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Stephen W Tayler, sound mixer on Kate’s most recent records, releases new solo album of original compositions

Stephen W Tayler - Ostinato

Stephen W Taler – ‘Ostinato’ album cover art

We’re very excited to pass on the news that Stephen W Tayler, the multi-talented mix engineer and sound artist who has worked closely with Kate on ‘Director’s Cut’, ’50 Words For Snow’ and this summer’s hit single “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix’, has today released his first solo album of original compositions. It is entitled: ‘Ostinato’

Stephen exclusively tells “I love to work with mood and texture. ‘Ostinato’ is a collection of hypnotic pieces based on music and sound inspired by my experiences and travels.” For more information about Stephen’s incredible career (he has worked not only with Kate but also the likes of Tina Turner, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega,  Stevie Nicks and Underworld to name but a few) visit: http://ostinatomusic.comThe site features some great previews and extra content about the new album, along with this touching dedication by Stephen:

“Special note of thanks to Kate Bush for giving me the confidence to finally complete this work.”

We’ll be joining Kate and many others by wrapping our ears around these new atmospheric soundscapes that Stephen has been dreaming about creating his entire life…

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]


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  1. Rod

    Interesting. I like the Atmospheres, even if Peripherique spooks me out in a whispering Rosemary’s Baby kind of way. I think it’s the sort of thing I’d loop in my studio – even if it meant cheating a little on 50 Words.

  2. He also engineered Rupert Hine’s 80’s solo albums!

  3. giulio

    His music sounds very promising 🙂
    So, this is the sound artist responsible for the
    ‘Director’s Cut’ sound quality: glad to know it.

  4. Very interesting – and what a CV this man has:
    Gabriel; The Waterboys; Jethro Tull; Stevie Nicks; Suzanne Vega and then Ms Bush

    Now tell me that ‘Rubberband Girl (2011)’ was poorly mixed!

  5. nico

    sounds great !

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