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Sir Elton on Wheeler Street

In his “Soundtrack of my Life” features in The Observer Sunday 1st September, Sir Elton John noted Snowed in at Wheeler Street as “The song that was difficult to Record”:

I did a duet with Kate Bush on this track for her last album. That session with her was hard, because she doesn’t write easy songs. She’s a complex songwriter and this is a weird song, but I love it so much. I’m so proud to be on a Kate Bush record; she’s always marched to the beat of her own drum. She was groundbreaking – a bit like a female equivalent of Freddie Mercury. She does come out socially sometimes and she came to my civil partnership occasion with her husband. There were so many stars in the room, but all the musicians there were only interested in saying, “You’ve got to introduce me to Kate Bush.” I remember Boy George saying, “Oh my God, is that Kate Bush?” I said, “Yeah!”



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  1. Hilarious! Kate steals the scene!

  2. Harry Horton

    Kate Bush has been noted to be a recluse over the past few decades. The issue of her reclusiveness is interesting in that it has related her state of mind as possibly being along ‘within the range of being mentally ill’ with large amounts of stress and anxiety on one side of the pole —–yet on the other opposite pole end of the mater: that she simply is nothing more than possessing a large amount of privacy so she can carry through her regular day centering on other healthier areas of her life, like raising her son.
    Creative artists are reclusive by natural spiritual processes inherent in their being and psyche. The following internet site: “Rollo May-The Courage to Create-Scribd” May -” Some ideas and quoted material from this web site book, page 9, of this R. May work on creativity: “May relates an artist on his death bed. The artist is a painter. A friend visits him and finds a blank canvass with an unclearly written word in very small letters in the middle of the canvass.
    THese ideas goes into a quote from page 9 of the Rollo May book content: “The word can be solitary – being alone; keeping one’s distance from events maintaining the peace of mind necessary for listening to one’s deeper self. Or it can be solidary –“living in the market place”; solidarity, involvement….solitude and solidarity are essential if the artist is to produce works that are not only significant to his or her age, but that will speak to future generations.”
    WHenever Kate Bush’s reclusiveness is ever brought up in the media, or other circles for that matter, its nice to know she has state of being of creative receptive reclusiveness much like the above painter on his deathbed possesses. This reclusive state of mind or being alolows her produce works that are significant for everyone in the present but will speak meaning and spiritual enrichment for people in the future also. Needless to say she is in a rather exciting and spiritually bountiful business of creative endeavors in musical works. And keeping one’s distance from events, maintaining the peace of mind necessary for listening to one’s deeper self—actions of hers that she conducts for service to her creativity, then everyone wins out with gaining these beautiful musical works that she has produced over the past years.

  3. Trevor

    Haha I love that all the musicians wanted to meet Kate Bush. I don’t blame them really.

  4. Gabriella Patterson

    ahhhh .. it such an honor to have so many people even famous people admire Kate So much,.. kind of Elton share this with us ..
    peace Gabi:)

  5. Nanette

    Heh. I love the fact that everyone was so starstruck. Meanwhile she was probably just walking around wondering where to leave her gift and admiring the table settings…

  6. Nanette

    And really…”recluse” is a misnomer. If “recluse” = “doesn’t give an interview every five minutes” then everyone posting here is a recluse.

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