftwerk, Radiohead, Muse, Can, and Peter Hammill.


Del Palmer reveals secret from The Kick Inside album artwork!


World Exclusive: Extremely rare artwork by Kate is looking for a new home!


  1. Terry

    Very interesting lineup for the “Visionary” award. As I’ve mentioned before in the forum if anyone is a male alter ego to Kate its Peter Hammill [in his first seven or so solo albums starting with “Fools Mate”].

  2. Kate is ‘visionary’ without a doubt. She’s up against some fine talent indeed – but she’ll walk this one 😉

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