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Running Up That Hill at no.6 in UK Single Chart

For the new version of RUTH to have charted at no 6 in the official UK singles chart is a remarkable achievement and shows just what can happen when Kate’s music gets a wider exposure. It’s more remarkable when you compare its chart place to say the George Michael single which he performed live on the same show and is getting a lot of radio support. Kate’s single, as hoped, charted high on the iTunes chart and midweeks immediately after the Olympic Closing Ceremony but it has sold consistently all week, with as many people downloading it almost a whole week later, giving her another top ten single.

This now means that Kate has had top 20 singles in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and now the teens!  Well done Kate, it’s a great new version and deserves its top ten place!

And The Whole Story is up from no. 125 last week to no.21. Lotsa people hearing Kate for the first time!

Peter, Krys, Seán and Dave.


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  1. Kate Bush – no 6

    Florence and the Machine – no 7

    She chooses her victims well, doesn’t she? Knocking ABBA off no 1 in 1978, showing Madonna who’s boss in the album chart in 1985 and now giving the latest pretender to her throne a quick slap across the cheek (metaphorically of course)

    If I could translate this astonishing response by the British people to a 27 year old song, I’d say it was:
    “Please play live for us Kate”

    • Brad Williams

      As these chart positions show, it’s not for nothing that Kate was awarded the Classic Songwriter Award in 2001!

    • I couldn’t agree more! I do enjoy Florence’s work, but Kate is the original and the best. It’s wonderful to see her music back in the charts; and Twitter has introduced a new generation to her back catalogue too. There’s something quite unique about an artist that can generate such excitement and expectations too. I really don’t think there is another artist now who creates such anticipation for new work, as Kate does. I’m hoping there will be more from Kate over the next few weeks and months… in fact, I suspect there actually will be more to follow from her very soon now!

      • Decimus

        Can you explain how you think Twitter, of all things has exposed people to Kate’s back catalogue?

        • I’ve been following some of the trending on there, a lot of Kate’s fans have been discussing the new remix- which has lead to others that follow them to ask who Kate addition, my own students have also informed me that Twitter has enabled them to inform others of their generation, about Kate and her work. So Yes, Twitter of all things has exposed younger people to Kate’s back catalogue! So, it’s not a case of “think”, I’m basing my comment on watching what is trending, and what over 300 hundred students are actually doing! Hope that answers your question!

  2. John

    I love this new version, absolutely fantastic news!

  3. Mark

    True art charts! If only the single did well in America..

  4. Rod

    Yes. I just tweeted that, but I had to check the wiki and you would have just known! That’s really fantastic. Well done KB and all the Fish People.

  5. Mingus 42

    A physical CD or vinyl would have been nice. A download just isn’t the same and leaves me a bit cold.

    • M H Kershaw

      I totally agree. I would have loved the new version on Vinyl. I dont get quite as excited with just a download.
      I love Kates recent vinyl albums. Aerial and 50 Words are more like book publications as well as amazing music, she has created her own genre with these two albums.

  6. James

    Absolutely delighted and at the higher end of my expectations, well done Kate! Whilst singles sales may not be what they once were still satisfying. Some may have had doubts original could be bettered but this is a great version.

  7. jo

    I could not be more thrilled for Kate and her team…R.U.T.H was a masterpiece in ’85 and it still sounds as stunning now after the rework…a whole new generation being exposed to Kate’s music…HOW lucky are they?!!

    And to be back in the album chart at 21 too…hope Kate goes to sleep tonight with a big smile on her face knowing how much her fans love her….many congratulations Kate xx

  8. NOEL

    I listened to the whole top 40 show on radio 1 and it was good because not only did we have kate at no.6 but we had new entries from george michael at n0.15 also john lennon with imagine at no.18 and oasis with wonderwall and a cover version of the pink flyod track wish you were here,it felt like the good old days of the charts when you had new acts aswell as older acts too but now with the downloads its harder for the older acts to get in the chart,you could hear that the dj reggie yates was at great pains playing these songs what a fool….

  9. Vince

    Great news and also notable that the whole story has leapt up from no.92 to no.21 on the official uk albums chart too. A good week all round 🙂

  10. edov

    Haha, if nobody would buy her music would still be relevant for me. She’s not a hitlist artist since ages, it’s not very important is it?

    • Decimus

      Exactly, I am happy for people who are lucky enough to get exposed to Kate. But, if she sold 5 copies as opposed to 5 million it doesn’t matter.

    • Gail

      I don’t think it matters whether she is a “big sensation.” but I do think it matters very much whether a new generation of listeners gets to discover her. They’d really be missing out. So I am thrilled to see her song chart.

    • It’s a remarkable achievement for any artist, especially one who’s been around for more than 30 years. I think we should celebrate the fact – regardless of “importance” – that Kate is still as vital and relevant today as she was in 1978.

  11. nel

    What a testimony to the longevity of her timeless appeal….hit singles over 5 decades.That means Adele will need to be having hits in 2040s to match!

  12. Tim

    Wonderful news on the Top 10 chart position to Kate!

    I think the new version of RUTH is excellent especially the new vocal even though Reggie Yates on Sunday’s chart show mentioned more than once it sounded the same as the original! He can’t be listening properly can he? Obviously not a fan!

    Many congrats again & long may it continue

  13. John

    Just goes to show the sly old minx still knows a thing or two about promotion. Rehash an old song, allow the rumour mill to go out of hand with the Olympics and bingo – for all it’s worth, a top 10 hit!

    The Queen of Misdirection strikes again. Well done, Kate!

  14. Rob

    Pity there wasn’t a cd (or vinyl) single release, it would have probably made #1. I’ve still got my Wuthering Heights 7″ 34 years after i purchased it……wonder how many people will have this download in 34 years time…..or 34 months for that matter?

    • Alan

      The track will probably appear on the new greatest hits compilation (if rumours are true) in November so people will have the chance to own it physically then. Therefore the download from iTunes or whatever probably won’t last long on anyone’s mp3 player. I agree though, I’d like this physically but the promo singles are going for daft prices on eBay. There appear to be two promo CD editions, one with the new artwork and the other in a white sleeve with just the titles on.

  15. Kent

    Still not available on iTunes in Canada, apart from the entire album.

    Hoping it’s only a licensing issue delaying it, as there’s not much else on the album I want, and it’s pricey.

    • Kent

      Well, Not the first time I was totally wrong: Searching iTunes directly, I could find only the ‘album only’ listing. Following the links from Kate’s official site, I managed to get the single.

      Thank you Kate and Fish People!

  16. Alan

    Down to number 33 this week. A big drop was inevitable though, it did very well to reach number 6.

  17. Yorkshire Coast Radio only played the original (I was on holiday in Scarborough at the time)!

  18. philip tanner

    Running up that hill was and still is my favorite record.
    I love that haunting melody and your wonderful singing voice Kate.

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