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Running Up That Hill at no.4 on UK midweeks chart!

On the official UK chart mid week update today RUTH 2012 was at NUMBER 4…

Of course this is only sales from Sunday and Monday, but well done to Kate, it’s well deserved and we love the new version.

On the official site Kate says:

“I am completely thrilled and touched by the overwhelming response from everyone to the remix of RUTH.  I thought the whole closing ceremony of the Olympics was extraordinary and I’d like to thank everyone there for choosing me to be a part of it.  It is such a huge honour”

And if you think the new version should be on the radio in the UK, we suggest you send an email or text to Chris Evans and Ken Bruce at BBC Radio 2 and just ask them to play it… 🙂

Contact Chris Evans HERE

Contact Ken Bruce HERE

[Graphic credit Antonis Glicos]

Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix) is now also available from iTunes USA


Running Up That Hill 2012 into iTunes top 10


Kate to work with Big Boi?


  1. Robb

    Done and done…hope she gets some radio time…you’d think programmers would pay some attention to the sales charts too, to see what’s up and coming!

  2. cwg

    who would have expected this only a week ago! just fantastic…

  3. Mark

    The single is now available in America!

  4. edov

    any news at all of about new video? or is it just a hoax?

    • “We’re waiting ….”

    • mark

      Info about a casting call can be seen on the Katebushnewsforum. One role that has been filled is that of a clubber so I’m assuming that some of the video takes place in a nightclub.

  5. giulio

    ‘Running Up That Hill (remix)’ fully deserves to be played on the radio and broadcast virtually everywhere! 😉

  6. Davey

    Just got a mention on 6 Music – I think they might play it shortly. I might not be the best station for most Kate fans, but it would be amazing if this got played on the Radio 1 chart show today… jus sayin’

  7. Decimus

    This is surprising. I am so happy that this song is doing so well commercially. She is so loved.

  8. Tim

    Very well done thus far Kate! A brilliant remix & new vocal!
    I see it’s now no.5 on the Official Chart Midweek Update…

  9. Mark

    According to Big Boi of OutKast, he just got off the phone with Kate! He’s been dying for a collaboration…

  10. A nation comes to its senses:

    1) Frank Cotterell Boyce and Danny Boyle remind Britain that the NHS, children’s stories and the history of the British people are what makes Britain great
    2) The amazing achievements of British athletes and their extraordinary hard work proves that celebrity culture is empty and vapid
    3) The British public hears Kate again, remembers what they are missing, and stops listening to melismatastic Jessie J and the (old) Spice Girls

    What next? We realise what a terrible government we’ve got? Mrs Mackintosh realises that it’s about time she played live?…

  11. Real Radio played the 1985 version of RUTH and the presenter said he expected the new version to enter the Vodafone Top 40.

    Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters also included TMWTCIHE on the episode where he was very flirty with Zoe, his new sidekick!

  12. noodle

    I’ve been sending requests via email and text to Chris Evans (and Ryan Tubridy last week) to ask why we’ve yet to hear RUTH2012 on his show – absoultely nothing. Yet George gets his £0.89 ‘gift’ on the A-List and was even parodied today (saying he sounds like Jimmy Saville)!

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