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The HomeGround Book – Aiming for Christmas 2012

After a very successful meeting with our publisher today we can now say that HomeGround the Kate Bush Magazine – An Anthology 1982-2012 will consist of two hard cover volumes (in a format which is slightly smaller than A4) with approx 600 pages in each volume.

Although HomeGround commenced publishing in 1982, the magazine has contained articles about all periods of Kate’s career, and the book is arranged around a Kate chronology.

Volume One will contain the introductions, Part I (the period from Kate’s early demo recordings to Sat in Your Lap) and Part II (The Dreaming to The Sensual World). Volume Two will contain Part III (The Red Shoes to 50 Words for Snow). The anthology will be illustrated with artwork and photographs from all periods of HomeGround’s history.

The cost will be about £30 per volume and the books will be available at Amazon and various other outlets. It will certainly be available in the US. We are now working very hard toward having these books ready for realease in time for Christmas.


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  1. OMG! I am excited… I was an early member of the KBC, but quit my membership when my life became too unsteady (lived in various countries due to studies/work commitments after moving out of my parents’ home). It will be great to have the early zines as well as the later treasures I missed in two solid volumes.

    Heartfelt thanks for all your hard work on these books – I am sure they will be fantastic!

  2. zounds

    Thanks for the update Peter, sounds amazing and really looking forward to it.

  3. Davie

    Sounds FAB. That’s my Christmas reading sorted then 🙂 I too was a member of KBC and still have all the magazines… I used to be a pan pal with Theo Haast… does anyone ever hear from him? Thanks Guys for all your work on this. D x

  4. Reza

    This sounds awesome! I’m really looking forward to it.

  5. Mark

    Available in the US? Yay! That’s great news! I’ve been waiting for this! This would make a good Christmas present!

  6. Terry Bushall

    Looking forward although 60 queens pounds for two volumes is very steep – heres hoping amazon will reduce str8away

  7. Keith

    Very glad it will be available in the US, but if available at Christmas in the UK, then I’ll expect we’ll get it in the States around June/July just in time for my birthday! Hurrah!

    So looking forward to this.

  8. Mark

    I think it will be available in America the same time it is available in the U.K., Keith. Remember, This is Homeground, not Fish people.

    • Keith

      Mark, since I’ve been listening to Kate beginning in ’78, I don’t think I can ever recall a US release of anything by Kate Bush or about Kate Bush that coincided with the UK release. I do have faith in the HG anthology though 🙂

      • Mark

        Really? I thought 50 words for snow only came a day after its UK release.

  9. So excited to see this project come to full fruition and to have contributed to the anthology. I don’t think Peter will mind me saying that I got a little sneaky peek at the proofs this summer and it is filled with so many great stories and photos. I was actually a little misty-eyed over it all. So much hard work and devotion from the HG team for 30 years and it shows on every page. It will certainly be worth every penny. Roll on, Christmas!

  10. Paula

    That is absolutely brilliant news guys, thanks so much for continuing to work endlessly and tirelessly to get theses books to us.
    All the love to you xx

  11. andy murray

    Yes thats great news lets hope it’s out for xmas,we’ve been waiting quite a while for this publication.£60.oo for the two volumes is a lot of dosh though.Will the two volumes be available to buy together simultaneously or not?

  12. Jon Bishop

    Cant wait for this -I got Homeground from issue 1 but kind of lost track when I started moving house – so really looking forward to this and I must say I think £30 per volume at 600 pages per volume – Is a fantastic price .

  13. giulio

    Really looking forward to this book !!!! 🙂

  14. Millais

    Best wishes to the HG crew for putting together such an incredible piece of work! It is going to be an interesting dive into Kate’s realm, both for hardcore fans and neophytes, for sure!

  15. Gabriella

    this shall be great ,.. i hope get my copy to , for Christmas,..?? i know you all worked so hard on getting this labor of love out soon ,… when it comes to Kate’s work and project it is always worth the wait…
    thank you :)****
    love Gabi***

  16. Jon Bishop

    Is there any update on the book (s) x

  17. Betty

    Will the book be available for this Christmas? Just wondered as I was hoping to buy this for someone, but if its not going to be ready I will have to think of something else. I will be getting hte book when it does come out of course, natch!

    • Unfortunately not now looking likely at this point. Turning into a Kate album like saga 🙂 If not Christmas, should be pretty shortly after!

      • Betty

        Thanks, will keen an eye on the site and will buy this when it does become available.

  18. Barbara

    When will this be out? they said before Christmas and I can’t find it anywhere!!

  19. Barbara

    Hahaha! came to look again and see your msg. Glad you don’t mind waiting. Looks like we haven’t any choice 😉

  20. zounds

    Any news?

  21. Gabriella Patterson

    i cant wait . looking forward ./// for this book ,.. i know Krys Peter Dave ,.. Homergrounders ,.. worked so hard ,.. like always it some thing very special,.. ‘
    love Gabi ***

  22. ANDY

    Hello did I miss something, I have volume 1 but is there a Volume 2 coming! Some news would be appreciated! When, where.


  23. Erin

    Hi, any release date ready yet? I am so looking forward to it.

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