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When Kate went to Toon

The Newcastle Chronicle today ran a feature on Kate’s personal appearance on 11th September 1980 to promote Never For Ever, with extracts from an interview she gave to the paper:

Sometimes I see myself in the paper and it’s hard to associate with the name Kate Bush. She is this well-known person who has become like a brand name like Maxwell House coffee or something. Meanwhile, I’m just working on my music and my life.”


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  1. Mingus 42

    That is an interesting comment Kate gives. ‘Kate Bush’ the product. I wonder if she is simlpy known as Kath Mcintosh to family and friends now.

  2. Mark

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting!

  3. Tony

    Wow! I had no idea Kate had done record store signing sessions. The article says:
    “The Newcastle date was preceded by a similar hectic appearance in Glasgow, before the singer moved on to Liverpool, Manchester and the Midlands.”
    I’d love to know where she went to in Liverpool and the other places mentioned. Were there similar promo tours for other albums?

    • We were spoiled back then. I first met Kate at a record signing for Lionheart in the HMV Shop in Oxford Street London. There were certainly PA tours for Never for Ever and The Dreaming, but not I think in the UK for Hounds of Love or any thereafter, though Kate did do PAs in New York for The Red Shoes.

      • Tony

        Thanks, Peter. I’m so jealous, you actually met Kate!! She must have been mobbed in Oxford Street! I can’t believe she came to Liverpool for Never Forever and I missed it!
        Saw her live at Liverpool Empire, though, April 3rd 1979… so I’m somewhere in the crowd in the Nationwide doc!

        • There was a serious crowd! The most meorable was perhaps the PA in the Virgin Magastore also in Oxford Street where after the event we took all the displays to peices. Locusts had nothing on us!

          • Tony

            Right! So was that for The Dreaming? (Sorry, by the way, I’ve only just noticed your ‘Kate CV’… kinda tops mine! Kudos, Peter.

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