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Running Up That Hill 2012 into iTunes top 10

Running Up That Hill 2012 remix

Following the use of the new Running Up That Hill 2012 REMIX at the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games, the track is now at no.7 in the iTunes singles chart, see here and here. Purchase the track here.


2012 Remix of Running Up That Hill Featured in Olympics closing ceremony


Running Up That Hill at no.4 on UK midweeks chart!


  1. Rob Brown

    Dear Kate, can we have a cd single release please, for all those who don’t like having their music shoved down telephone lines. Thank you. Rob

    • James


      I can’t see the trouble in having a pre-order sale for a couple of weeks on Kate’s website for those who want to own a physical copy, then just press the required amount. I’d gladly pay a few quid more this, especially if they can toss off better artwork.

  2. Mark

    Still hasn’t been released in America.

  3. gary

    Have you heard if/when this track will be available in the US online markets? I went hunting last night and didn’t find it. It also didn’t help that the US broadcast cut out the song. :/

    • Mark

      I asked Del on his Facebook and sadly he can’t help us. He does believe it has something to do with EMI. I believe it’s Anti’s, the Anerican label that Kate is on, fault. They didn’t release Wild man until after Kate Bush news contacted them.

  4. Bruno

    On Itunes Canada,we MUST buy the whole ”symphony of british music” to get the single!!!!!

    • Mark

      It’s the same thing here in America. If the single isn’t released soon I’ll spend 19.99 on one song I want and on 23 other songs I don’t want.

  5. Mark

    Well I bought a symphony of British music. Just listened to RUTH 2012 on my i-pod. I’m happy now.

  6. Mats

    Latest number 5 in Sweden

  7. emil mcmahon

    a CD version would be great, however I have downloaded it and listened to nothing but sInce. My first impression was that it didn’t sound that different apart from Kate’s vocals, but repeated listening reveals even more depth to the music than the the original….. how does Kate manage to improve on a perfect piece of music? She is a genius!

  8. David

    Any chance of a high-quality wav file being sold on Kate’s official site?

  9. emil mcmahon

    currently sat at No.4 on itunes YIPPEE

  10. harpo

    Single available this morning on Itunes Canada!!!

  11. Am I the only one thinking that the production on this new remix is terrible? The whole music is muddy and mostly stands in the low frequencies. Kate’s voice is too loud and doesn’t blend well with the track. You can barely make out the guitar and generally anything but the drums. It isn’t much of a remix either as it takes parts of the 12″ mix and the original.

    • Decimus

      yes, you’re the only one.
      people like you just live to be contrary.
      it’s a wonder she still produces music with people like you who criticize for the sake of it.

      • Alberto Di Costanzo

        Are you talking about the same remix everyone loves? I really doubt.

      • I don’t mean to criticise just for the sake of it. I adore Kate with all my heart but this may not have been fully “sanctioned” by Kate herself. If you listen to the original (let’s say from the remastered CD edition or even the original vinyl), the difference in sound is instantly audible. I personally was ecstatic to hear the song during the closing ceremony and proceeded to buy it on iTunes without hesitation. First I listened to it on my iPhone from which I purchased it with the Apple earbuds. The sound was terrible. I switched to my favourite Sure headphones (flat/studio quality) and still it wasn’t good. I have excellent monitors and amp. This time I played the original followed by the new mix and it made it worse as the original sounds so much better. I haven’t said anything about her new vocals other than how the vocal track isn’t well mixed with the music track. Her performance is beautiful and this is why I purchased it right away.

        Have you bought it and listened to it for yourself?

        • Decimus

          No, I live the Americas, and it’s not available for purchase yet. I’ve certainly heard it and fervently disagree with you. You surely can’t truly believe that Kate Bush hasn’t fully “sanctioned” it, she’s no ones patsy. In your original post you’ve pretty much lambasted the whole effort. I am so happy that she released it, and with 2 entire albums in the last calendar year I am thrilled. I just with you, and others on this forum, would look at the positive aspects and cast aside the minor negatives and be thankful that she’s thrown her fans another bone. I mean if we, the visitors at this site, perhaps the heartiest collection of her most ardent fans, can’t be supportive then who will?

        • cwg

          Not “fully sanctioned” by Kate?

          This from her official site:

          I am completely thrilled and touched by the overwhelming response from everyone to the remix of RUTH

          Seriously Steve, do a tad bit of digging. This is hers 100%.

          However, I’m glad to hear you kinda sorta almost like it.

      • Hørvz

        I experience the same issue with the sound quality on this mix, muddy and at times distorted, like it has been badly compressed.
        I love the track and I must say that the sound quality here is far too poor, and I do hope it is an error from the iTunes store, issue that will be fixed?

        • Hervé Le Gallo

          I heard the single again on my iPhone docking station (Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8) and the sound quality was perfect, which makes me believe that the single cannot play well on a 5.1 surround sound setup… or is there a ghost hidden in the track?

  12. Mingus 42

    A physical release would be wonderful. Come on ‘Fishpeople’, offer something the fans really want.

  13. Mark

    The only Fish people single that got a physical release was Lake Tahoe and that was a record store day exclusive so don’t get your hopes up Mingus.

  14. Rod

    You’d be the only one I’d heard (or read) say it, Steve Patrick. I thought it sounded perfect on the night, in fact it was the best sound quality of anything on the night, and it sounds great to me.

    • Then it must be the track I downloaded from iTunes, I’ll take it up with them. Part of me wanting to know if I’m the only one is because the song I purchased sounds “terrible”. Should I clarify that I mean the production as opposed to the performance? The production is terribly muddy and I can barely hear the guitar at all though there’s a hint of it. From this reaction, clearly I got a bad track!!!

      • Alberto Di Costanzo

        I have downloaded it from Itunes and I played it with good speakers/headphones and I can assure there is no fault I can find with the production. The new version sound as good if not even better than the origianl. If you have a problem with the “sound” I am sure you can ask for a refund and I will be more than happy to buy another copy…

  15. Nanette

    I seem to remember that her more recent work was recorded with an attempt to compensate for the relatively poor sound quality of MP3s. Audiophiles here will remember the details better than I do.

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