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Huffington Post UK 13th September: “Gered Mankowitz has been photographing rock stars for 50 years, creating iconic portraits of everyone from Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones to Wham!, Kate Bush and Duran Duran. Now, the best of his work has been assembled for an exhibition in London from tomorrow, and collated in a stunning hardback book to be published in December … Kate Bush was one of Gered Mankowitz’s favourite subjects – a pleasure to work with …”


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Kate Creates Hand-drawn Cover for Mojo Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Issue!


  1. Mark

    She should be THE favorite subject. Of course he was behind the infamous “pink” leotard photos…

  2. Michael

    It’s not at all a surprise to hear that Kate was a “pleasure to work with.” It seems that Kate has left behind a personal trail of good feelings and positivity for decades. If there is such a thing as karma, Kate should be surrounded by an invisible aura of constant joy.

  3. Harry Horton

    The internet site you tube in consideration here. The you tube song: “Hazey Kate” is on you tube as one from its vast selections. “Hazey Kate” is a tribute to Kate Bush with numerous photographs of her in the visuals. Hazey Kate was donated 02/5/2011 and a number of photogrpahs especially from the early part of her career reel off one by one in the visuals of the song. The Kate Bush pictures are set against the background music of acoustic guitar playing of the 1970’s Nick Drake. The Nick Drake song is called Hazy Jane but was adapted and remodified for hte Hazey kate vdieo. Nick Drake died tragically enough at age 26, in 1974, from overdoisng on antidepressants. A picture of Nick Drake slowly materializes in the Hazey Kate visuals, in a dreamscape manner, near the video’s photos ending moments. An unusual facet thus of Hazey Kate, is the easygoing music of Nick Drake the songwriter fits so well with its subject, Kate Bush, but Nick Drake unfortunately never knew of the Bexley Heath creative phenomenon. Sadly because of his early 1974 death. Nevertheless its new quirky slice of Kate Bush with a happy go lucky Nick Drake tune, and a unique singular approach to Kate Bush at that, livening the pictures of Kate Bush. Thus nothing is quite like it on the internet in regards to Kate Bush and that too makes it a neat find to listen to.

  4. Harry Horton

    Artists and people who worked with Kate Bush, one cannot overlook Tori Amos. The Kate Bush Tori Amos song: “Duet “. you tube with 1,102,000 views 10/04/2006, found via google and Bing, —such a song relates the depth and sensitive intensity of Kate Bush participant with Tori Amos in relating this English folk piece. Which leads to the fascinating issue, Kate Bush most likely was a major prerequisite influence for Tori Amos to actualize her musical career. And with that in mind ,much more haunting ,is that Tori Amos’s debut album in 1992 was Little earthquakes. She has song on the album Little earthquakes. So from Kate Bush’s artistic circle and influences emerge Tori Amos with Little Eathquakes in 1992, right about the same time Kate Bush recedes more into a reclusive manner of living, that starts in 1993.

    Tori AMos’ 1992 Little Eaetrhquake song is haunting and interesting in its Nostradamus quality of fortelling the future in a potentailly harrowing subject area. A future riddled with little earthquakes. Because today there have been mysterious little earthquakes cropping up in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma—-a mysterious geological phenomena so unusual the governors of all three states have hired seismologists to try to ascertain the cause of the little earthquakes in their regions.
    THus with the above in mind, two other interesting internet news stories, that center on this subject of earthquakes in the midwest U.S. videos that is, to add into the above Duet and Little earthquake you tube videos are: (1) Oklahoma earthquake sswarm on the Rachel Maddow show’. NPR News February 18, 2014 Joe Wertz. A good report on the massive amount of earthquakes that have emerged in OK in mid Feb 2014. (2) Second video:”A time lapse of Oklahoma earthquake” Daily Oklahoman. THese two videos give one an idea how serious the little earthquakes have become in the midwest—the quakes could be created by nuclear testing damage that could portend some serious outcomes ahead, though no facts to substatantiate that. I wrote more on this on the internet web story: “Mystery Tremors puzzle experts” Corsicana Daily Sun. Dec 5, 2012I used the comment section to post further info on the mysterious earthquake phenomena in Texas.
    Also the google entries Texas earthquakes and (2) Oklahoma eartrhquakes introduce more news stories on these events.
    Thus interesting, a close associate artist to Kate Bush, and one influenced by Kate Bush and created alongside of kate Bush on various projects, Tori Amos,—such Tori AMos introduces the 1992 album Little Earthquakes as well the song by that title too.–a song and album on geological phenomena. Little earthquakes have become a central feature of national and international prominence today, newswise. And the haunting issue and significant fact in all of this, which we’ll never completely know is: Tori Amos’ Little Eaethquakes could only come about as a major debut album only by Tori’s participatory artistic ventures with Kate Bush. And Tori as such being a recipitent of such Kate Bush creative and artisitc influences back in the 1980s and early 1990s. Thus we would not have the Tori Amos debut album of 1992 with its accurate creative predictive essence, unles Kate Bush was not first in the picture. As Tori was something of a product of Kate Bush’s artisitc circle in the 1980s.

  5. Harry Horton

    A followup further on the earlier posts, dealing with Kate Bush her nuclear bomb song: Breathing and Tori Amos and the little earthquakes besetting the western U.S. and midwestern U.S. areas. First the U.S. earthquakes. THe Texas little earthquakes have gotten so important, Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Texas has been listed by the State to conduct further study into the years ahead on the Azle earthquake swarms of Nov -Dec 2013. The internet article & video: “SMU launches study of Azle earthquakes” 1080 KRLD/ February 7, 2014. An audio report is included. Lead SMU investigator Heather Deshon is interviewed. The second important earthquake video is from the U.S. western nuclear testing state Nevada. The video: “Earthquake swarm Reno Nevada” you tube timzend donator. The Part II segment of this video at the 8:40-12:25 mark relates the geologists trying to understand these mysterious little earthquakes that in unusual fashion cropped up in Reno in spring of 2008. The volcanic history could be more important than the geologists think, as the 8:40 segment goes into.
    Al this leads to the mystical artistic and creative psyches of Tori Amos and Kate Bush. Tori AMos’s Little earthquake song of 1992 could be a capture of these future earthquakes events in the U.S., and kate Bush’s 1980 song is about nuclear testing and the nuclear bomb and its devastating effects on humanity, and thus that song could be relevant to these unusual U.S. earthquake swarms. Breathing was on Kate Bush’s first album, and possibly ‘that first album cover imagery’ kate bush utilized, was also copied by Tori AMos for her first album Little Earthquakes (1992). Yet both albums have potential nuclear testing devastation effects as central subjects inherent to each albums artistic content areas. THe internet article: “Breathing Kate Bush” Wikipedia. An interesting quote comes from this article involving the nuclear bomb theme of the song: the quote: “Breathing is about a foetus very much aware of what is going on outside the womb and frightened by nuclear fallout, which implies that the song is set either during a nuclear war or a post apocalyptical birth. The post apocalyptical birth subject is very interesting & significant because it implies a new human soul will be born from & after the effects of nuclear testing devastation. Shakespeare sonnet 59 and Henry IV part II act III and scene 1 relate these new birth scenarios of the human soul once earth dies out, as well as The bible section: Matthew somewhere around the chapter 22-24 or elsewhere earlier in matthew with the birth pangs passage line that occurs with humanity’s destruction, implying a new advanced human soul in the universe once earth dies out. Possibly from nuclear testing effects, though that is not in the Matthew passage.. All this, As well as in Luke. In any case in regards to Tori Amos and her first influences from kate Bush: THe internet site: “Tori AMos Bush” this web site article relates some fairly thorough thoughts of the impact Kate Bush made on Tori and her creativity, in Tori’s later teen years.. One quote: “Then people mentioning her name when they heard me sing, to the point where I finally went and got her records. When I first heard her, I went WOw.” End quote. Fascinating, other people recognized that there was some deep creative connection and similarity between Tori AMos and kate Bush, even before Tori AMos ever heard of Kate Bush. Or even knew of kate Bush. And years later Tori AMos winds up collaborating with kate Bush on recording projects. A mysterious commencement of introduction of Kate Bush to TOri Amos back around 1980-81. (2) “tori amos timeline” Within this internet web site, the August 22, 1981 segment relates Tori’ first encounter with kate Bush and from there on Tori was heavily influenced and awe struck with kate Bush. Other sections have kate Bush and her impact on Tori Amos included.
    In any case, haunting as it is, Kate Bush opens up her career in 1980 with BReathing: the song about the apocalyptical and devastating effects of the nuclear testing program and nuclear bomb. And as Kate Bush concludes the initial segment of her musical career in 1993 thirteen or so years later. Then a year earlier, in 1992, Tori Amos opens her musical career with Little Earthquakes, a song that easily could be about the devastating effects of nuclear testing and the bomb. An opening like Kate Bush’s Breathing. For a woman Tori Amos that relied other people telling her early off in her career that there seemed to be some creative connection between her and kate Bush, the two nuclear testing opening songs, Breathing in 1980 K. Bush and with Tori AMos Little Earthquakes in 1992, Tori AMos apparently deepens such a mystical connection with kate Bush with her Little Earthquakes album An album that came onto the market only after Tori AMos moved to London in 1991. A Nostradamus quality, a predictive of the future essence that is, Tori Amos and kate Bush share in a creative mystical field perhaps.

  6. Harry Horton

    This apocalyptical theme is so rich and fascinating that involves Kate Bush and Tori AMos I thought I would still fill out more content on it. For one thing, its fascinating that when kate Bush started her career, the hullabaloo over commencing with whether she should open up with Wuthering Heights or a more rock sounding song -James and the Cold gun?–seemed to initiate the controversial aspects of her debut into the rock and roll world of 1978. The real significant controversial and creative theme involving her,though it appears, was: she chose for her first album “the Kick Inside” title and put the pregnancy issue, that is the birth of new human soul into existence, as the major central spiritual subject area of her first album: The Kick Inside.. FUrthermore, she extends such pregnancy theme with a later subsequent song: “Breathing”. Breathing is a song on her second album Never for Ever (1980), an album that followed the Kick Inside. The Web site on the Kick Inside has some interesting observations from the commenters on the Kick Inside song from Kate Bush’s first album. THe web site: “Kate Bush the kick inside lyrics/songmeanings” song view/54694/. From the comment sections one commenter stated some ideas on one of the rich lyrical lines: “When will you return again, my son, come tell me?” This lyric matches so nicely the bible account of Jesus returning again when the world ends in earthquake and famine catastrophe. And with such spiritual destruction a rebirth of the human soul. Thus this K. Bush lyric could relate the second coming of Jesus with such destructive earth conditions. Such catastrophic facets also characterized by the “Tori AMos Little earthquakes” when such little earthquakes become larger and more destructive. This theme was noted by another commenter on the web site who stated: “The old Kate was lost and kate the star was born. A very scary (suicide/rebrith) transition.” What this comment relates basically is the old Kate, the human being with its corpeal body, dies out when earth becomes overwhelmed with earthquakes that started out little but became more destructive and larger, and the old Kate Bush the human, transits to a new being with a new body and soul, the star kate Bush. This situation is like Shakespeare’s sonnet 59 subject of the fair youth gaining a composed wondrous frame when he becomes advanced and superior (that is mended as the word the sonnet 59 line uses to denote such superior status achieved from the older obsolete human body)—hence, A new advanced spiritual being to replace the old obsolete human being. THus a death rebirth transition is a central theme to Kate Bush’s the Kick Inside song, as well as her album cover.
    The song Breathing and its the video continues such Kick Inside themes and Breathing gives the specifics of this transition of the world dying out and introduces the nature of the dying out as from some influences and impact of nuclear testing. And once again like the Kick Inside, the central subject in Breathing is pregnancy and the birth of a new human soul somewhere in the universe, as the wikipedia quote stated a post apocalyptical new type of human soul could be a central subject of “Breathing”. The main visual attribute in the video of Breathing is the men in white ab coats. Because at nuclear testing sites in Nye COunty Nevada, there were white lab coat scientists and technicians conducting experiments of nuclear bomb technology. And at the same Nevada nuclear sites the nuclear bombs were detonated underground, with bomb blasts. So the song “Breathing” simply could indicate, if there is any apocalyptical nuclear bomb blasts destructive effects on the earth, such destructive effects will originate and take place from the nuclear testing sites i.e. Nye county Nevada in the southwestern part of the state.. So the men in white lab coats in Breathing is a significant attribute of the song Breathing because it designates the nuclear testing sites will be the locales that start the apocalypse. Also a new human soul of some futuristic type coming into existence as a central theme in Breathing exists to since the pregnancy feature opens up the video’s visuals and with it—the birth of such a soul occurs when earth’ is experiencing the catastrophic effects of nuclear bomb technology. and to hone down further the nature of such nuclear bomb destructive effects int he song Breathing, kate Bush’ use of white coat scientists indicates the nuclear testing site with nuclear bomb detonations will be the area the catastrophic nuclear bomb effects will take place from and end humanity’s existance and usher in the new birth of a futuristic human soul on another planet perhaps. So Breathing is haunting and rich in its Nostradamus like seeing into the future where a futuristic human soul birth occurs.
    This theme continues with Tori Amos Little earthquakes song (1992). The kate Bush Breathing video feature (1) when in white lab coats that designates the nuclear testing sites could originate the destruction of earth. (2) Little earthquakes is a second feature that characterizes such geological results destructive nuclear testing effects. (Hence all the mysterious little earthquakes cropping up in Nevada and midwestern U.S. over the past 6 years is an attesting to this). And Tori AMos relates Little Earthquakes as a central subject in one of her earliest songs. So kate Bush’s men in white lab coats and Tori Amos’s little earthquakes are key items that give clues to the nature of nuclear testing destructive effects on the world leading to apocalyptical results. The scientific study: “Unrest in Long Valley caldera, California 1978-2004” also bolsters the kate Bush and Tori AMos nuclear testing theme. Long valley is right next door to the Nevada nuclear testing site. Long Valley volcanic system is just right across the Nevada California border in eastern California. And in 1978 an abrupt change occurred in Long Valley geological profile. Thousands of little earthquakes broke out changing the geological profile for good it seems from its earlier more stable status of pre-1978 years. 30,000 thousand little earthquakes over ‘a short two or three year or less period of time’ occurred there. And Long Valley is less than 200 miles away from the Nevada nuclear testing sites with its white coat scientists and nuclear bomb detonations underground. Such white coat scientists, one would find in K. Bush’s Breathing. So the question is, does kate Bush’s song The Kick Inside and Breathing along with Tori AMos’ Little earthquakes, relate the coming end of humanity and the rebrith of a new advanced human soul elsewhere in the universe. As Matthew 24; 4-8 relates such scenarios: the quote from the Matthew 24 passage: “You will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will arise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. [and then the significant line from the passage]: “All these are beginnings of birth pains”. And the kick inside song and its album cover and secondly, Kate Bush’s Breathing video central subject: a fetus in a pregnant biological state, seem to be relevant and expressive of Jesus’s beginnings of birth pains also, since birth pains occur in pregnant states of being. Birth pains of a new human soul. And in the Matthew passage one finds Tori AMos’s earthquakes too to go along with the birth pains of pregnancy.
    Finally the web site: The Spiritual Notebook page 181> At the top of the page. Nuclear testing weakens the interior of the earth creating earthquakes that will eventually sink large surface portions of the earth. This fact is related on page 181 of the Eckankar work by Paul twitchell: The Spiritual Notebook. This prediction appears to be in line & present with Kate Bush’s Breathing and Tori AMos’ Little earthquakes. With the white lab coat technicians of the nuclear testing areas and little earthquakes popping up from the nuclear testing effects. Two attributes of Kate Bush and Tori AMos’ songs.

  7. Harry Horton

    Further followup: Kate Bush’s Breathing has a very interesting item within it, that is she introduces the concept of a new human soul being born somewhere in the universe after earth dies out from the effects of some sort, of nuclear bomb technology and explosions. THe wikiepdia article: “Breathing (Kate Bush song)” The quote: “Breathing” is about a foetus very much aware of what is going on outside of the womb and frightened by nuclear fallout, which implies that the song is set either during a nuclear war, or a post apocalyptic birth.” The central concept from the quote is a post apocalyptic birth. Because if the foetus is born in post apocalyptic time, the foetus has to be a new futuristic human soul with a different body from regular earth humans. THe reason for this is, an apocalypse wipes out current regular human beings and the environment, and the result of this only a new human soul being born into the world as a post apocalyptic being has to be different than a regular human being. The regular human beings have died out in the apocalypse and the new human being and soul comes into existence most likely on a different planet, with such a situation. That theme is very much present in Kate Bush’s Breathing. Thus the conclusion: there are two facets to the post apocalyptic birth phenomena: (1) A regular human being and soul, current day humans that is, living on the earth before any type of apocalypse, with their regular self and soul present in their present day human bodies. (2) A new human being and soul, most likely spiritually advanced, that comes into being after earth and humans die out from the apocalypse. With this situation the regular human beings no longer exist and the post apocalypse new advanced human beings come into existence. So the birth going on in kate Bush’s BReathing could designate such a new advanced type of human being of futuristic time, separate from the earlier pre apocalyptic regular human being. So these two above scenarios are introduced in kate Bush’s BReathing. Especially in regard to the wikipedia quote content that introduces the two above scenarios by implication.

    With the content of the above paragraph relating these two facets of kate Bush’s Breathing in mind, one finds this Kate Bush two facet content appearing in Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes. In Tori Amos Little Earthquakes the lyrics appear: “Give me life, give me pain, give me my self again.” is hauntingly resonant with the meaning of a post apocalypticnew human being as central to the meaning of the Tori Amos lyric. Because what she could be saying is something to the effect: These little earthquakes are expressive of a nuclear testing destructive impact on the earth’s geology that will eventually destroy the earth and end humanity with such destructive developments. Thus with this future catastrophic situation Tori Amos simply could be saying in her lyrics: Give me life, that is give me the regular human being life/ Give me pain—That is give me the normal pain a regular human being feels, that is give me not not this upcoming post apocalyptic new type of human being/ Give me myself again—-give me my former old regular human being self with its regular human being mind and soul.” So the two facet phenomena of regular human being and a new human being of different status of the future after the apocalypse is presented with these above Tori Amos lyrics. And furthermore, this two facet meaning in the lyrics is set in the environment of little earthquakes. Little earthquakes as such could express the beginning of earth’s destruction, the apocalypse that is, that develops from nuclear testing in Nevada, in Nye County. So the Little earthquakes in her song designate the apocalypse is present and underway. And thus exists as such as the volatile backdrop subject are of the song when she wishes life and pain and her old human self again.
    So the two rich ideas (1) kate Bush’s Breathing which could express a post apocalyptic birth of some new form of human being. (2) Tori Amos’ Little earthquakes lyrics: Give me life and give me pain give me my self again—that could designate her wish to remain a regular pain feeling human being with her regular self and soul. Both ideas are very similar, that is Kate Bush’s post apocalyptic birth idea and Tori Amos’ wish to retain her old human self in the face of apocalyptic destruction. Apocalyptic destruction indigenous to the little earthquakes that could worsen and grow more destructive and powerful.
    And nuclear bomb effects of some sort pervade Kate Bush’ Breathing, with the nuclear bomb blast around the nuclear testing area’s white lab coat scientists and technicians, in Breathing the video’s visuals. And the result of this nuclear testing destructive effects, Little Earthquakes that is central subject and phenomena Tori Amos introduces in her song Little Earthquakes. Hence Little Earthquakes and Breathing in these above points in this post, in consideration,as well as earlier February ones of mine, are fairly similar on the harrowing theme, of nuclear testing induced damage that could end humanity’s stay in the middle part of the 21st century.
    Some further developments on the internet on the little earthquakes plaguing Oklahoma are two news stories that have recently appeared: “A New Theory about whats causing Oklahoma earthquakes” February 21, 2014 (2) “Earthquake EQ swarm strikes Oklahoma as U.S. Northern Command…” Published on Sep 26, 2014. You tube, This second video is a little rattling because there is this Chopin like music that plays in the background of the video. Such a soft musical background, tends to relate a growing sense of tragedy, that is, these quakes are so prevalent, and worsening, that something more catastrophic underlying their causes may be in play beneath the Oklahoma grounds. The Oklahomans may be getting that sense as they enter into their fifth year of unusual earthquake phenomena in the state. And the piano music that fills the background of the video tends to relate a growing sense of tragedy in Oklahoma. With these earthquakes. Since 2009 of march when the quakes began.
    So as all the varied research is conducted in Oklahoma by SMU, Austin Holland, and the new theory introduced above, to name a few, do kate Bush and Tori Amos have and have communicated the real essence of what is going on with the little earthquakes of The Western and midwestern U.S.—- And the results could be terrifying yet very truthful. Nuclear testing damage that is grown wide and more prevalent— that in the future twenty to forty years or so from now—-will destroy the earth. That is what the little earthquakes in the western U.S and Midwest indicate? If those ideas are present in Kate Bush’ Breathing and Tori Amos Little Earthquakes, the answer to what is causing the midwestern earthquakes and the outcome may already be known and expressed by kate Bush and Tori Amos. In Breathing and Little Earthquakes.
    Also the Tori Amos lyrics Give me life give me pain give me myself again is reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s savage in Brave New World. Where the savage wants regular human life and pain that is integral to human love too. A future Brave New World appears to supplant with another set of values.

  8. Harry Horton

    Thus furthermore, the album covers for The Kick Inside, Kate Bush’s debut album and secondly and later the debut album for Tori Amos’s Little earthquakes. The album cover imagery is kate Bush in a wooden box, which could represent the womb, Kate Bush becomes the fetus, since she inhabits the interior of the wooden box, and the title the kick inside, designates a fetus exhibiting a kicking motion, and that too conveys the album cover to be a fetus situation of pregnancy. (2) Tori Amos also utilizes the same box and she inhabits the box, like a fetus perhaps, thus her inhabiting of the wooden box too could be a fetus in a womb hence a pregnant condition like Kate Bush’s Kick Inside album cover imagery—such Tori AMos imagery on her album cover Little earthquakes. So both covers could indicate a pregnancy situation. WHich means a new human soul coming into the world via birth, or a new futuristic human soul of some type different from regular human being, coming into existence via birth somewhere in the universe for that matter. What is interesting is the Kick Inside is a pregnancy subject, and Kate Bush’s song: Breathing relates the pregnancy subject also, and intertwined with nuclear bomb explosion apocalypse conditions as her video and lyrics convey. THe nuclear bomb explosions could end humanity and the fetus being born —as the wikiepdia Breathing kate Bush song article states—-could be a post apocalypse birth. That could mean a futuristic human being of some sort that is. In any case the nuclear bomb explosion feature as a developing apocalypse condition is present in Breathing. (2) Tori Amos album Little earthquakes, the little earthquakes could designate a further extended apocalypse attribute and feature like the Kate bush Breathing video visuals’ nuclear bomb explosion conditions: The little earthquakes that pop up across the U.S. resulting from nuclear bomb explosions on the Nevada nuclear testing site—a real possible occurrence that could prove scientifically valid in the years ahead. So Tori Amos’ album cover Little earthquakes also expresses an apocalypse facet like the nuclear bomb explosions being assessed by the white lab technicians and scientist in the video visuals of Kate Bush’s song BReathing. Both Little Earthquakes cover and the Kick Inside cover have this apocalypse event or dimension along with Tori Amos and kate Bush being a fetus as related on the album covers, and thirdly the condition of a new human soul coming into existence, also possibly related on both album covers, with Kate Bush and Tori Amos as fetuses ready to be born into existence somewhere in the universe whether earth or elsewhere. And the possibility the new human soul could be a post apocalypse new type of futuristic spiritually advanced human of some type is present thus with both album covers. In any case Kate Bush’s Breathing might as well be an extension of her song the Kick Inside, though Breathing was on the later 1980 Never for Ever album. That is the Kick iNside and Breathing songs may as well be one and the same since pregnancy is indigenous to both The Kick Inside and Breathing. And both songs appeared within two years of each other–1978 for the Kick Inside and 1980 for Breathing. They might as well be one song.

  9. Harry Horton

    These themes of Kate Bush totally fascinate me and I can spend days trying to decipher her works. Once again the most fascinating thing about her, is she was adamant about starting her musical career with the song Wuthering Heights. The most significant facet of Wuthering Heights, is that the love between Heathcliff and Cathy began with them in the role of brother and sister as children in the household of Wuthering Heights. Their first sexual feelings towards each other appeared when they were children while under the care of Cathy’s father. In a sense they were in the role of brother and sister, but Emily Bronte played a nice twist on this situation in that her characters Heathcliff and Cathy were genetically unrelated. THus when their love began as children with sexual feelings emerging between them as children, the sexual feelings could emerge safely in a non incest situation because both were genetically unrelated. THeir role in Wuthering HEights was like a brother and sister. What this states simply is ‘the tending’ that the sexual feelings stay within the family unit, and sexual feelings do not flow out of the family with a member towards another separate sex partner from a totally different family situation. What is subtly communicated here is the mythology of society is breaking down and ‘a healthy sexual feeling flow of members of the culture’ into a healthy mythology in a culture is diminishing and going absent, or sterile. So with that fact Emily Bronte keeps the sexual feelings camped up in a brother and sister relationship of a halfway sort with Cathy and Heathcliff as children in the family situation with no further outward expansion into a larger culture. So Wuthering heights is essentially a statement that the mythology of the western culture is weakening and diminishing and the result is sexual urges and feelings are based and originate in the family unit with some type of brother and sister model as children, and the sexual urges stay with this model, that is stay with the brother and sister situation in the original family situation and do not healthily expand to other non family cultural members in the culture at large.
    So with this Wuthering Heights situation kate Bush opens her career with, with the ‘singles record format’, Kate Bush then expands this area further to her second song, that has a “brother and sister” model serving as the basis for erotic love between the brother and sister–the song being the Kick Inside. Or also known as the Ballad of Lizie Wan. THe high significance of the Ballad of Lizie Wan is the erotic love between brother and sister occurs with ‘two genetically related individuals’ : brother and sister. The Brother and sister fall in love and have a pregnancy between each other. And with that situation, the societal and spiritual condition that is present with this incestual pregnancy is the fact the cultural mores and mythology is beginning to weaken and the result is sexual feelings and erotic love stays in a family situation as opposed to being expanded outwards in the culture, where the culture benefits as well as the love relationship.
    The following work off the internet explores this area more thoroughly: “The Road to Daulis: psychoanalysis, Psychology, and Classical..” A quote: “Robert Stein, however, has come up with an offbeat interpretation of Oedipus’s meeting with the Incest Archetype. Oedipus commits incest of the real sort because he is spiritually sterile….[later]…Stein defines culture on his own terms, and claims a breakdown of it in Thebes…” THus incest whether it is Oedipus sleeping with his mother or Lizie Wan sleeping with her brother is a sign of spiritual sterility and cultural breakdown of the cultures myths and mores. And this cultural malady is well entrenched today as ROllo may has related in his works: The Meaning of Anxiety, The Cry for Myth and Love and Will–these R. May works exploring the drying up of cultural myths and mores that give society its vitality. And isn’t it an interesting statement by Robert Stein, that is his spiritually sterile comment when relating to Oedipus and his spiritual nature. Because nuclear testing with its bomb blasts and little earthquakes could bring a second actual, molecular ‘sterility’ to the planet with a totally dead human race eventually. Such a died out human race in the molecular world following the previous spiritual and mythology death of the psychological dimensions of human spiritual existence that would precede the second following molecular die out, that is: such ‘nuclear bomb explosion’ killing off of humanity. That would come later after the spiritual death of the culture. And Kate Bush with the ballad of Lizie Wan relates this first appearance of the death of the human race, in spiritual, mythological breakdown and cultural breakdown terms, and later she introduces the second part II death of the human race facet–the actual molecular dying out of the human body and its environment around it with via nuclear bomb explosion effects, as she relates in her song “Breathing”. The video Breathing on you tube fully relates these doomsday aspects. And the song Breathing has a pregnancy feature like the Ballad of Lizie Wan, and as such cojoins the themes of both songs. So the part II death of the human race facet appears in transition from the original death of the spiritual and myths of the human race such as the breakdown of cultural mores for sexual relationships.
    Thus Wuthering Heights, that started her career also could be an expression that Kate Bush started her career with a song exploring the death of the mythology and cultural mores of western society. And as Wuthering Heights transits to the Kick Inside, this dying out cultural mores is further expanded and expressed when: Finally THe Kick Inside transits to Breathing–and the actual apocalypse, the actual dying out of molecular human beings and environment occurs. So Wuthering Heights and The Kick Inside (Ballad of Lizie Wan) and thirdly Breathing are all interwoven with the same themes and expression of humanity’s dying out–first in cultural and mythological modes and secondly and subsequently the actual dying out of the molecular human race and environment that sustains it. Kate Bush’s career staring with this three song transition: Wuthering Heights, Ballad of Lizie Wan (The Kick Inside) and then Breathing could relate that the major theme she introduced at the outset of her career and that was the coming apocalypse of the human soul ,first in spiritual terms and eventually in actual dying out of our bodies and existence on the planet.

  10. Harry Horton

    Continuing on this theme, Kate Bush I could write volumes on, well anyway: The kate bush three song progression in regards to the apocalypse phenomena in consideration. Such kate Bush song progression: Wuthering Heights —–>Ballad of Lizie Wan——>Breathing. Such three song progression carries the highly significant attributes:

    Part I: Wuthering Heights Lizie Wan
    brother/sister incestuous brother/sister
    theme or situation. incestuous situation.

    Part II. Lizie Wan Breathing —> Breathing’s interesting
    pregnancy that pregnancy that facet: brother/sister
    actualizes not with actualizes not with incestuous situation
    birth of a child birth of child diminishes off to being
    on earth on earth nonexistant in the song

    The brother sister incestuous sexual erotic attraction could be expressive of underlying myths, mores and standards of a culture collapsing. There is a two part essence to the collapse. Wuthering Heights & Lizie Wan express the cultural mores and myth collapse in society. Sexual desires stay pent up in childhood household environs, that is with Wuthering Heights and Lizie Wan. THe spiritual process in operation in the world that create the collapse of erotic relationships (developing within brother sister relationships) such cultural deterioration in the spiritual sphere finalize with the collapse of the physical molecular environment with the killing off of humanity, that is the human body and the human soul, and as such human souls no longer participate in the world along spiritual processes via nuclear bomb explosions found in Breathing. THese lines of theme and thought could be apparent with kate Bush’s Wuthering HEights, Ballad of Lizie Wan and Breathing and further expands with Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes.
    The spiritual collapse of the societal mores and mythology seem to be present in Wuthering Heights and the Ballad of Lizie Wan. And this further worsens to the actual destruction of the planet with Breathing’s videos visuals of nuclear bomb explosions bringing on the apocalypse. THe molecular dimension of the end of humanity, that is in Breathing. Yet it seems the apocalypse process of this sort actually goes into cause and effect operation back in the 1800s with the brother/sister incestuous relationships of Wuthering heights and Lizie Wan.

  11. Harry Horton

    Sorry for the screw up in the previous post involving the part I and part II brother/sister incestuous info. the section should read: part I. Wuthering Heights: Brother/ sister incestuous theme or situation —-> Lizie Wan: Brother sister/incestuous situation.
    The part II. Lizie Wan: Pregnancy that actualizes not with a child being born into earthly life. —-> Breathing: Pregnancy that actualizes not with a chikd being born into earthly life.

    With the above schematic relating of info>>>>>The brother/sister incestuous situation is nonexistent from the content of kate Bush’s Breathing. That is kate Bush’s lyrics and video visuals from Breathing have no brother/sister incestuous relationship. Yet like Lizie Wan Breathing does have the pregnancy not actualizing with a child being born into earthly life. The birth of the child appears to be post apocalyptic is actualization. Which could mean a birth elsewhere in the universe beside the nuclear bomb destroyed earth. And with that a new advanced human soul in some form.

  12. Harry Horton

    One last comment on this topic. THere are two facets and dimensions to Wuthering Heights that stand out in significance. (1) Cathernine Earnshaw grows up in the Wuthering HEights household as a child and when she reaches the age of a young lady she essentially does what every other English girl would do at that time: She moves out of her childhood home and marries a man in the culture (in this case, Edgar Linton), and becomes husband and wife with the opportunity of a family to come into being. This action of hers is simply standard and the norm in England, during that time. (2) Sociologists have long stated that the family unit is the basic cultural institution upon which the other cultural institutions are based upon and built upon. If something goes wrong or off center in the family unit, the society’s social institutions will crumble also.
    It is interesting that in Wuthering Heights these two areas are well present and illustrated by Emily Bronte. Even though admittedly and obviously EMily Bronte has infused much more into the Wuthering Heights story, like the true bedrock erotic relationship that exists is with Cathy and Heathcliff and thus the true erotic attachments are originating within the Wuthering Heights household commencing when Cathy and Heathcliff are children.
    But in any case, the above content is additional content on the issue, of Emily Bronte’s genius, that the simple straightforward moving from the childhood household to a marriage at another household with the opportunity for Edgar and Cathy to create a family and new societal institution of work, and community involvement, is simply present in the Bronte novel. Yet such healthy direction is fraught with vicious emotional destruction of its participants, Heathcliff, Edgar, Catherine and Isabella ect., and failure because the true erotic attachment of Catherine and Heathcliff share. Its imtersting, because this erotic attachment between Heathcliff and Catherine also, by no means of destructive intent on their part, but the erotic attachment also destroys this normal movement of Catherine to leave the childhood household and its familial love attachment, and start a family of her own—as with Linton. So the normal progression to create a future in the community occurs in the novel yet this action and direction falls apart. Which Bronte thus introduces, cultural institutions, marriages, future work and families, are getting in serious trouble when marriage fails as with Catherine and Edgar. And this theme gets expanded by kate Bush further into her video “Breathing” where everything, eventually, the whole environment falls apart also.
    On another line of thought, there are four articles from the internet that relate the unusual and baffling nature of earthquake activity in the Central U.S. and world for that matter, which could fortell a Tori Amos little earthquake falling apart of the world when larger quakes get into the picture. THe four articles are: (1) Arkansas quake swarms rattled nerves, raised quetions.” CNN Alan Duke May 27, 2013. A quote: “THe chances of so many tremblors in the region in such a short time are “powerball kind of odds” Ausbrook said. “What was unusual was to have four different areas in the state to be active in the same week.” End quote. (2) “FLorida Keys and Cuba rattled by rare earthquake.” Miami Herald, January 2014. A very unusual intraplate earthquake in in the northern coastal waters above Cuba is what this report is about. A good TV video relating is present in the article. (3) “FOur at once: volcano quartet erupts on Kamchatka” Speigelonline. “Given that volcano experts don’t believe that the four volcanos are being fed from the same magma source, the paralell eruption would seem to be the equivalent of winning the lottery.” End quote. November 27 2012 unusual in unison four volcano eruption in kamchatka, is what this article is about.(4) “Bizarre 2012 earthquake signals birth of world’s newest tectonic plate.” The April 2012 off coast of northwest Sumatra 8.0+ quake that is so unusual in so many attributes the geologist say a 1 in a million chance of it happening is the norm. yet it happened. Needless to say the article it totally replete with the unusual and non standard seismic happenings and geological features that inhabit this area of the world and once again another intraplate earthquake of strike slip variety that contributes to the highly unusual nature and rarity of occurrence of the quake. Also the 3.3 September 28, 2012 North Dakota quake: Williston North Dakota and the May 2013, 8.3 Sea of Okhotsk earthquake, deepest ever recorded with again unusual characteristics are two more areas to throw in. A video: “Huge Earthquake strikes Russia’s Far east” Has actual footage of the Sea of Okhotsk quake rattling a municipal office in Kamchatka with an interview with a police official.
    Whether these quakes are signs of new birth of the human soul, that one finds possibly communicated by Tori Amos as she crouches in her wooden box, the womb the box could symbolically represent, such wooden box on her cover album Little Earthquakes, T. Amos is ready to be born in the future after the earthquakes whether little or eventually large have destroyed humanity in apocalyptic fashion, from nuclear testing bomb explosions of the 20th century’s latter half—is still an issue to be resolved. And Kate Bush and tori AMos could have introduced this issue int heir music as the previous February 2014 H. Horton comments have related.

  13. Harry Horton

    One last thought on Kate Bush, and the pregnancy subject in her early songs and the apocalyptic theme. I n regards to the previous posts on the pregnancy issue I left out one more pregnancy: Wuthering Height’s Catherine Earnshaw and Edgar Linton had a pregnancy that actualized as the birth of a child in earthly life. Her name Catherine Linton. What is real interesting about this pregnancy and birth of Catherine Linton, in regards to kate Bush’s other pregnancy songs and TOri Amos’ Little earthquakes in consideration, it is the only pregnancy that definitely actualized with the birth of a child into earthly life. THe following songs: (2) kate Bush , Ballad of Lizie Wan (3) Kate Bush: Breathing–these kate Bush songs had pregnancies that did not actualize into the birth of a child into earthly life. Finally (4) Tori AMos creates the image of herself as a fetus in a womb ready to be born as conveyed on the cover of her debut album: “Little earthquakes” relates. She as the fetus if crouching in the interior of the wooden box, the wooden box represents the womb, and this pregnancy situation occurs in the outer environment of little earthquakes happening across the earth. The Tori AMos image as such is based on the earlier Kate Bush The Kick Inside album cover imagery. THis album cover imagery has Kate Bush as the fetus in the womb (wooden box). So the Tori AMos little earthquakes album cover imagery is the 4th pregnancy, that most likely will not be actualized as a child born into earthly life,—-a characteristic shared with Lizie Wan and Breathing’s pregnancy subject areas.
    THe unusual facet of the Wuthering Heights pregnancy of Catherine Earnshaw, is that it occurs in customary and normal progression of steps and cultural institutional circumstances. THat is Catherine Earnshaw goes out and marries Edgar, once the marriage is established and pregnancy occurs and a child is born. Yet in the novel this customary and normal progression of usual and sane circumstances is portrayed as peripheral and sketchy, that is off to the side to the real central subject area: The erotic attraction between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff that predominated at another domicile: Wuthering Heights. THis fact is highly interesting in that it states, the normal and healthy societal more & societal instituion of a woman getting married and giving birth to a child that constitutes the future of the culture for the following generation, –this situation is beginning to get in trouble and diminish, and as a result, the volatile and violent upheaval of the erotic attraction between the resemblant brother and sister incestuous relationship, of Catherine and Heathcliff takes over in centrality and predominance, and ends with no pregnancy or birth between them, and eventually both lovers torn apart by Catherine’s death. So this incestuous like erotic attraction takes over the whole substance of Catherine and Heathcliff’s life. ANd most importantly, and significantly, the normal domestic English life of marriage and child raising, that is centered at Thrushcross grange with Edgar and Catherine’s union, gets tossed to the periphery and its customary central societal place begins to disappear and along with it, its situation represents in the future the mooring roots of the culture diminish off and disappear, with marriage and family diminishing.
    The result of this in regards to kate Bush’s and Tori AMos’ pregnancy songs: (1) Wuthering Heights: A pregnancy actualizes with a birth of a child in earthly life. And occurs in the sketchy periphery of the novel’s plot and substance, as if to say this central conventional institution (marriage and family) such societal more is getting in trouble and disappearing in central regards to society. Form the cultural scene(2) Kate Bush’s Lizie Wan – actual brother sister incestuous situation with no pregnancy actualizing with a birth of a child. (3) Breathing: no actualization of the pregnancy actualizing with the birth of a child. (4) Tori AMos Little earthquakes album cover- Tori represents a pregnancy also that does not actualize in the birth of a child. (2)< (3) and (4) are pregnancies that do not actualize in birth of a child. And with this in mind most significantly, Wuthering Heights with its actualized birth of a child happens in early 1800s, Lizie Wan is mid to late 1800s, and Breathing nuclear bomb content is contained in latter half 20th century, and Little earthquakes if the little earthquakes are nuclear testing damage induced, is latter half 20th century and first quarter 21st century. So there is a time progression with these enumerated areas of kate Bush and Tori Amos, with the normal birth of a child occurring at the earliest period of time–in Wuthering Heights in early 1800s. After this Wuthering Heights early 1800s child birth event of Catherine Linton: All the following above cited K. Bush and T. Amos three works come in sequence at later time periods and with that time progression the pregnancies do not actualized in births of a child. Nuclear bomb effects appear with the (3) and (4) areas of kate Bush and Tori AMos within the time sequence.
    One scary note on earthquake activity in the western U.S. and midwestern U.S. is the fact the following scientific data could show that serious nuclear testing damage originating from the Nevada nuclear testing grounds has expanded and spread across the western U.S. into the midwestern U.S. triggering off earthquake swarms in the Raton Basin (2001 earthquake swarm commenced earthquake swarm activity in the Raton Basin) as well as later in 'Texas DFW area OCtober 2008' and 'April 2009 in OKlahoma with earthquake swarms' there. The following video: "Yellowstone's supervolcano to Blow" Chris Muller Mar, 16, 2011. CNN News relates that Yellowstone with its unusual ground swelling ( a feature that developed at Long Valley also in the 1980s), comes along with Yellowstone is now operating with the potential to destroy the whole western U.S.–a current volcanic and seismic status that is in place today. A good video to watch. And raises the issue: has nuclear testing damage underground moved into the Yellowstone area with these changes in Yellowstone's status as the video goes into. And thus Kate Bush's Breathing, and Tori AMos' earthquakes seem to permeate the essence of this video and the earthquake happenings in the Raton Basin and midwestern U.S. for that matter. The following article: "Study of waste water induced seismicity in the Raton Basin" gives extensive geological information of the Raton basin and describes the initial unusual appearing earthquake swarm in the year 2001 that occurred int he Raton Basin of extreme southeastern Colorado. Occurring, About twenty years after the Long Valley earthquake swarms of 1978. THe raton basin is about five to six hundred miles eastward of Long Valley and any nuclear testing damage could take twenty years to spread into the Raton Basin and hence trigger off the earthquake swarm of 2001 there. And later the damage reaches in 2008 and 2009 into Texas and Oklahoma. Another time progression commencing from Long Valley and the Nevada nuclear sites in 1978. And the issue does kate Bush's Breathing and Tori Amos' Little earthquakes capture these harrowing happenings in the subject areas of their songs.

  14. Harry Horton

    There are some further thoughts on the nuclear bomb explosion, most likley nuclear testing damage induced apocalypse that will wipe out earth’s human population and with it human spiritual existence on earth, as Kate Bush’s video Breathing appears to express. SOme further items on the Kate Bush Breathing video’s visual scenes, some interesting facts can be ascertained. (1) there are no armies, jets dropping nuclear bombs on opposing armies and populations in the videos. This fact suggests there are no nuclear war conditions present in which nuclear bomb explosions can be found, in the Breathing video visuals, and this fact moves the next issue into center: the only logical condition that nuclear bomb explosions can bring on the apocalypse is from nuclear testing. Because the only area nuclear bomb explosions have occurred with high frequency and massive destuctive impact is undergound beneath the nuclear testing sites of Nye COunty Nevada. Over 900 nuclear bomb explosions have pounded away at the same geological underground terrain for near fifty years 1945-1992, in southwest Nevada. One striking image from K. Bush’s video Breathing that could relate & amplify this fact is the image of a nuclear explosion —where nuclear explosion cloud sucks back into the ground. As if to say the central harrowing destructive effects of any nuclear bomb explosions that will bring on any future apocalypse will take place underground. The nuclear bomb explosion occurs underground and with that fact designates that the nuclear explosion is nuclear testing oriented & originated. Since nuclear testing occurs underground. The white lab coat technicians that run scientific tests on the nuclear testing site grounds, whether surface as well as underground structures, rooms buildings ect.—checking out radiation effects and nuclear contamination. The white lab coat technicians in Breathing could be such testing site personel. No soldiers, jet pilots, armies or devastated populations and nations exist in the Breathing video where armies and destructive nuclear bomb explosions wreak havoc.. Only the white lab coat personel of the Breathing video are present with any relation to nuclear bomb explosions. So the major meaning of kate Bush’s Breathing video is that nuclear testing’s underground nuclear bomb explosions will be the major area that will bring on the future apocalypse, the wiping out of humanity. And the fetus ,in Breathing, will be born in a post apocalypse environment. Most likely on another planet as an advanced form of futuristic human soul. This theme continues later with Tori amos’ Little earthquakes song and album cover.
    Thus there are three sets of brother sister situations in Kate Bush’s first songs. The two brother sister situations in Wuthering Heights. Cathy and heathcliff emerging in a brother sister structure though not genetically related, still their childhood and into adult hood is along the strucutral lines of a brother sister relationship. (2) Edgar and isabella Linton are an actual brother sister condition that becomes intertwined in marriages to the cathy and Heathcliff brother sister structural replationship of Wuthering Heights. (3) Lizie Wan has an actual incestuous brother sister realtionship at the center of the Lizie Wan ballad. BTW< Lizie Wan is more concordant with Wuthering Heights as a ballad story, since 1776 was the date Lizie Wan appeared to the world in the form of a ballad. Wuthering Heights is a story that could have occurred anywhere from mid – 1700s until early 1800s, though the early 1800s appear to be the most likely time period Wuthering Heights is set within.
    One further significant area that relates the possibility of nuclear testing damaged earthquakes that will eventually grow so prevalent and large that such a condition will bring on an apocalypse–the following song by Crosby Stills and Nash could easily relate such a futuristic terrifying apocalyptic event. The CSN&Y song: Deja Vu. Deja Vu has two significant themes within it that relates the coming apocalypse. (1) Theme 1 as such is the reincarnation of the human soul, as the human soul comes into existence on the earthly planet, such reincarnation as a central spiritual process will conclude and be no more, is an because an earthquake riven destruction of earth will occur bringing on an apocalypse, ending the existance of human souls within the human soul spiritual processes on earth. (2) Thus the lyrics from Deja Vu, "whats going on under the ground" which means that something unusual is happening under the ground. A situation that is starkly the same as Tori Amos' Little earthquakes since Little earthquakes are going on under the ground. And the apocalypse will emerge from whats going on undergorund, since destcutive earthquakes come from underground areas. Also the CSN&Y lyric "whats going on down under you" also refers to potential massive apocalyptic effects going on down under the ground. A quick side note, CSN&Y were signed to the Atlantic record label in the 1960s when they put out Deja Vu. Tori AMos was signed to Atlantic throughout the 1980s until she released her first album in 1992 with another label: Little earthquakes. But in any case, the CSN&Y Deja Vu song relates the lyrics: We have all been here before" which is a recognition that we as human souls coming into the world have all been human souls in previous lifetimes here on earth. And as, Participants on the wheel of birth and rebirth , that is reincarnation. But CSN&Y sings of this reincarantion wheel as being in trouble and maybe ending if what goes on under the ground, becomes lethal to humankind's existance. So the wheel of reincarnation theme in CSN&Y's Deja Vu is synomous to the pregnancies that do not come into existance in Kate Bush's Lize Wan ballad and Breathing. Because ithe pregnancies do not actualize in the birth of a worldy child, then the reincarnation process, does not take place. Because with Kate Bush, pregnancies of Lizie Wan and Breathing is the same as –separate human souls–coming into the world. And their existance into the world is within the spiritual processes as the reincarnation process. That is as CSN&Y states, on another time round the wheel–evidently such wheel being the reincarnation wheel of brith and rebirth where any pregnant human soul is usually destined for. Yet the K. Bush pregnancies of Lizie Wan and Breathing do not come into the world and as souls do not come into the wheel of reincarnation, the deja vu phenomena of humna soul spiritual existance.(2) The what is going on under the ground, this CSN&Y lyric is the same phenomena as Tori Amos's Little earthquakes. Because Tori Amos little earthquakes will become larger earthquakes and bring on the apocalypse and CSN&Y are most likely referring to this in their lyrics in Deja Vu: Whats going on down under you.
    So there is some similarities between the kate Bush and Tori Amos subject areas in their songs as mentioned above –such similarities matching the CSN&Y Deja Vu song's attributes.
    One further note, my ancestors William Horton and sarah Horton of Barkisland West Yorkshire were involved in brother sister marriage to the Gledhill family int he mid 1600s. Emily Bronte was a denizen of West Yorkshire also, like the Gledhills and Hortons, that is she being from Haworth West Yorkshire. THus since my ancestors the Hortons of West Yorkshire and Brontes of West Yorkshire, both families being territorial close to each other, the possibility the brother sister marriages of the Gledhills and Hortons of 1656 could have been an inspirtaion and model for E. Bronte's Wuthering Heights. The following web site: "GLedhill Genealogy- THe Geldhill family" relate more specifics on this brother sister marriage. A quote from the near opening middle page area of the web site: "John Geldhill gentleman, was married to Sarah Horton by license on October 11, 1656. He was the builder of Barkisalnd Hall and was the son of THomas Geldhill. On the same day in the same church of England at Elland his sister Elizabeth Gledhill married William Horton, Gentlemen of Barkisland."End quote. I have laways wondered whether 'this marriage day' of the Horton brother and sister to a repsective Gledhill brother and sister could have been the matrimonial event that Emily Bronte drew from, to construct her Wuthering Heights story with the marriages of heathcliff to Isabella Linton , Isabella , that is, sister of edgar Linton. And also Edgar Linton to Cathy earnshaw. Cathy earnshaw a sister like figure to Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights. The Hortons of West Yorkshire were denizens in the same area Emily Bronte was. Also the Hoguhtons of West Yorkshire resided there too. Shakespeare in his adolescence could have stayed with the Houghtons at Hougton towers which were the Houghton branch that was in lancaster in the 1500s. The Yorkshire Houghtons would be related to this group of Lancaster Houghtons. Thats another story. Yet Kate Bush had a strong emotional affinity to these west Yorkshire influences via her love of Wuthering Heights.

  15. Harry Horton

    A further analysis on Kate Bush’s fundamental spiritual facets and processes indigenous to the pregnancy subjects in the four songs of hers that emerged early off in her career. That is in the time period 1978-1980, she began her career in 1978. The four songs: (1)Wuthering Heights, with a pregnant Catherine Earnshaw giving birth to a child Cathy Linton, followed by (2)The Kick Inside(Ballad of Lizie Wan which contains a pregnancy of Lizie Wan by her brother, (3)Room for Life which introduces pregnancy as the central subject, and then later on her album Never for Ever, (4)Breathing which also relates a pregnancy within a world beset by nuclear bomb explosion detrimental effects that could lead to the apocalypse, that is the destruction of humanity.
    The significant facet of the pregnancy issue, is that within the over riding spiritual domains of life —–pregnancy is one major phenomena & component of these spiritual processes and operations. In other words, a birth of a child in the world is the same as the birth of a human soul into the reincarnation cycle, —–that is the wheel of birth and rebirth with death interceding when the soul’s life is over. The major reason for this reincarnation cycle is for the newly born human soul to have an opportunity to work off karma, that is eliminating negative evils and currents within the human soul’s new born spiritual nature that comes from previous lifetime’s experiences. So this spiritual dimensions issue forth a really interesting approach to kate Bush’s earlier songs that have pregnancy, because all these early Kate Bush pregnancy songs are also the subject areas same and a like, that is, to human souls coming into life on the reincarnation cycle and to burn off karma. So when she sings of the Kick Inside, or Room for the life or Breathing with its fetus, these themes are synonomous to human souls already present in the reincarnation cycle of earth and with karmic debts arriving into life. What this means is, for one thing, the subject matter of the four Kate Bush songs related above are exactly the same as the reincarnation subject matter of the Crosby Stills and Nash Young Deja Vu reincarnation cycle subject that comprises a major part of their song.
    The Deja Vu song opens up with the lyrics: “If I had ever been in before I would probably notice what to do, don’t you/ If I had ever been in before on another time around the wheel…..” THe wheel they sing about is: wheel of reincarnation and it is introduced as the encompassing spiritul theme that predominates these Deja Vu song lyrics. as well as the rest of the song. THe next lyrics of CSN&Y further accent the reincarnation theme: “And I feel like I have been here before”. WHich is another way of saying I feel like I have had previous pastlifetimes, and thus I feel like I have been here before.” So this feeling of past lifetimes that an adult human soul experiences, is the same as the pregnancies of Kate Bush’s early songs, because the fetuses and potential human child are only items of the reincarnation processes and thus they have been here before on earth before they were born into current earthly life because their current birth is a segment of the previous lifetimes’ reincarnation processes. Essentially the fetus’s might as well say, and I feel like I have been here before, to use CSN&Y’s lyrical lines on reincarnation. Thus Kate Bush’s pregnancy subject matter of her songs in her early offerings is the same as Crosby stills Nash reincarantion processes in their song Deja Vu as related above.
    But what is even more interesting is the fact that since kate Bush and CSN&Y have the exact same spiritual process in their above listed songs, the reincarnation process that is, they also share, along with this reincarnation process the second major phenomena: (2) The nuclear bomb destruction induced apocalypse subject matter. The apocalypse that is that consists of earthquakes originating under the ground that will destory humanity. One of the pregnancy songs of Kate Bush, Breathing, expresses nuclear bomb explosion destruction that will destroy human life i.e. the apocalypse and destory with it the human soul spiritual incorporated reincarantion phenomena and cycle. And in CSN&Y’s Deja Vu the lyrics whose message related is the destruction of the planet by earthquakes originating from the underground: lyrics go as: “And you know it makes me wonder/whats going on under the ground” —“Do you know don’t you wonder/whats going on down under you.” THus the nuclear bomb explosions of Breathing and wondering whats going on under the ground with Deja Vu’s messages are also the same subject matter. Thar is, THe apocalypse presenting itself to human kind in the 20th and 21st centuries from nuclear testing. So the reincarnation theme and (2) nuclear bomb explosion induced earthquake apocalypose conditions are found in both kate Bush’s Breathing and CSN&Y’s Deja Vu. THirdly, Tori AMos’s Little Earthquakes album cover and song likewise has the reincarnation theme and earthquake riven apocalypse subject, these two subjects—are like CSN&Y’s Deja Vu subject content. And Amos’s Little earthquake themes are also like K. Bush’s Breathings nuclear bomb explsoion subjects. Little earthquakes are expressions of the apocalypse under way and the image on the Little earthquake cover of Tori Amos crouching in the wooden box is the fetus image and with that, the image also of the reincarnation process and karma burning off of the human soul’s inception into the earthly world or eslewhere in the universe. Additonally Tori Amos lyrics from “L. earthquakes” –“Give me life give me pain, give me myseflfagain” could expresss the human soul as a regular human being which may not be born from this pregnant fetus situation as displayed on the cover of L. earthquakes, but because of the earthquake riven apocalypse the cover imagery fetus may be born into the future as a futuristic human soul. THe human soul is immortal by the way, it cannot die.
    So the three songs: Kate Bush’ Breathing, CSN”Y’s Deja Vu, and Tori AMos’ Little earthquakes and her album cover —-all express the same major spiritual themes: THe human soul that is the fetus once extant in the world as a pregnancy, such human soul is participant in the reincarnation cycle and has a karmic debt when arriving as a human soul new born. Secondly the nuclear testing induced apocalypse is a present theme and could alter this reincarnation process. THese basic spiritual themes all comprise Breathing, deja Vu and Little earthquakes.
    Finally along these lines ifsthe matthew 24 chapter from the bible. Jesus Christ somewhere achieved an enormous development and presence of the holy spirit within his nature. WHether he was borm with it or developed it in his adolescence and early adult hood is a point for debate but nevertheless he achieved a large amount of the holy spirit in his nature. What this means is because of this large amount of the holy spirit in his nature, he achieved extensive knowledge of the spiritual processes and operations that the human soul would be participatory with in the future. And iN matthew 24 he relates evidently the harrowing essence of the apocalypse. Buts its interesting to what he says in matthew 24 on apocalypse, the destruction of the human soul. He states famines and earthquakes will comprise the apocalypse–these features are present in Tori AMos’s Little earthquakes, and CSN’Y’s deja vu as out right subjects in their songs that comprise the apoclaypse. And though earthquakes are not present or central to K. Bush’s Breathing, by implication, earthquakes too are present on the periphery subject areas of her Breathing subject matter. Earthquakes that is could result from nuclear bomb explosion effects that would comprise the apocalypse, such nuclear bomb explosions present in K. Bush’s Breathing. Secondly in regards to the matthew 24 passage. Jesus’s statment these are birth pains—the birth pains of a new human soul. And a new human soul is in Kate Bush’s Breathing and, secondly a new human soul is related on TOri Amos’s L. earthquakes album cover with the fetus of of newly emerging human soul related with T. Amos as the fetus in the wooden box which is a womb. THe brith pains of a new advnaced futuristic human soul thus is related in Breathing and L. Earhtquakes album cover and such birth pains is the same thing Jesus talks about in Matthew 24 with his lines: But these are but birth pains Jesus says. THe birth of new human soul once the earthquake riven apocalypse wipes out humanity is what Jesus states as also Breathing and deja Vu relates. So there is also a very potent similarity of the Matthew 24 apocalypse passage with the same content in k Bush’s Breathing, Tori AMos’ L. Earthquakes and CSN&Y’s Deja Vu. All within the overriding spiritual process of reincarnation and karma burning off phenomena.

  16. Harry Horton

    Some further thoughts on Kate Bush and the apocalypse theme and pregnancy subject matter in her earlier songs. Kate Bush could introduce the concept that spiritual processes and operations rule the world and the scientific operations and processes, are only a subcomponent part of the over all wider spiritual processes that govern the destiny of the immortal human soul that is participatory in such spiritual processes in earthly life. Her songs Wuthering Heights and the Kick Inside, which have pregnancies inherent in their story content, could be important for the following reasons. The human soul and the myth, mores of the English culture are getting into trouble, dimisnishing, and evaporating off, as the start of the apocalypse. These two songs could relate these features. An apocalypse that starts and is embodied within the dictates of spiritual process operations, that is. Wuthering HEights, where the normal proceeding of family life of Cathy with either Heathcliff or Edgar fails, and with THe Kick Inside/Ballad of Lizie Wan, the brother and sister incestuous relationship results in murder of the fetus and Lizie Wan as well as family failings. The family spiritual essence, its, situation, fails and with the subject matter of these two songs, the human soul’s participation in the mythological world around it, also starts to diminish and recede and disappear. THe most fascinating statement that one can make about this is: WOuld the Wuthering Heights and the kick Inside be an expression of spiritual activities of its characters expressive of an ending of western civilisation and the later subsequent nuclear testing damaged induced earthquake activity, the final and real apocalypse such nuclear testing damage brings on –this harrowing event being —-only a constituent part —-of the major spiritual processes and operations involving the human soul, that first were earlier expressive in Wuthering Heights and the Kick Inside/Ballad of Lizie Wan that had murder, incest in Lizie Wan, and Catherine Earnshaw’s inability to proceed along a cultural line of marriage, family and with it her family being a the contributory embodiment to the future generations of the English people. So the real apocalypse its major essence is taking place with Wutherin Heights and Lizie Wan. In the subsequent Kate Bush song Breathing, the actual molecular destruction of the human race is only the final capping off of the already long run apocalypse conditions that stem back to 1776 with Lizie Wan and the early 1800s Wuthering Heights. That is the spiritual conditions that are negative that comprise the apocalypse conditions beginning to emerge in the stories of Wuthering Heights and Lizie Wan This is an area that makes Kate Bush real interesting. Because as a genuine artist as she looks into herself for the current day genuine artisitc truths, on a subconscious basis, she manages to convey the harrowing truth, which being the forces of the apocalypse have been present steaming along even since the 1700s with Lizie Wan and later in the early 1800s Wuthering Heights. So the nuclear testing damage apocalypse is an event that is contained in these spiritual forces that express itself in earthly human life, and such spiritual forces with their destructive and negative effects are in place & active in the 1770s and early 1800s with and within Wuthering Heights and Lizie Wan. Thus Wuthering heights and Lizie Wan have pregnancies as a prominent subject area in their stories. ANd that also is same to say: the pregnancies are the human soul as a spiritual item found in the reincarnation cycle and the karma burning off processes , such spiritual processes in Wuthering Heights nd Lizie Wan. So with this, the bedrock fundamental spiritual process; the reincarnation cycle and the karma buring off process inherent in such reincarnation cycle is now in question and could die out too. If that is the case the human soul as a human being within these age old spiritual processes will cease to be & exist in the near future. so where off —-for the immortal human soul at this point?THus the Rollo May principle is present in the above content of this correspondence. The current day world is dying out, and the new world has not been born yet. Love and Will the Rollo May work delves into this area. The question is, thus as Kate Bush, Tori Amos and CSN&Y relate, if the current western civilisation is dying out, it will not only be a cultural dying out but the molecular physcial self the human body will die out also. Its not going to be as simple as the dying out of the middle ages, which had overriding spiritual forces involved in the end of the middle ages, but human beings in their corpeal state of being survived its dying out. That may not be the case this time. The Barbara Tuchman book: A Distant Mirror addresses this issue additionally.
    I don’t think Kate Bush consciously set out to put these themes in her songs, but on an interesting subconscious basis such themes and subjects have emerged within her song’s content. Which makes it even more fascinating.
    Neverthe less the earthquake activity in the U.S. has gotten harrowing and even downright terrifying in my view. Because the follwing major areas are not getting addressed. (1) the first significant abrupt change in a stable geological profile of a U.S. system was at Long Valley Calif. volcanic fields in 1978-1980 with the rising caldera floor and earthquake swarms going into the 10,000s of quakes. This early abrupt change at Long Valley’s geological system occurred right next to the Nevada nuclear testing grounds and this situation then brings on the issue that nuclear testing damage simply could have created the unusual earthquake swarm conditions at Long Valley with the volcano floor risings. THus this situation introduces the major factor: nuclear testing damage down through the years simply expanded out from the—–“LOng vAlley/Nevada nuclear testing site areas—–into other geological systems. The Yellowstone dangerous caldera floor rising and earthquake swarms with quakes in the 10,000 number range that struck over two winters since 2009, these unusual Yellowstone events simply could have been created by an expanding underground nuclear testing damage that expanded out from the Nevada nuclear testing grounds of Nye county Nev into Yellowstone. And later in texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and now Kansas, the same unusual earthquake swarms too could be created by Nevada nuclear testing site damage expanding into these midwestern States, that came in 2008/09 initially to these midwestern states. The LOng Valley earthquake situation, The Yellowstone impending volcano destruction situation, and the midwestern U.S. earthquake situation, all could point to potential future apocalypse conditions if the quakes and expanding nuclear testing damage worsens. And there is nothing at this point saying that the worsening will stop. Such conditions are related in Kate Bush’s Breathing and Tori AMos Little earthquakes. Today a video came out on the internet on Kansas earthquake emergences on March 12, 2014. The news story video: “2 more quakes reported in Harper County” Mar 12, 2014 Wed 6:32 p.m. Interviews with people that experienced these mysterious quakes is in the video report. Yet had Kate Bush and Tori Amos along with CSN&Y supplied the valuable information of the nature and origins of these earthquakes in their songs: Breathing, Little earthquakes, and Deja Vu. That could be.

  17. Harry Horton

    One more recap on the apocalypse theme and a futuristic new human soul coming into the universe in the future. The album covers of Kate Bush: Kick Inside, and Tori Amos Little earthquakes, both albums are debut albums for the two women. Both covers convey pregnancies, that is new human souls trying to be born somewhere in the universe. But also the album covers could might as well indicate a new age for such ‘to be human souls of some type’ that will be born. A new era and age to supplant the current dying out old world of western civilisation, the two debut album covers of Kate Bush and Tori Amos represent.
    Tori Amos’ Little earthquakes could be essentially the apocalypse conditions that end human life on earth as we know it. THus the little earthquakes are the same conditions of Kate Bush’s Breathing’s nuclear testing destructive effects that —intitially emerge and thus originate—–the apocalypse conditions. Such apocalypse conditions continue on subsequently as little earthquakes that pop up around the nuclear testing areas such as Long Valley, Yellowstone and the midwestern U.S.
    The fetus image of Tori Amos on Little earthquakes is based on the fetus image of Kate Bush’s Kick Inside album cover. Both women are contained in a wooden box(Which act as a womb) that is on the front cover of both albums. In the Kick Inside album cover, the fetus is diretly related to Lizie wan, the incestuous borther and sister, pregnancy. And from there a second pregnancy in Breathing occurs with that pregnancy not actualizing as current human being, like the Lizie Wan pregnancy. So the Kick Inside (Ballad of Lizie Wan) pregnancy actualizes not as child being born in the world. And the pregnancy of Breathing and the Tori Amos Little earthquakes cover imagery which have pregnancies, like Lizie Wan, these two pregnancies of Kate bush’s Breathing and L. earthquakes album cover do not actualize as human children being born in the world. Which leaves the issue, where do the fetus souls of Breathing and Little earthquakes cover imagery with Tori Amos actualize as births. In a new age,?, a Brave New World that is, perhaps in the future on a futuristic planet. THus the Kick Inside album cover imagery pregnancy subject along with the Tori Amos Little earthquake pregnancy album cover imagery can be combined with the following Rollo may quote from Rollo May’s Courage to Create: [page 1] – We are living at a time when one age is dying and the new age is not yet born. We cannot doubt this as we look about us to see the radical changes in sexual mores, in marriage styles, in family structures….] the quote from the web site: “THe Courage to Create by Rollo may, an evolution of….”
    In other words the pregnancies are symbolic of either our current age dying and the births that Kate Bush and Tori Amos’ give to the universe from their pregnancies are the essence of the new age being born. Being born from the dying out old human being era that was afflicted with cultural institution deaths. The most salient symbol of the cultrual institution death of the current human being race, with Kate Bush’s Kick Inside cover pregnancy image in consideration, the fact,, is the pregnancy that did not come into the world as a human being in the Lizie Wan pregnancy imagery conveyed on the Kick Inside album cover imagery.. The Brother Sister marriage or relationship that created the pregnancy was also an statement that the cultural institution of the family and marriage broke down and died out to an extent. And the album cover of Kate Bush’s Kick Inside used the Lizie Wan incestuous pregnancy is to signify that the fetus was either to die or be born into the future in a new age as ROllo may states. kate Bush and Tori Amos left the issue hanging in a sense with their two album covers.
    In any case, the Spiritual Notebook page 181 relates the dying out or the earth from nuclear testing’s weakening of the earth’s interior. The book states: earthquakes will cause large portions of the earth’s surface to collapse, sink inwardly, with the result: the apocalyptic killing off of humanity. The following video off the internet, a news story video from CBS MOrning News in eerie fashion appears to assert such a potential future happening. THe news story: “Kansas sinkhole swallows pasture, Keeps on growing [video] *INQUISITR* August 3, 2013. A massive giant sinkhole in a western Kansas county literally appears over night and swallows up pasture land iresulting in the 200 foot deep sinkhole. Video coverage is included in the video report. Another article: “Governor & Scientists studying state quakes” The Ada News, more recent activity on the study of the Oklahoma earthquakes. THirdly, “Is the recent increase in felt earthquakes in the central U.S> Natural or manmade?” USGS> Another article: “The Startling increase in earthquakes across the US. is “almost certainly mandmade.” The Watchers. With the pregnancy subject found on Tori Amos’s Little earthquake cover, the nuclear testing apocalyptic feature of little earthquakes is present also on the album cover along with the pregnancy subject. And Likewise, in Kate Bush’s Breathing video visuals, the apocalypse nuclear testing attributes too are present with the pregnancy. Tori Amos relies on Lize Wan pregnancy imagery for her Little earthquakes cover imagery for bringing in the new world and thus Tori Amos relates the apocalypse features back to the 1770s to the pregnancy that did not come into earthly life, because of the incestuous relationship of brother ans sister, doomed the pregnancy to a fetal death. And the same could be said for the whole human race in Little earthquakes subject matter and Kate Bush’s Breathing messages, with the apocalypse subject and themes in their two songs.

  18. Harry Horton

    Still chewing along on the reincarnation theme and the apocalypse subject in Kate Bush’s early pieces in her career 1978-1980. trying to communicate accurately the significant points: the significant meaning of the pregnancies subjects of Lizie Wan/kick inside, wuthering heights, and Breathing and Room for life, is the pregnancies are the same as the reincarnation cycle of birth and rebirth subject matter. And the reincarnation theme thus is presented in these four songs at kate bush’ career outset. Secondly, the reincarnation process is in trouble with the songs “Lizie Wan/kick inside” and Breathing, and adding in TOri Amos little earthquake cover with that subject. Because the pregnancies are not delivering children at birth, this means the reincarnation cycle is not taking its purposeful direct process and completion. Since children are not being born into the world with this process. this could signify that the reincarnation process is dying and with it human souls cease to exist within this very important spiritual reincarnation process. The wheel of birth and rebirth the reincarnation wheel is called, and lo and behold in Kate Bush’s early songs on pregnancies, the subject of birth is introduced and present with the pregnancy songs. And with that the wheel of birth and rebirth too is present and indigenous to the pregnancy subject as one and the same. That is in the Kate Bush songs: Wuthering Heights, Ballad of Lizie wan/Kick Inside, and Breathing, Room for Life.. And additionally in Tori Amos Little earthquakes cover imagery which suggest a pregnancy as she is a fetus in the womb, the womb being the cubicle wodden box. She copied the imagery from Kate Bush’s debut album THe Kick inside with the same wooden boz imagery and fetus subject.
    So with kate Bush and the pregnancy subject matter songs, this might as well be the reincarnation cycle subject matter songs. And with that appearance the bedrock fundamental spiritual process reincarnation, is getting into trouble, inadequate, for the incoming being born human soul into the world, because birth of the human soul into earthly life does not take place in some of the songs: THe kick Inside and Breathing.
    ALong these lines turning to Tori Amos and CSN&Y”s deja vu, part of the reincarnation process is burning off karma. THus a reincarnating human soul born into life will have karmic conflicts and the result of these karmic conflicts the human soul is at risk fro repeating the same previous karmic mistakes over again in the subsequent lifetime and thus generating more karma. Instead of working the karma off. This creation of karma or working it off, is a process inherent in the reincarnation cycle. CSN&Y’s Deja vu video visuals of one of their video and T. AMos’ Little earthquakes lyrics relate the karmic patterns and negative essence being repeated again. THe old wise saying: “History repeats itself” is another way of saying nations and people, such as with wars, simply repeat old karmic mistakes intheir present lifetime. THe Crosby Stills and Nash & Young video: “Crosby, Stills, MNash & Young – Deja Vu (video) Neilyoungchannel” has a video segment that relates this karmic repeat phenomena. THe segment at 00:28-00:40 carries the quote: “We’re right back here again we got to turn this around.” The subject is about the Iraq war and how it is another version of the vietnam war and the uselessness of war to begin with. THe subject right back here again, is a statement of karma being repeated. And also a statement of the presence of the reincarnation subject also in the CSN”Y video visuals. This wierdly puts this statement on the similar grounds with kate Bush’s pregnancy videos and songs since reincarnation cycle too is present in those of her videos. So the repeat of karma in the CSN”Y deja vu video is synonomous to subject content in the Kate Bush pregnancy videos even though the Kate Bush videos are more illustrative of the reincarnation cycle predominantly. Yet even so karma subject is inherent in those pregnancy videos.
    Tori AMos Little earthquakes lyrics too carry the karma repeat phenomena also. THe lyrics of hers from Little earthquakes song goes as follows: “Oh these little earthquakes/—-*here we go again—–/these little earthquakes/doesn’t take much to rip us into pieces.” The key line is: Here we go again> which has the repeat of karma and the conflicts subject that is brought out as the prevailing subject in the lyrics. THus this T. Amos lyric is the same as the CSN&Y Deja Vu video statement: Here we go again: at the 00:28-00:40 mark. So in the deja vu video subject matter and the Tori AMos Little earthquake lyrics< the 'karma burning off principle' is present with these comparative examples. And this principle is part of the reincarnation cycle. (1)So the spiritual processes of reincarnation with the Fetus being born somewhere in the universe as related by and present on the Tori AMos Little earthquakes cover imagery. (2) The here we go again statement which relates the —–burning off of karma potentialities or presence of pastlifetime karma conflicts present in the Little earthquakes song—-as a principle of and a part of the reincarnation cycle. (3) Most significantly, the apocalypse is also a present subject in the, Tori Amos Little earthquakes song and album cover. SInce Little earthquakes denote apocalypse conditions developing most likely from nuclear testing activity. So these three areas all crop up in the Tori Amos Little earthquakes song and and the same areas are present in CSN&Y's Deja Vu and kate Bush's Breathing.
    One harrowing fact of the earthquake phenomena in the U.S. is the fact that in March 2012 in the town of Clintonville Wis. the boom sound so small little earthquakes emerged in March 2012. The following articles from the internet: "Earthqukae the cause of Wisconsins town's annoying booms?" March 22, 2012 NBC News has a report and video report ont his internet news site. Well once these booms appeared in a week or two later the monster quake in SUmatra's coastal waters occurred. The two web site stories carry those articles: "Why the 2012 Sumatra earthquake was a wierd one." Livescience July 20, 2012 Becky Oskin. A second story: "Powerful 8.6 magnitude earthquake triggers tsunami, but little damage" April 11, 2012 ABC NEWS Akiko . A video account is presented here. So the significance, the earthquakes in the midwestern U.S. such as at CLintonville are created most likely by the same underlying seismic forces that created the April Sumatra quake at 8.6 magnitude. Because both quake phenomena occurred right next to each other. Also other widespread earthquakes broke out in April at an unusual high number across the globe. THis fact presents Kate Bush's Breathing nuclear bomb explosion effects could be the underlying cause of all of this earthquake phenomana of March – April 2011 involving CLintonville and the SUmatra quake.

  19. Harry Horton

    The apocalypse theme in the music of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and CSN&Y could be valuable for getting at the origins of the current day unusual earthquake activity in the western U.S. and Midwestern U.S. that has developed particularly over the past 5 to six years. In any case,the following are news web stories on unusual earthquake activity in the U.S. The Timpson Texas area is one of numerous areas that have experienced unusual earthquake swarms that scientists are attempting to characterize and understand. The web story: “East Texas earthquakes may be man made” Feb 20, 2013. Stephen Parr. THis video account story is a good approach to the Timpson Texas earthquake swarms that have developed in the far eastern Texas county of Shelby (where TImpson is located). Shelby sits on the border with Louisiana. (2) a recent 4.4 earthquake struck Los Angeles. THe news story with video: “Los Angeles news anchor gets full earthquake face during the morning report” Kurt Schlosser. Today Entertainment. Also earlier in the past 7 days a 6.9 earthquake struck in the northern California coastal waters off of Eureka California north of California. And as that quake struck another quake struck north of Cuba in the ocean at a place where the unusual 5.1 quake struck in January about the same. Similar underlying seismic forces could have created both quakes So this has been some further unusual recent developments of earthquake activity in the U,.S.
    I decided to break down and analyze the Tori Amos Little earthquakes for further developing and elucidating the apocalypse and reincarnation theme in her music. And its relation to Kate Bush. What is interesting about her Little earthquakes album is that there are 4 major themes that occur in the L.Earthquakes album cover and song Little earthquakes. THe first theme – (1) the title and subject: little earthquakes could be a geological phenomena originating from nuclear testing induced apocalypse conditions. (2) Little earthquake album imagery introduces the reincarnation phenomena with the fetus subject. Tori Amos takes on the role of a fetus in a womb on the L.E. album cover(3) The L.E. lyrics: “Here we go again”-indicates the karma that emerges in the reincarnation of the life of a human soul. The emergence of karma conflicts and essences are embodied in the’ here we go again’ lyrics. (4) the laterL.E. lyrics: “give me life give me pain give me myself again” – a very interesting lyric, that I call the Brave New world savage lyrics-these lyrics introduce the possibility that the world could die out, and the lyrics state, Tori AMos’ wish to simply remain human, a human that has a regular human life with the pain of human life. THis meaning also draws into the picture a futuristic human soul and being that could be apparent if the little earthquakes become destructive and destroy the world. Leaving the humansoul to travel to a new planet in the future to actualize itself. So the two options for the human soul fetus with these above lyrics is: (1) being born as a regular human soul (2) Being born as a futuristic human soul, more spiritually advanced after the death of earth.
    Thus the Tori Amos Little earthquake album cover and song together draw all four of these varied attributes together in one area: The L.E. album cover imagery and the song Little Earthquakes. As one looks at the album the subject moves from apocalyptic earthquakes, to reincarnation cycle embodied in the Tori Amos fetus subject on the album cover imagery, transits to the third area, the “here we go again lyrics” karma conflicts in the reincarnation cycle thus these lyrics further deepen out the reincarnation cycle and completes the purpose of the reincarnation cycle. (4) The Brave New World lyrics— Give me life give me pain, give me myself again – these lyrics introduce the transition from a regular human soul to a post apocalyptic futuristic human soul. So there is full accounting and illustration of the apoclaypse theme, (2) the reincarnation theme, (3)karma conflict theme and (4)the futuristic human soul subject—all nicely interwoven in the Tori AMos Little earthquakes album cover and song Little earthquakes. All four areas come together and give the song and album cover a complete thorough in depth relating of the apocalypse theme of nuclear testing effects interwoven with the reincarnation theme and karma conflict presence along with the regular human being transiting to a futuristic human soul of advanced spiritual status somewhere in the universe. This accomplishment of TOri Amos is based upon and draws upon earlier similar subject renderings by kate Bush and CSN&Y. THe interesting thing about the Tori AMos lyrics: give me life, give me pain, give me myself again. is that it has the sentiments of the savage character in Brave New World by Aldulous Huxley. The term Brave New World originally comes from Shakepseare’s play the Tempest. In the Tempest Shakepseare states: How beautiful is mankind in a Brave new World. something to that effect. Not quite the original wording, though but the meaning is present. What this Shakesperian quote, the quote does relate, is the Brave New World consists of spiritual advanced people, the beautiful nature of mankind as the quote states, that the Brave New World offers for the futures. In the Tori Amos Little earthquakes song, Tori Amos wishes to put the brakes on the whole developing futuristic process by her simply saying just give me my regular human being life with all of its pain and with that give me my regular human being self, again. Interestingly the word again appears in the lyrics which has the reincarnation color to its presence in the lyrical line. WHich means if I am given my human being life and pain that goes along with it as well as my regular human being self this will be apart of the reincarnation process, such reincarnation process communicated in the word—again. Like the earlier T. Amos lyrics: “Here we go again” and the CSN&Y documentary statement quote: right back here again. All three agains have a reincarnation color to their essence.
    One further interesting facet of Kate Bush’s Ballad of Lizie Wan/Kick Inside is the subject of karma and karma’s function and place in the human soul’s life. Two facets can relate this karma issue. (1) Facet 1: Once a human being or human soul is living in life, such human soul is living also in the reincarnation cycle and karma producing actions or karma eliminating actions of a typical human soul’s spiritual life. THis presents one very simple feature. Say an adult human soul, simply commits an evil act and with it creates karma for himself during his life, that is during the revolution of his current day wheel of birth and death reincarnation cycle. THe significant thing –this occurs during the adult’s life and occurs most importantly after the birth of the adult human soul into earthly life. (2) Facet 2: Kate Bush presents a real interesting dimension to this above karma issue of (1)in Lizie Wan. The karmic act is basically singular at the time of pre birth with the fetus of Lizie Wan. The fetus is not born, but there is karma present with this situation, and as such the karma is the incestuous sex act and murder of the fetus and murder of Lizie Wan by her brother. So karma is very deep and prevalent and is present in the conditions of the Lize Wan pregnancy. Yet there is no karma that the fetus participates with during lifetime. The karma , reincarnation cycle are melded together, in a condition of arche or a condition of primeval quality that does not include a subsequent human life. So there is a return to man’s origins in a sense with Lizie Wan because the karma and reincarnation cycle are compact and one with the pregnancy with no earthly led life ahead for the human soul within the story of Lizie Wan. This means the origins of human kind thus are presented predominate with this situation and thus with this situation, such situation would not be too far away from the subject of the futuristic human soul too. Since no earthly life is for the fetus in Lizie Wan originally. Thus the coming of the futuristic new advanced human soul life could be a real looming actualization in the future to supplant the human life that disappears with such a situation –such a theme is present in Lizie Wan. Whether such human life disappears in a earthquake riven apocalypse or a fetus that is not born into earthly life. Both these latter conditions have no appearance of a human being, or rather that is a human life for the earthly life course with its reincarnation phenomena. And in reiterative vein, that is with it no appearance of the reincarnation cycle on earth as well as the burning off of karma on earth by a human soul. The primordial features of the reincarnation cycle and karma together are presented in Lizie Wan. And the reincarnation cycle and karma burning off during a human soul’s lifetime does not occur in Lizie Wan. So that is a relevant subject to the apocalypse themes as found in Breathing where the human life occurring with the fetus in that song is drawn into question. also A post Apocalypse birth could occur in Kate Bush’s Breathing that is similar to the Lizie Wan fetus in that a human birth does not occur in Breathing most likely.. And further more the Little earthquakes album cover where Tori Amos presents her self as the fetus in the womb, she being the fetus and the box the womb—this fetus imagery come from Kate Bush’s Ballad of Lizie Wan subject matter. And T. Amos combines it with the apocalypse conditions of Little Earthquakes. On the album cover.
    So the above a further breaking down of these apocalypse and reincarnation themes involving Kate Bush and T. Amos primarily. Which could hold relevance to the present day mysterious earthquake swarms in the U.S.

  20. Harry Horton

    Still chewing on the apocalypse and reincarnation subject matter in Kate Bush’s earlier pregnancy songs: Wuthering Heights, Lizie Wan, Breathing and Room for Life. One striking dimension to Kate Bush’ songs, her spiritual subjects that is, is that her songs and subjects are the same as Shakespeare in some major spiritual areas. The apocalypse and reincarnation themes, such major subject areas that are very present in shakespeare in the 1500s-1600 as well as in Kate Bush ‘s early songs in the 20th century. Not only that both Kate Bush and Shakespeare introduce the apocalypse together and intertwined with the reincarnation theme. Its an intersting facet of both Shakespeare and kate Bush most people do not realize. Because psychologically if one brought up the apocalypse, that is the end of the human race, in the 21st century to most people in this century the imagery thinking that would result primarily would be that we as humans living in the scientific era, would die. Human beings, our bodies would die and be no more. Yet it appears in the prescientific era with Shakespeare —–when Shakespeare introduces the apocalypse the resulting thinking is much different than the 21st century person. The environmental apoclaypse wipes out the reincarnation cycle that the human soul is requisite part and segment of—this is the essence of the apocalypse in Shakespeare’s time. In Kate Bush this intertwining of the apocalypse and the reincarnation cycle is too present in her songs as it is in Shakespeare.
    To give some examples of this: There are three following examples from Shakespeare on the apocalypse and the intertwined reincarnation cycle that is dying out and thus will be changed and altered in the future for the human soul to come into the existance of the world. The following Shakesperian examples are: (1) King Henry IV part 2? Act III Scene I: “Then you preceive the body of our kingdom. How foul it is; what rank diseases grow. And with what danger, near the heart of it….Oh God that one might read the book of fate, and see the revolution of the times. Make mountians level, and the continent weary of soild firmness, melt itself into the sea.” End quote. The apocalypse is presented with the images of continents melting into the sea and mountains crumbling to a level point. Secondly the term revolution of the times expresses the reincarnation cycle. One—revolution on the wheel of birth and death, such a revolution that is one turn of the wheel, is expressed in the thought of: revolution. And in the King Henry IV lines revolution is a word used also. Additionally the lines of how rank and foul England has become states the depth and gravity of karma and evil that has rotted the English state out. And within Reincarnation cycle suhc English kingdom spiritual deterioration, that is, its karma and evil are additionally indigenous features to such reincarantion cycle.
    Hecne with the above example Amos lyrics are similar in subject area as the sonnet 59: Composed wondrous frame of the Fair Youth with his mended status. In case of the T. Amos lyrics she relates the earlier flip side of the wondrous composed frame advanced human soul subject by referring to her desire for remaining as the earlier predecessor human being self with its life, pain and regular human self as opposed to the futuristic advanced human soul of new birth with its wondrous composed frame. For spiritual advancement. Further more in sonnet 59 the lines; Labouring for invention- birth pains of a new creation. These lines refer to the giving birth of a new being or/& new world-and the four pregnancy songs of Kate Bush are right in this area also, since birth pains occur with pregnancy.And in Breathing with its apocalypse, the birth pains will occur in a post apocalypse world with a new creation, the new spiritually advanced human soul. So here is once again another major similarity of Kate Bush with shakespeare in the reincarnation, rebrith and apocalypse subject areas.
    Thus the reincarnation of the human soul intertwined with the apocalypse is ‘a well thorough presence’ in Shakespeare, and strikingly, it is also present in kate Bush’s approach to her subjects in her songs. And she is writing and creating her songs in the 20th-21st century. She must be on the same creative area of the soul and creative currents of Shakespeare that are ever so present and relevant to the major spiritual phenomena for the human soul today in the 20th-21st century.

  21. Harry Horton

    Somehow some of the previous comment content got deleted. I will add in the additional comment comment content here: “Not you in good sooth, and “as true as I live” and “as God shall mend me” these lines of Hotspur from Henry IV. The word mended which means getting better, made superior and advanced is the significant word in the statement of Henry IV. These lines means that God shall make me superior and advanced as a futuristic advanced human soul. Thus this imagery and Shakespearian lines can be compared to kate Bush’s album imagery of the Kick Inside. She is presenting herself as a fetus that does not come into the world, but a fetus ready to be born into the universe and with that the possibility of being born as a futuristic human soul of advanced and superior spiritual status. Also Tori amos’ Little earthquakes album cover imagery too relate the same fetus being born as a futuristic advanced spiritually human soul into the future. So the Kick Inside Album cover, L. earthquakes album cover and/ along with the Hotspur’s being mended by God in the future someday idea—- as a futuristic human soul ready to be born as such as with the K. Bush & Tori Amos album cover imageries —-are all similar within the futuristic advanced and mended human soul of the future subject areas. Kate Bush’s Breathing subject matter further accents this theme. Since a post apolcayptic birth is present in that subject area also. And the apocalypse introduces the Breathing pregnancy as a futuristic mended spiritually advanced human soul differnt from the previous human being.
    Kate Bush’s Breathing pregnancy that could actualize as ‘a post apocalyptic human soul’ somewhere in the universe is much similar to the sonnet 59’s “wondrous composed frame of the human fair youth.” .The wondrous composed frame of the fair youth is indicative of a superior and advanced frame of wonder, of a futuristic humansouland ,>>>>thus the pregnancy in K. Bush’s Breathing also could too be an advanced human soul of wondrous composed frame too, no different than the sonnet 59 ‘wondrous composed frame fair youth’. So the wondrous composed fair youth and the K. Bush Breathing pregnancy becoming a new born futuristic human soul are both exactly the same. And in the same spiritual subject area, the apocalypse and the reincarnation human soul. And with this instance, the reincarnationg human soul to a futuristic advanced spiritual soul, since, revolution will not be the same this time around.
    this above section can be read before the previous comment’s section of: “Hence with the above example, the Amos lyrics…..”

    Also CSN&Y’s deja vu reincarantion lyrics are similar to these above Shakespeare subjects and K. Bush and T. Amos relatings to these spiritual subject areas of reincarnation and apocalypse.

  22. Harry Horton

    Still did not get the complete ideas over with the earlier two previous comments. Here is the following information: “that i mightsee what the old world could say/to this composed wonder of your frame;whether we are mended, or whe’r better they,/or whether revolution be the same.” —sonnet 59.
    the critical word is revolution from the above sonnet 59 lines.Because it means the reincarnation cycle. In more elucidated manner: “The revolution on the wheel of birth and rebirth.” So the sonnet 59’s revolution as expressive of the reincarnation theme—such reincarnation theme also is found in kate Bush’s pregnancy songs, since pregnancy gives way to birth and birth is a major notch or segment on the wheel of reincarnation ‘s “revolution”. So the reincarnation theme is present in sonnet 59 and kate bush pregnancy songs. also in regards to sonnet 59’s scenes and meanings: what would the old world say —is another way of saying what would the old former human beings of earth, that is the peoples of the Old World say —-of the futiristic spiritual advanced human soul. The old world being old inferior humans and the fair youth with his composed wonder of a frame spiritually advanced is drawn in contrasting contemplation in these lines. Because the wheel of reincarnation, that is its: “revolution”—- will not be the same this time around. There will be no more reincarnating of the human soul to an earth human soul with the processes introduced in the latter part of sonnet 59. thus the album cover imagery of the Kick Inside and Tori Amos’s l. earthquakes, with the fetus subjects and wombs, could indicate a spiritually advanced futuristic human soul, a human soul with its composed frame of wonder, mended and made superior.
    The reincarnating theme and an Aldulous Huxley Brave New World futuristic human soul embodied in the Fair Youth is presented in the Sonnet 59 lines.

  23. Harry Horton

    Further analysis on the apocalypse theme, reincarnation and karma involving Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Shakespeare. The saying in America: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is the theme for this posting. For a more specific detailing of the statement: THe inward karma people possess drives people to kill people. THus with the issue of the nuclear bomb killing off humanity in the future, its not really the bombs but the inner karma of the people that cause the apocalypse. THus the Lizie Wan ballad by Kate Bush is full of karma, or evil, with Lizie Wan in an incestuous relationship with her brother and secondly, she is murdered and the fetus is killed by her brother from the shame that the incestuous pregnancy has created. This is all karma and it kills. Interestingly with this idea in mind, one turns towards the TOri Amos Little earthquakes album cover. Tori Amos on the cover takes the position of the fetus that was based on Lizie Wan by kate Bush with her kick Inside album cover —-in part. Lizie Wan is a contributory story to the Kate Bush album cover of K. Bush’s first album, because Kate Bush left the issue open that her album cover where she illustrates a pregnancy—the essence of the pregnancy could be—both—Lizie Wan and Room for Life, as being the two pregnancy subjects being depicted on the Kick Inside Album Cover. THese were the two straightforward pregnancy songs within the album: THe Kick Inside(1978). Kate Bush’s song: Breathing came later in 1980 on Kate Bush’s thrid album and would not be present in the Kick Inside album cover. Thus, Also Room for Life too could be a contributory pregnancy subject also. But in any case, the little earthquakes on the Tori Amos album cover designate an apocalypse, and this idea and image is further combined with the Tori Amos fetus presence on the album cover that includes the Lizie Wan pregnancy. And with that pregnancy, the karma and evil conditions in the inner nature of Lizie Wan and Her brother, thus are present with the Tori Amos Little earthquakes album cover. So the saying that people kill people, and their inner nature of karma and evil kills people is present on the Tori Amos album cover. And the Little earthquakes that represent the nuclear bomb explosion destruction is a further caused phenomena by karma in people. THe actual gun: nuclear bombs and their explosions that is, is basically absent from the cover of the Tori Amos album. So she emphasizes the evil and karma directly responsible for creating the Little earthquakes of apocalypse nature that comes into being via nuclear bomb explosions. THe image she created on L. E. album cover is one of that is inclusive of the Lizie Wan pregnancy with all its Karma. So the karma in the Lizie Wan image from T. Amos’ album cover is related as a direct cause of the apocalypse with the L. Earthquakes. In the absence of any nuclear bomb presence in the opening album cover or L.E. song of T. AMos. Thus the principle that guns do not kill people people kill people is a present principle related with Tori AMos on her album cover imagery. And in more specific terms that is to say karma and evil within people’s nature kills people. But most importantly a second facet involving the pregnancy: the pregnancy too introduces the possibility of a futuristic human soul being born into the future, in a post apocalyptic world with the Lizie Wan karma facets related on the album cover as well as the physical apocalypse effects from nuclear testing: the Little Earthquakes.
    So she relates karmic currents circulating in the world as far back as 1776 (Lizie Wan’s appearance as a ballad in 1776) as the central and major causative force for bringing on the upcoming apocalypse that is nuclear testing embodied. Simply because the fetus image she creates on L. E. ‘s cover is an image that relates and is inclusive of the 1776 ballad of the “Lizie Wan karma filled murder and abortion” that Kate Bush initially presented in K. Bush’s first album. Its like karma created the apocalypse with its little earthquakes. And she decided to take a specific area of karma, the karma of the Ballad of Lizie Wan as symbolically representing the karma and hence as such, the karma as the cause of the nuclear catastrophic apocalypse. That is is embodied in the Tori Amos fetus position represented on the L.E. album cover. Because there is one very significant facet with the Lizie Wan karma and that is the additional Lizie Wan subject of pregnancy is also present with the karma subject, and the pregnancy that in turn introduces the fetus going into the birth of a child in the future on a spiritually advanced spiritual planet as a new type of human soul with a post apocalyptic development on earth. So the karma subject along with the apocalypse subject are present with Tori Amos and Tori AMos’ use of the Kate Bush Lizie Wan Ballad as related on the L.E. album cover. THus Tori Amos uses the karma from Lizie Wan and embeds it into the apocalypse theme, while Kate Bush uses the nuclear bomb explosions creating the apocalypse theme, in BReathing and embedded within the nuclear bomb explosion subject matter, the pregnancy is emphasized more as post apocalyptic child to be born. And with that the spiritually advanced new human soul on another planet with the kate Bush Breathing pregnancy. Kate Bush leaves out the karma of the Lizie Wan pregnancy in Breathing while Tori Amos utilizes it in L. Earthquakes. So one gets more of the guns kill people phenomena in Kate Bush’s Breathing and one gets the karma kills people phenomena with Tori Amos on L. Earthquakes. Its an interesting contrast and artistic expressions of different nature with kate Bush and Tori Amos.

  24. Harry Horton

    Going on further with the previous post’s analysis. THe issue of karma, reincarnation and the apocalypse have a piercing presence in the songs of K Bush’s Breathing, and her Lizie Wan, & T. AMos’s Little Earthquakes and CSN&Y in Deja Vu. THe Henry IV segment from Act III Scene I also relates the dimensions of karma and its causative and destructive effects for bringing on the apocalypse. THe lines from this Shakespeare play goes as follows: “Then you perceive the body of our kingdom. How foul it is; what rank diseases grow. And within that danger, near the heart of it….Oh God that one might read the book of fate, and see the revolution of the times. Make mountains level, and the continents weary of solid firmness, melting itself into the sea!”
    In the above quote a very significant facet of the apocalypse is related. King Henry IV, I think he is the one who made the statement, could have been Hotspur though. But any way, When one looks at the statement of reading the book of fate and mountains, crumbling to a level status and continents melting into the sea—-(Most likely from the effects of the apocalypse)—additionally, the reincarnation cycle is also presented with the statement: The revolution of our times” in these latter Henry IV lines. That is the revolution on the wheel of birth and rebirth is at work in creating the apocalypse in the future that will wipe out human kind, is what the Henry IV statement relates. Interestingly once the revolution of our times phrase is presented, the meaning of this phrase goes back to the previous lines that are related as: You see how foul our kingdom is, how rank with diseases that grow”> This line is the expression of karma that has grown and expanded in increased manner in the English kingdom. And thus this karma is an indigenous attribute of the reincarnation cycle that is expressed in the lines: “Revolution of our times”.
    So in the above content, the main cause of the coming apocalypse is the increased and expansive amount of karma that is present in the world as depicted in the English kingdom of the 1500s. The karma of this large amount and expansion will continue onwards into the few centuries ahead well into the 20th and 21st century. So in this Henry IV lines, the abnormal or exceedingly high amount of karma in the world will be the main causative factor for bringing on the destruction of the world. WHich further relates the karma currents and their amounts today are at an abnormal high and as such affect the minds and actions of humans.
    Thus in 1776, the Lizie Wan ballad, with its more increased and deepened karma presence is introduced by kate Bush in her song: “The Kick Inside/ Ballad of Lizie Wan” The karma in the Lizie Wan ballad is high and heightened in amount and thus such karma shares the same character and essence of the Henry IV karma portrayal, and that is the karma, expressd in how foul and rank with diseases the English Kingdom has become. So if the English kingdom karma creates the apocalypse, the Lizie Wan karma too is the main contributory force for creating the apocalypse. Since the Lizie Wan karma is simply a part and the same as the overall increased and high karma amounts of the current karma currents and their status of the world in the 1700s and 1500s spanning onwards into the 20th and 21st centuries. Lizie Wan was not murdered for plucking a flower as karma act. The karma involved with her and her brother was much larger and at its highest and increased status involving incest, murder and abortion. Two lives were lost. So the increased karma in Lizie Wan is pretty much the same as the increased karma in the HEnry IV lines. And the increased karma in the HEnry IV lines led to the apocalypse with mountains being leveled and continents melting into the seas. Do with the above karma in people kill people.
    Breathing by Kate Bush could simply further this already present high amount of karma int he world today and in recent past centuries. Her second song Breathing, continues the pregnancy theme of Lizie Wan but also joins the pregnancy theme with nuclear bomb explosion created apocalypse conditions in the molecular physical world. So in a sense Breathing is a continuation of the LIzie Wan theme of karma. In that mountains will crumble and continents will fall into the sea—these apocalypse features and actions are present with Breathing.
    So in a sense the HEnry IV lines and the transition from karma to apocalypse is also the same with kate Bush. Karma to apocalypse occurs with Lizie Wan transiting to The song BReathing. Karma in the English kingdom with rank diseases and foul essence transits to the apocalypse of earth’s surface collapse. ANd with Kate Bush the karma in Lizie Wan with the incestuous pregnancy transits to the Breathing nuclear bomb created apocalypse—a transition no different in a lot of ways with the previous Henry IV transition. And also a pregnancy with Breathing gives a substantial similarity to Lizie Wan since a Pregnancy is present in Breathing.
    Some further harrowing developments in the U.S. involving unusual earthquake swarms. THe following two internet sites concerning an intense April 2011 earthquake swarm that broke out in Hawthorne Nevada. Hawthorne Nevada is around 250 miles northwest of the Nye COunty Nevada Nuclear testing site. It may even be less in distance. AN intense mysterious earthquake swarm broke out on a fault that hardly produced any earthquakes in the past. And left geologists scratching their heads as to why such an intense earthquake swarm emerged in the HawthorneNev. region. The two internet sites that relate specifics of the April 2011 hawthorne earthquake swarm: “Months long quake swarm in Nevada” you tube 5/29/2011. a video account. THe second one is an article: (2) “geologists mystified by Nevada quake swarms” April 16, 2011. THe extinctionprotocol.
    Hawthorne is in a area of rifting that has a geological past for volcanic activity and spilling out lava onto the surface of the earth. The two land areas drifted apart in the Hawthorne region thus creates what is known as rifting. This action accomplishes one important result, whatever “high nuclear testing destructive magma originated pressure” is exerting itself under the ground then the energy is hunting up these rifting geological areas for possible lava release and with that dangerous pressure could be reduced and lessened. The rifting geological systems are more inclined to release lava because their histories were involved with lava release and separation of two land areas with the volcanic activity that lava is emitted out from. Thus rifting, it is. The earthquake swarms in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas too involve rifting geology regions and also south of El Paso involve rifting geological areas. In Northern CHihuahua. Northern Chihuahua experienced unusual earthquake swarms concordant and thus at the same time as/with the Hawthorne earthquake swarms in April 2011. WHich could mean dangerous nuclear testing damage induced pressure involving the mantle sending up seismic energy probing for lava release and with that pressure reduction, and this process could be actively impacting the geological systems of Hawthorne, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Northern Chihuahua as the geological systems involvements with earthquake swarms in April- May 2011. With the intent of trying to release lava in the systems, unsuccessfully because of the past history of volcanic activity and rifting in these geological system’s geohistory was long ago and any favourable and adequate lava release system (i.e.volcanoes of active nature) no longer exist. it was phased out with geological time passing of hundred of millions of years, in some cases.. So only earthquake swarms occur in these areas.. That s a whole new area to get into with needed facts and data to support more thoroughly,and thus to cover —-but could be true. Too much to go into here.
    But Tori Amos’ little earthquakes and mountains going level appear to be similar processes going on with these earthquake swarms in the western midwest U.S. So the scary fact the apocalypse is on and present is a harrowing fact that could hold truth—only the developing facts into the next twenty years needless to say will relate a lot more factual clarity.

  25. Harry Horton

    Some further thoughts on the apcoalypse, theme and Kate Bush and reincarnation and CSN&Y and Tori Amos. One highly interesting fact about Kate Bush is that she wrote a song called the man with the Child in his eyes when she was about twelve to thirteen years old. THe song was being created by her at it inception when she was Twelve years old, possibly even earlier. The song is about a mysterious apparition like man that appears to her when she retires off to sleep at night. I believe the man is the Eck master, from Eckankar’s spiritual principles and facts, and the man with the child in his eyes, being the EcK master appears to kate Bush’s consciousness late at night before she falls to sleep and they talk about spiritual things. As Kate Bush sings in the song: “He understands all of my situations.” THis lyric sounds much like Shakespeare’s sonnets dedication lines: “To the only begetter of these ensuing sonnets, Mr. W.H. all happiness and eternitie promised by our ever living poet”. In other words Mr. W.H., our ever living poet, that is the EcK master, understands all your spiritual situations, and your spiritual situations are listed in these ensuing sonnets. That you are the only receiver of. So “THe Man with the Child in His eyes” involves an EcK master and the Shakespearian work creation too, involves an Eck master. As the Eckankar philosophy relates. According to Eckankar during Shakespeare’s times, the Eck master was named Ismet Houdoni. Ismet Houdoni lived in England during the 1500s and 1600s and most likely influenced Shakepseare’s works and Spensers for sure and others for that matter. Yet that is a lot to get into here. So returning to the Man with the child in His Eyes, if this man was the EcK master, then kate Bush would have a deep genuine connection to the spiritual knowledge and advice of the Eck master. Since his appearance occurred with her at 12-13 years old with the man with the CHild in His eyes song. Aperiod of time of adolescence when the adolescent mind is most psiritually receptive of the essence of God and the mediator the EcK master. In my elief.
    Very interesting that the themes of the apocalypse, reincarnation and karma all appeared in Shakespeare’s works with Shakepseare’s connection to the Eck master, and these themes and subjects too, and likewise appeared with Kate Bush with her pregnancy subject songs, apocalypse subjects as in Breathing, her song that is, and karma as in Lizie Wan. So there is the ever living poet with Shakespeare and the man with the child in his eyes with kate Bush. THe ever living poet and the man with the child in his eyes most likely, in my belief is the Eck master. And as such Eck master influenced kate Bush to repeat the same Shakespearian themes of reincarnation. karma, and apocalypse conditions in her music just as the same influences in Shakespearian times by Ismet Houdoni, the Shakeperian EcK master, who made the same influences for Henry IV reincarnation apocalypse themes and karma themes as well as sonnet 59’s new futuristic human soul, which is advanced and spiritually superior. the K. Bush song: Breathing with the apocalypse theme that contains nuclear bomb explosions, Lizie Wan with the heavy and large amount of karma presence in the incestuous situation of Lizie Wan. And the pregnancy subjects of Lizie Wan, Breathing and The Room for Life also such pregnancy subjects are indicative of reincarnation phenomena. All of these subject areas are in Shakespeare and the EcK masters in both eras could have had a mystical influence on Kate Bush’s psyche and Shakespeare’s psyche in creating these highly spiritual subjects in their artistic works.
    So Kate Bush is genuinely connected to the deeper reserves of spiritual influences , even the EcK master presence, with her creative psyche. Most likely.
    One other issue. If one took the Henry IV quote –the one that relates: How foul and rank with growing diseases the English kingdom has become, with continents melting into the sea and mountains going level–the revolution of our times. The same exact themes appear in CSN&Y’s Deja Vu. The Deja Vu lyrics we have all been here before, simply means we all have been partaking of the revolution. That is the revolution on the wheel of reincarnation.
    This revolution phenomena is thus obviously present in the above Henry IV ideas. The revolution of our times. Also secondly, mountains that crumble to level status and continents that melt into the sea. is the same as: it makes me wonder whats going on under the ground. ….Don’t you know, don’t you wonder…whats going on down under you. These lyrics are the crumbling of the earth’s structures from the apocalypse. Exactly the same as the thoughts of the Henry IV lines on the continents and mountains going under in apocalyptic crashing and destruction. These Henry IV themes are almost related in CSN&Y’s Deja Vu in exact manner in terms of subject matter. In fact they are related as such.

  26. Harry Horton

    One of the reasons I am interested Kate Bush is from a spiritual and psychological approach to her music and creative behaviors and the like. I did a genealogy research my ancestors in England and found out that during shakespeare’s time, my ancestor William Horton married into the Hanson family of West Yorkshire, he married an Elizabeth Hanson. The genetic relatives of the Hanson gene pool were Brooke and Beaumont(English term for Beaumont was Fairbanks). I was interested to find from West Yorkshire in the 1600s a marriage between Fairbanks and Bush occurred. WHich left me wondering whether Kate Bush was a direct descendent of this marriage of the Puritan era. Katherine Brooke could have been a relative and participant with William Brooke the Elizaebthean English statesmen, who owned the Shakespearian companies and had an intimate participation with the creative environments of Shakepseare and whoever else in these creative and spiritual areas.. Note most interestingly, that Romeo and Juliet were written by Arthur Brooke originally.
    So the Hanson, Brooke and Beaumont genes and families evidently were altogether to various degrees in West Yorkshire in the 1500 and 1600s. And my ancestor William Horton married into this gene pool as well as a Bush married into the Beaumont gene pool in the 1600s. The question is , is Kate Bush directly descendent of this Beaumont and Bush marriage.
    One interesting psychological and spiritual fact is that there is evidence that the Indian spiritual religion: Eckankar’s leader, the Eck Master was present and circulating in England during that time. His name was Ismet Houdoni and he could have influenced Shakespeares’ work and such a man could have had contact and social interaction with the Hansons. Beaumonts, Brookes, and Hortons, and at the time. I wonder if there could have been mystical affecting of the genes and psyches of all of these family lines of West Yorkshire in the 1500s and 1600—though that is kind of a way out there idea that is hard to prove if it did exist.
    What is interesting, is the fact that the Eck master Ismet Houdoni would be in the Eckankar principles of vairaj, the main principles of karma, reincarnation, and knowledge of the apocalypse. amongst other principles like staying detached from the world around us, since it is a spiritual evil riven trap plane for Human consciousness and the like. WHen considering Kate Bush & her subjects in her earlier songs that carry the following two significant facets. facet (1) She has the reincarnation, karma and apocalypse themes and subjects> THese subjects are also found in Shakespeare’s Henry IV< sonnet 59 predominantly and the Astrophel and Stella area of the sonnets. Even more striking, the Man with the CHild in His Eyes simply could be about the appearance of the current day Eck master, communicating to kate Bush about her karmic situations, and where she stands spiritually in the world and instructing her about the spiritual nature of hers. Significantly, As Kate Bush states in MWCHE,: her lyrics goes as: he tells me of all his loves to eternity. Something to that effect, wording may not be totally accurate. This idea is the same as, in the sonnet dedication: All happiness and Eternitie promised. All the loves of eternity that bring happiness, is what the sonnets dedication statement relates, and it is the same as the Kate Bush lyrics he tells me of all his loves to eternity. So there this striking similarity between Kate Bush's thinking with the Eck master appearance in her mind in MWCHE and this EcK master condition also existed in England in the 1500s and 1600s, where her ancestors possibly "the Bush person" that married into the Beaumont group, these individuals of West Yorkshire could have had participation with the Eck master Ismet Houdoni on spiritual matters. With West Yorkshire being possibly a primary location the Eck Master at that time was participant with. (2) Secondly she opened her career with Wuthering Heights, that too had its creation in West Yorkshire in 1800s. The same area as the Hansons, Hortons, Brookes and Beaumonts.
    It interesting that Kate Bush's psyche and creativity have so much in common with the ideas and subjects of Shakespeare and the like. And her song 'man with the CHild in His Eyes' could easily be indicative of the spiritual appearance of the EcK master into her psyche in the 20th century as she relates in her Man with the Child in His Eyes song that she wrote around 12-13 years old, an age where the early adolescent mind is highly attuned and connected to the deeper presence of God and most likely such an Eck master.
    And also the fact such an EcK master, or one Eck master of earlier times, was present in England influencing the works of SHakepseare, with the subjects of karma, reincarnation the apocalypse, and other planets that could be the destination for the human soul (Astrophel and Stella phenomena of the sonnets for example). As if to bring the issue could Kate Bush's ancestors pass down any Eck Mater influences from England in the 1500s, some mystical process that occurred there with her ancestors, whose later spiritual eckankar imbued traits showed up today within her creativity and influences that are so heavily imbued with the Eckankar subjects like karma , reincarnation, and the apocalypse. That could be an issue to consider.
    In any case being a descendent from West Yorkshire during this Eck master presence that occurred there in the 1500s and 1600s, I have a lot of similar traits that Kate Bush possesses. I write and create music, I have a steely, despairing prefectionism at least in my childhood and adolescence when creating music. I trashed a lot of my music because it wasn't good enough. I also have a spiritual connection to the Eckankar areas of the psyche like Kate Bush has as she stated such connections in her song: MWCHE. And I retreat a lot from the world. It makes me wonder whether these traits that I have in common with kate Bush stem from any kind of influences of the 1500s and 1600s West Yorkshire environs where possibly the Eck master Ismet Houdoni could have been with my ancestors and hers also? Mystical influences on the psyches of the ancestors of West Yorkshire could have been handed down to descendents? Any way these are Some ideas on Kate Bush and what could have influenced her creative nature.

  27. Harry Horton

    One of the reasons I am writing these correspondences is the fact that I have a lot of psychological traits and creative traits in common with Kate Bush. I suffer schizoaffective disorder so my thinking gets loopy and twisted and way out there, at times. But nevertheless I look at all potential areas that could constitute my thinking and nature. And when I find similarities with kate Bush in my creative nature and other areas like I and she have ancestors in West Yorkshire during the 1500s and 1600s, I look into the West Yorkshire areas of the 1500s and 1600s to find any facts and data that could influence my present day thinking, fears and creativity. And what I find thus could also have some relevance and beneficial knowledge for Kate Bush too.So that is the main reason I am relating this info. Even though the West Yorkshire avenue is rather loopy and seemingly far fetched there are some similarities and correlations to Eckankar and relevance to kate Bush.
    One of the fascinating historical items of West Yorkshire comes from the following web site:”WIlliam Horton II – 1576.html”. THe following quote has a lot of relevance to Kate Bush and her spiritual subject matter in her songs. THe quote concerns the marriage of WIlliam Horton and Elizabeth Gledhill of West Yorkshire> the Quote: “THe initials WH. and E G for William & Elizabeth Horton are above the doorway along with the inscription: “Except the Lord built this house, They labour in vain that build.: Compare this inscription and spiritual statement to the following statement from the web site: Port Klang Eck Centre”. The statement: “The right way to take control of your own life is to put everything into the hands of divine spirit, then go about your daily life and do everything in the name of God. ” a quote by the Eck Master Sri harold Klemp. The quote’s spiritual meaning is a central and prominent Eckankar principle of doing every act in the name of God. A meaning that is exactly the same as the meaning of the inscription above the doorway in the Barkisand house. And thus the quote presented just previous from Sri Harold Klemp, is also existingas an Ecaknkar principle in the West Yorkshire Barkisland domicile. Which means an Eck Master Ismet Houdoni of England 1500s- 1600s could have participated with the WIlliam Horton family and communicated eckankar influences to WIlliam Horton, at that time. William Horton could have put such Eckankar principles into the inscription above the doorway. Additionally, Eckankar influences show up in Kate Bush in present day times in her music and lyric meanings.
    The significance of both the Sri harold Klemp statement and the Barkisland Yorkshire inscription statement, is that once everything is done in the name of God, then the importantt emergence of: “Not generating karma”with ones actions and deeds occurs. And karma and reicarnation and the apocalypse are well present spiritual subjects indigenous to kate Bush’s music. THe Gledhill family also was the builder of Barkisland.
    With the above West Yorkshire historical facts and their immersion in Eckankar principles in mind, the following has some interesting relationship to Kate Bush. For one thing, the marriage of WIlliam Horton and Elizabeth Geldhill was conducted on the same day as WIlliam Hortons’ sister Sarah Horton marrying the Gledhill man who the brother of Elizabeth Geldhill. The dual marriages took place in West Yorkshire. THis was the unusual two marriages involving brother and sisters in West Yorkshire. Thus this dual marriage situation involving the Gledhills and Hortons of West Yorkshire coudl have connections to Emily Bronte’s Wuthering HEights. A dual brother sister marriage too occurs in Wuthering Heights. Catherine Earnshaw marries Edgar Linton and Heathcliff marries Isabella Linton the sister of Edgar Linton. THis fact is real interesting because it combines the Eckankar principles present at Barkisland with Wuthering Heights that was written by the neighbouring other later West Yorkshire artist, Emily Bronte. THus Wuthering HEights and a 1500s 1600s Eck master, Ismet Houdoni, who could be participant with the Hortons of West yorkshire as apparent fact. And draws into combination & intertwining of the artistic principles and facts of Wuthering HEights with the Eckankar principles and EcK master presence at that time in West Yorkshire in the 1500s and 1600s. Eckankar principles and Wuthering HEights are connected together in literary history via the William Horton and Elizabeth Horton marriage, if such marriage was a precedent paradigm for supplying important sections of Wuthering Heights like the brother sister marriages of the novel. And ‘the Eckankar containing principle inscription’ supplies the Eckankar principle present in the precedent paradigm that later could have wound up in Wuthering Heights with such Brother sister marriages of the Bronte novel.What is interesting about these facts has much relevance to Kate Bush.
    Kate Bush starts her career with Wuthering Heights. And thus with a novel that has a structural section:, (the brother sister marriage within it involving Catherine Earnshaw ans Heathcliff and the Lintons) tied into the eckankar principles of labouring only in the essesnce of God. A principle that counters and eliminates karma production–which is a very important fact. Secondly, the most striking emergence of Eckankar and Eck master themes with kate Bush appear in her song the Man with the child in his eyes (MWCHE). And secondly a rather strong presence of the Eck master in other songs particularly Love and Anger. THe Man in MWCHE most likely is the Eck master because he appears in the form of an apparition at the time of night when Kate Bush is retiring as a 12 & 13 year old girl. Kate Bush and this Eck master man discuss kate Bush’s spiritual situations. And in her lyrics she states a very important fact, that has a lot of relevance to Eckankar spiritual principles. She sings: I just took a trip with him. THis taking a trip with the apparition like man is most likely the phenomena of Eckankar soul travel. She took a trip with him in her mind & soul that is. Such man or”him”being the Eck master. THus when considering the above information in this post think about how many other 12 and 13 years old can relate meeting up spiritually in their minds with an Eck master in such a conscious manner. Probably none, maybe a few . Yet here it is with Kate Bush. And with that fact, how did kate Bush get such a high sensitization to the connection to the Eck master? As her MWCHE demonstrates. Could facts in West Yorkshire in the 1500 and 1600s with kate Bush ancestors supply clues or answers? And such ancestors participation with the Eck master at that time?
    The second major song: Love and Anger once again continues these Eck Master presence and Eckankar principle themes. Such as found in Man with the CHild in His eyes. Consider the following lyrics from Love and Anger> The lyrics: ‘Take away the stone & the timber/ and a little piece of rope won’t hold it together/ We’re building a house for the future together/ what would we do without you?” Once again the you in the line: “What would we do without you?” The you is the Eck master most likely, the same man that was in MWCHE and a type of man, the Eck master is, that was present also earlier in England in the 1500s and 1600s though that Eck master was named Ismet Houdoni and would be different than kate Bush’s EcK master of the 20th century.
    But also consider the two previously listed EcKankar quotes on doing everything in the name of the Lord, that is found in the Sri Harold statement and the inscription at Barkisland above the doorway. One significant spiritual facet of this inscription is that the instructions within them also eliminate the creation of karma. If one does everything in the name of the Lord every action does not involve karma creation. In Love and Anger, along with the presence of the Eck master in that K. Bush song, comes the phenomena of karma present in kate Bush’s nature. As it is in everyone else for that matter. These karma presence lines of hers goes as follows: “Well, if its so deep you don’t think you can speak about it/ just remember to reach out and touch the past and future.” The “its’ Kate Bush is relating is deep karma within her nature that in large part came from her past lifetimes. And it emerges in the L&A song along with the Eck master presence. THus these lines of karma are also a subject relevant to the Barkisland house doorway inscription. Since everything done in the name of the Lord for building Barkisland could be a divine construction plan like Kate Bush’s statement in L&A: We’re building a house for the future. A house that is constructed in actions done in the name of the Lord. The builders of Barkisland were building a house for the future with divine essence in mind, and Kate Bush in Love and Anger too apparently was building a house for the future with divine and healthy spiritual essence.
    In any case, the above post’s content relates some striking similarities between kate bush’s creative nature involving karma, reincarnation, apocalypse, the Eck master presence, and how similar these items are to the West Yorkshire denizens of Hortons, Gledhills, Beaumonts, Brookes and hansons, as well as the Bushs and Brontes as earlier posts have detailed. THus the issue: are there any mystical influences involving the Elizabethean EcK master Ismet Houdoni handed down to Kate Bush’s present day creative nature. A combination of psyche and genes that is from this 1500s and 1600s era that shapes her creativity? And connection to Eckankar spiritual subjects and principles as evidenced in her songs?

  28. Harry Horton

    Over the recent days some people are paying 135 pounds to hear Kate Bush, perform next September and August. I would pay 135 pounds if she would write an article on what was on her mind when she created her songs like MWCHE, Love and Anger, Wuthering Heights, what led her to do a version of Elton John’s Rocket Man ect. One thing I like about Kate Bush is the fact that— “what” —-led her to write the song Man With eh Child in her eyes, because there is a definite allusion to what appears to be the Eck Master and his spiritual guidance for her, as the basic content of the Man with the CHild in her eyes. THe lyrics: I met a man that I had never known before. THe lyrics relate, something to that effect.. THose lyrics are very significant. The lyrics holds a lot of implications for the creative process, the daimonic, and an illustration spiritual dimensions of Eckankar principles and content. More specifically, the content of the EcK master’s appearance & presence to her.
    How did she acquire such a highly sensitive inclination in her psyche to make contact with the Eck master, it appears, at 12 & 13 years old, when she commenced to write MWCHE. And what was her experiences intra-psychically with writing the piece. Its a real secret, rich and fascinating, — a clear facet of kate Bush’s spiritual nature that has never been explored or addressed by interviewers and the like. That most of the media and public would not understand its rich implications.
    Furthermore, the Love and Anger song also has the lyrics: “What would we do without you.” The you is left simply anonymous. The you appears to be once again the Eck master, and the Eck master’s rich presence in kate Bush’s psyche. Popping up in appearance like in MWCHE. So there is this definite knowledge of a spiritual apparition man that is most likley the EcK master with/and within kate Bush’s psyche. It is definitely an area of her spiritual nature and personna to explore. And its fascinating no interviewer has picked up on it.
    THe second fascinating facet of all of this, is one could come to the conclusion that , yes its quite possible that MWCHE and Love and Anger contain the presence of the Eck master and also the instatement of Eckankar principles and spiritual content appearing in the songs. As well as other K. Bush songs containing Eckankar content also like karma and reincarnation and the apocalypse as earlier posts have delved into. With this in mind one could say that one can find songs like Wuthering HEights that have no eckankar principles and spiritual content within their substance, in that Wuthering HEights was chosen by kate Bush because of the intense erotic attraction between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw —this being the predominating subject and theme in K. Bush’s Wuthering HEights.. Yet that may not be a true statement. Because one of the major principles or beliefs of Eckankar is that Eckankar believes that religion is not the most powerful and suitable route to take for connecting with the genuine essence of God and God’s instructions and knowledge about one’s spiritual situation. This principle ironically was evidently well known by Emily Bronte. Emily Bronte’s poem: “No coward soul is mine” the lines are: “Vain are the thousand creeds/, that move men’s hearts, unuterrably vain,/worthless as withered weeds/or idilest froth amid the boundless main.” The words are a straightforward expression of a central Eckankar tenent and principle. The principle that only Eckankar and Eck Master are the spiritual areas one can proceed within to make one’s way into the heart of God. Religion is useless because it cannot make that all important connections to God, without the Eck Master. Like kate Bush sings in Love and Anger, “what would we do without you”. Those lyrics relate the importance of the Eck master in spiritual affairs, as K. Bush relates in Love and Anger’s content. Much like the Bronte poetry lines previously presented. Yet fascinatingly, the issue is how did West Yorkshire Emily Bronte, in the 1800s gain knowledge of this Eckankar principles. And with that mystery this same issue is exactly the same with Kate Bush. How did kate Bush achieve such a sensitive knowledge of the Eck master’s appearance and presence in her mind also. Both Emily Bronte and kate Bush possess this unusual high sensitization of either Eckankar principles and knowledge of the Eck Master.
    Hence one of the reasons I have interest in Kate Bush. Because as earlier stated and thirdly, the inscription over the Barkisland mansion doorway, my ancestor’s domicile in West Yorkshire (the same region Emily Bronte lived within), contains a central Eckankar principle. That every action and deed is to be done int he name of God and the Holy Spirit. So there one has three Eckankar principles and content among three separate people in England: (1) William Horton and Elizabeth Gledhill Barkisland mansion doorway inscription. of the early 1600s(2) Emily Bronte’s “No coward soul is mine Eckist principle on the uselessness of Religion. From early 1800s (3) Kate Bush with MWCHE and Love and Anger – Eckankar principles and Eck master presence in that song. late 20th century.
    West Yorkshire is where William Horton and Elizabeth Gledhill lived. And Emily Bronte was a resident of West Yorkshire. THe 1500s-1600s English Eck Master Ismet Houdoni could have had contact with with the Hortons and —most important—Emily Bronte ancestors who lived in West Yorkshire in 1600s. And Emily Bronte somehow could have received knowledge of these Eckankar principles from her earlier previous West Yorkshire Bronte ancestors. These earlier Bronte ancestors of the 1600s could have made contact with Ismet Houdoni and gained spiritual knowledge of Eckankar lore via him, no different that WIlliam Horton’s family could have. And is there an automatic popping up of knowledge of the Eckankar principles in 1800s Emily Bronte psyche from these earlier ancestor circumstances in 1600s West Yorkshire, a fact that easily could be. A phenomena that is exactly the same as with Kate Bush. Kate Bush has an automatic popping up of knowledge of the Eck master too, in her songs MWCHE and Love and Anger. A popping up hence in her psyche. Both Emily Bronte and Kate Bush are strikingly the same in this regards. As well as both are reclusive too.
    Once again the dual brother sister marriage in West Yorkshire with the WIlliam Horton group and Gledhills, presented an unusual phenomena of two brother sister marriages on the same day in West Yorkshire between two sets of brother and sisters of Gledhills marrying into the Horton group. THis dual brother sister marriage could additionally present —-‘the paradigm model’ —– which Emily Bronte based the brother sister marriages of Heathcliff, Catherine Earshaw, and the Lintons, Edgar and isabella. Thus the structural brother sister marriage of Emily Bronte is linked back to the WIlliam Horton dual brother sister marriages. And with that linkage connects the Bronte dual marriage situation in Wuthering Heights linked to THe WIlliam Horton family that could have been substantially participant with Eck master principles and knowledge and knowledge of the presence of the EcK master. This would mean the Bronte use of brother and sister marriages in Wuthering HEights relied on an Eckankar principle possessing group, the Hortons and Gledhills, for the appearance of the brother and sister marriage structure and phenomena in Wuthering Heights. Thus Eckankar pricniples created the Bronte brother and sister marriage section ‘ of Wuthering Heghts. In substantial part also. So Eckankar principles are at play in the brother sister marriages in Bronte’s Wuthering Heights as well as in Emily Bronte’s consciousness as evidenced in her anti religion sentiments in her poem “No Coward Soul is Mine” lines.
    To me its a real interesting round about involving i.kate Bush, ii.EMily Bronte and—iii. my ancestors the William Hortons of West YOrkshire. And the mystery of Eckankar influences that cropped up in all three. The Ecknakar like phenomena in kate Bush’s music and psyche is one of the most interesting and fascinating,(if not the most) facets of her music and nature. And hopefully one that can be explored somewhere in the future.

  29. Gayle

    I have just spent the whole morning trying to get two tickets for Kate Bush from 9.30am till now, on the website and phone, but just couldn’t get thro. All I can see now is hospitality tickets for £425!!! I cannot afford this and it should be the fans that get these tickets first, not the greedy money making companies. I am gutted I could not get tickets as I have admired and loved Kate Bush even in the 80s. In fact everyone says I look like her, which is a bonus.

  30. Harry Horton

    A further venturing into these Eckankar themes about the spiritual condition of the world around us and kate Bush’s participation within such eckankar subject areas. Kate Bush has songs that involve interest in other planets. She chose the song from Elton John called: Rocket Man. Its about an astronaut that travels to another planet. Additionally, in the song, there is a photograph of kate Bush in an astronaut’s suit bobbing in the seas. THe suit is orange and in fact a later article on this web site around March 2014 carries the photograph. One significant aspect of this is that within the eckankar subject areas, of reincarnation, karma and the presence of the EcK master and also the apocalypse–the subjects of traveling to other planets is a cogent subject sharing spiritual essence with the other eckankar possessing kate Bush songs. Because if the immortal human soul’s spiritual destiny concludes within this century on earth, the human soul has to travel somewhere, say to another planet. George Harrison related this subject area in some of his interviews. In that he felt like his existence was on another planet. Rocket Man contains content along this area. So the kate Bush Rocket Man subject, actual spaceship travel to another heavenly body (in this case Mars, a separate planet other than earth) could be a metaphor for soul travel to another planet in the universe. An endeavor carried out by human souls. That is another planet that is more hospitable for the human soul to take up its future spiritual and physical existence within. This theme could easily be present with kate Bush with her Rocket man theme.
    But most importantly this futuristic planet subject is well coordinated and associative to the APocalypse and other eckankar spiritual subject areas. The lyrics from the Rocket Man song seem to contribute little slivers of this futuristic planet with an advanced futuristic human soul. Lyrics from Rocket Man: “I am not the man I think I am at home.” This lyric hints that the astronaut in the song is that the man has changed and transformed in some manner in that he is not the human being that exists on earth. After all he is different when he is visiting another planet. A different type of human soul. THis line of thought is present with Tori Amos in Little Earthquakes. With her the line of thought is the reverse of the lyrics of Rocket Man just presented. “Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again”. Other words Tori AMos states she wishes to be the human being on earth. Unlike the Rocket Man phenomena, where the man states while visiting another planet he becomes a transformed man a different human soul, a futuristic human soul, much different than the man at home on earth. that is opposite of what Tori AMos states in her apocalypse Little Earthquakes song. THat is Home is where she wishes to be in a sense to remain the man (human being) at home, the human soul also that is. Not to be the futuristic advanced person on another planet different than what he or she was on earth, home on earth that is.
    More interesting is the fact, that in Rocket Man another interesting line:, “no where to raise the kids” the Martian environment is unsuitable for raising earth bound human beings. This is right along the line with Kate Bush’s Lizie Wan, Breathing, Room for Life, that the subject of raising kids or human souls existing into the future—the Mars environment or another planet for that matter is not feasible for continuing human being earth bound existences and life. Thus this theme and idea is like the Kick Inside cover and Little earthquakes cover where kate Bush and Tori AMos take on the role of being fetuses. And where do the fetuses come into existence? Earth as humans or a different futuristic human being person in the future? Both covers leave that issue open.
    Whats interesting back in the 1500s and 1600s with Shakespeare and other poets, that were participant with an Eckankar spiritual subject themes, the poet Sir Philip Sidney and his sonnets Astrophel and Stella, meaning Starlover and star, are right along this line of thought. The following lines from sonnet 31 of Sidney relates another planet for a human soul to exist on. A theme found in Rocket Man. And lingering about within Little Earthquakes.
    O Moone tell me, / Is constant love deem’d there but want of wit?/ Are beauties there as proud as here they be?/ Do they above love to be lov’d and yet/ those lovers scorn whom that love doth possesse?/ Do they call vertue there ungrateful noise.” This is Sidney’s focus on another planet, symbolic of the moon, and his ponderances, do the souls on this separate planet —are they superior to the moral deterioration of human souls of dying out earth. Also Shakespeare sonnet 59 has themes similar to this one: ” composed wonder of frames mended that is, a superior futuristic human soul in virtues that are superior to present day human souls.
    kate Bush ventures into these subject areas with Rocket man, the song by Elton John. Also Breathing and Suspended in Gaffa are two other songs that introduce the prospect for the human soul living on a futuristic planet. In Suspended in gaffa she is catapulted in outer space amongst the stars, and in Breathing the post apocalyptic birth subject goes along with what appears to be travel to another planet, in the future. These subject areas also appeared with Sir Philip Sidney in the 1500s and 1600s when eckankar subjects and themes were showing up in the poetry of Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne and Sidney. And here the same subjects appear with kate Bush. In this case the futuristic planet theme.

  31. Harry Horton

    Little earthquakes and Breathing by kate Bush present a potential harrowing prospect, that nuclear testing damage could bring on an apocalypse in the 21st century. kate Bush relates in Breathing, the visuals of it, that nuclear bomb explosions will bring about the extinction of the human race. Potentially. It could be true if her find in that area holds creative artistic truth. And Tori AMos could indicate, that little earthquakes could be a further extended feature of nuclear testing damage. Today in the western U.S. and Midwestern U.S. earthquake swarms have cropped up all over the place, with alot of them oriented around the nuclear testing sites of southern Nevada. So I thought i would throw in one more unusual earthquake video from san Diego California: The video: “Earthquake: 313 earthquakes swarm San Diego County of Brawley…” donater nes 12323. A Tv news account. This swarm occurred in the rifting area where the previous unusual 7.2 Baja California quake occurred within a few years back in the spring. THis rifting area extends upwards northeastwards into the Long Valley Ca. area, hawthorne, Reno NEv. —all with unusual earthquake swarms. So this video content is one to combine with the earlier video given in previous posts: “Months long quake swarm in Nevada” – You tube. And the girl in that video discussing the rift zone that extended upwards through the western U.S. into Vancouver Island Canada. Vancouver Island Canada also had a strong 7.7 earthquake back over the past two to three years. This quake occurred in this same rifting zone where the other quakes struck.
    So the issue, when kate Bush looks inward into her creative psyche for what is happening around the world today, as well as Tori AMos and CSN&Y: the apocalypse phenomena involving earthquakes appear to occur in their creative endeavors as a major spiritual and physical world phenomena. Nuclear testing damage could easily be inherent in kate Bush’s Breathing, while the earthquake phenomena appears to predominate in CSN&Y and Tori Amos.

  32. Harry Horton

    Along the Eckankar themes and kate Bush. Once again kate Bush’s songs: Man with the CHild in His eyes and Love and Anger, appear to contain the highly all important presence and the influences of the Eck master on the spiritual nature and psyche of Kate Bush. WHich is a facet highly important to kate Bush, in that her soul is participant with the most favourable and spiritual powerful areas, that is the Eckankar principles and content and the Eck master. When it comes to the destiny of the immortal soul within the phenomena of the reincarnation cycle, karma and most like a developing apocalypse here in the world in the 21st century, needless to say, Kate Bush is in a favourable spiritual position if she has this connection tot he EcK master.
    THe song Man with the CHild in His EYes, pretty much relates the presence and influences of the EcK master within Kate Bush’s spiritual nature and mind. And later in such songs as Love and Anger, the lyrics:” What would we do without you”, the “you” most likely is The Eck master. Note that she leaves the word you anonymous and thus, secretive in nature. There is no reference to Jesus, God, Mohammed, Buddha, or other religious figures, but simply a: “you”. And the you has highly spiritual power and influences on Kate Bush’s presence of mind. Even an indispensible need and presence of the Eck master in kate Bush’s mind, this “you” or better stated EcK master, is to Kate Bush.
    One interesting facet of all of this above is the coming of the end of humanity in the middle of the 21st century with the apocalypse, according to Eckankar’s predictions. THis prediction is in the book and web site: “The Spritual Notebook” page 181, the work by Paul Twitchell. The quote on page 181 from this work: “All will eventually leave this world anyway because of the terrible disaster that is coming during the middle part of the twenty first century….[later]…..But now the Eck masters are trying to get people out fast so that they will never have to return again in physical embodiment.” End quote. THe immortal soul known as Kate Bush, has a deep and strong connection to such EcK masters, as MWCHE and L&A songs indicate. And if this disaster hits in the future, she has an interesting favourable position spiritually within the true graces of God perhaps, for her soul to spiritually survive such a earthbound catastrophe. Since she has a rich history with the presence of the Eck master at least if not earlier since 12 -13 years old, since the Eck master is a subject in her MWCHE. In other words she is not stone deaf cold to the inner pspritual realities of humankind, like the massive majority of humans are today.
    From a Genealogical point of view, my ancestors in England particularly during the 1500s and 1600s, where their was the Eck master Ismet Houdoni, who was circulating perhaps around various English families—possibly Hortons, Hansons, Beaumonts Houghtons, Bush and Brontes–during that time. And further Eck master induced mystical characteristics of a favourable nature could have been handed down to descendents of these families during Shakepseare’s time. ‘Far out there thought’ but could be true. THe following web site: “Westyorkarms – Midgley web page” gives an overview of the families in West Yorkshire. THe family De Busli most likley means Bush and an overview of the de Busli is contained in the web site. And this family could have been Kate Bush’ ancestors. The De Busli family owned 46 manors in Yorkshire, 86 in Nottingham and also manors in Leiscestershire county. They were known as the de Busli of Tickhill. What i find very interesting is that my Horton ancestors were in the same two counties; Leicestershire and Yorkshire, as the Bush ancestors. So there could have been a lot of participation with the Bush and Hortons down through history in England. And today, most interestingly, during Shakespeare’s time, that is the time when this Eck master Ismet Houdoni was in England, the 1500s and 1600s, The Leicestershire branch of Hortons mysteriously moved to West Yorkshire. In fact historians, have studied and battled over what were the reasons for such a move into West Yorkshire from Leicstershire by the Hortons. I have always thought it could have something to do with the Eck Master of that time Ismet Houdoni who could have been in Yorkshire at that time. Neverthelss there were Bushs in Leicestershire county and Yorkshire, and there were Hortons in Leicestershire and Yorkshire counties, down through England’s history. And I wound up with all these same spiritual traits that kate Bush has. Creating music, high anxiety, retreating, perfectionism, and a strong connection to Eckist and eckankar principles and the Eck masters Paul Twitchell and Sri Harold Klemp. Could such similarities I have with her originate from this time in the 1500s – 1600s in england since an Eck master was present there also?. Hence one area that keeps my interest in kate Bush.

  33. Harry Horton

    The large amount of eckankar principles within Kate Bush’s work, her songs that is, and videos are remarkable. FOur songs are easily illustrative of these eckankar principles. The four songs are: Man with the Child in His eyes (MWCHE), Moments of Pleasure, Love and Anger, Rocket Man.
    The most central principle of Eckankar is soul travel. That is ones soul takes a trip with the Eck master into the spiritual worlds , that is the planes of consciousness like the astral plane, soul plane, or causal plane or the God planes above soul plane ect. The sense of journeying or taking a trip is what is present within these Soul travel endeavors. (1) Man with the CHild in His eyes – has the lyrics: “I just a took a trip with him –out of the love for him.” Lyrics went something to that effect by Kate Bush. These lyrics apparently designate that Kate Bush went on a soul travel journey with the Eck master into the God planes/ or other spiritual planes. (2) Moments of Pleasure – the video visuals–Kate Bush floating out of the hotel window in New York relates how she is on a soul travel journey. She joruneys through the window on a soul travel venture in a floating manner & in spiriutal form into the New York sky. Thus this action is similar to her experience in MWCHE of taking a trip with him (Eck master). So soul travel evidently is involved in substantial degree in both MWCHE and Moments of Pleasure. (3) Rocket Man has journeying from earth, to other planets likewise. That would mean a soul travel experience like that found in Moments of Pleasure and MWCHE. All of these songs relate the soul travel phenomena of Eckankar. And thus give credence that Kate Bush possesses a higher consciousness and with that a connection to the Eck master.
    Love and Anger carry also a substantial Eckankar principle that embodies the meaning of this Kate Bush song. The emotional states of negative essence, the anger that is, that involves the astral plane, a lower demonic plane, is present in Love and Anger. In the song there are two significant subjects; The “you” that is the EcK master (2) Anger, which has to be taken away. And kate Bush asks the Eck Master (the you), that is, to take away the anger, that is the negative emotional state that blocks divine love from entering into ones soul and thus keeps soul from journeying into higher aspects of the God planes. Just by comparing the lyrics of Love and Anger with the following Eckankar principle related by Sri harold Klemp conveys how substantial Love and Anger is immersed within eckankar content. The web site: “Contemplation seeds from Ecaknkar – Religion (2) – Nairialand.” within the site the following entry: “Re: Contemplation seed from Eckankar by benodic: 8:27 am on January 23, 2011. “You can’t make yourself closer to God by hating someone else thether you believe its righteous or not. The relationship between soul – which is you – and God is one of love. And where there is pure love, there is no room for anger.” End quote. THus where there is love there is no room for anger, according to this Sri harold Klemp statement, from narialand, and yet with Kate Bush take away the anger at least, is present in her songs as well as in the the Sri harold quote that is the contemplation seed of thought by Sri harold Klemp. Thus just with this above Eckankar quote, the subject of anger is presented as and along as an Eckankar principle that is also in kate Bush’s song. And thus how replete K. Bush’s song: Love and anger is imbued with Eckankar principles such as removal of anger for spiritually enhancing ones inner spiritual nature.
    Other interesting facets involving Eckankar principles. There are five deadly passions that afflict the human soul. And along with those passions, one being anger, there is attachment to the world around us, that creates karma and the five deadly passion immersion of the human soul. Its interesting that Kate Bush’s Lover and Anger song is contained within her album the Sensual World. The term: the sensual world connotes the world around us where negative attachments to the world can occur with the soul. And with such attachments the creation of karma. Anger being one of the deadly passions of karma that comes about within ones soul via such atachments. So the Sensual World, the title that it has this eckankar phenomena involving (karma /anger) attachemnets to the world about us, too.
    Rocket Man could metaphorically be about soul travel to another planet. That is soul travel to another planet and not so much an actual travel to Mars by an astronaut. In the video kate Bush uses some interesting visual designs and props to give a spiritual journey facet to Rocket Man. The use of blown back hair, with her and accompanying singers, with wind blowing through their hair with the divine light of God shining down upon their faces, –these segments of Rocket Man, relate a spiritual journey a soul travel journey that is. And the use of the same wind in your face with the light of God in your face props or visual items is present in Love and Anger. If one takes away the emotional states of anger, one’s soul journeys closer to God. That is the meaning in Kate Bush’s soul travel Love and Anger song. In anycase a journey occurs in Rocket Man of spiritual essence and likewise the same journey occurs in Love and Anger of Spiritual essence. Most interestingly the spiritual journey in Love and Anger is more of a pure travel into the essence of God when Anger is reduced (karma that is, anger being karma). In Rocket Man the same occurs, the soul travels into the essence of God but in this case, the soul’s travel within the God planes takes it to another planet in the physical universe around us. Where as in love and anger the soul travels simply into the God planes further itself when anger can be reduced and eliminated.
    Needless to say there is a lot of Eckankar principles and phenomena in Kate Bush’s songs as the exemplary four songs indicate. So where did this higher consciousness of Ecaknkar pricniples comes from. From the 1500s and 1600s English Eck Master influences perhaps, that is handed down from her ancestors in some mysterious means or manner,or was she naturally born with it. Areas of Kate Bush that I am interested in.

  34. Harry Horton

    More on the eckankar subject and themes in kate Bush’s songs. In Kate Bush’s Love and Anger, Man with the Child in His Eyes (MWCHE), and Rocket Man Kate Bush does a great job of using wind and human breath as features that embody and express the holy spirit. In religion breathing and breath, as well as wind, is expressive of the holy spirit in man. In Rocket Man for example, Kate Bush does a wonderful job of combining the spiritual essence of divine spirit as embodied in wind with what seems to be a straightforward space travel trip involving astronauts and mechanical space ships trips to Mars. That is in the props of her video Rocket Man. As one views the visuals and the props contained within the visual segments of Rocket Man one finds her and the accompanying singers, existing with wind blowing into their faces, along with light shining on their faces. These features easily could convey the divine holy spirit expressive of light and wind. In one point of the video outer space is illustrated with a fabric sheet undualting with waves created by wind blowing under the fabric sheet. This is while the trip into outerspace is occuring. This visual gives the idea, that the trip to another planet is a spiritual one along the essence of God. A soul travel trip with the soul primarily or exclusively visiting another planet. This phenomena is more like the Sir Phillip Sidney astrophel and Stella concept as found in sonnet 31, when Sir Philip Sidney ponders the souls on another planet and their superior virtues to earth bound humans. Perhaps in both Rocket Man and The Sonnet 31, the futuristic planet with new spiriutally advanced human souls is the main theme when the apocalypse occurs on earth.
    Also the same use of wind blowing into ones face with divine light shining into the face is likewise found in Love and Anger. The visual that is most prominent in this area is Dave GIlmour experiencing these effects. In the Man with the child in his eyes, the actual breath of exhaling by kate Bush at the very end of the video is expressive of a substantial expression of the holy spirit since the religious phenomena of atman is embodied in that final scene of MWCHE video visuals. Three major features of MWCHE that connote a strong spiritual and divine essence to the video are: (1) The Eck master is highly present and prevalent in the substance of the video,visuals and lyrics, thus this could be the most powerful spiritual entity on earth that is connected to the divine. The EcK master is known as the paraclete in Christian terms (John: 14-17: describes a good account of the paraclete). (2) Kate Bush is in a yogi position, in the final parts of MWCHE video visuals. Her sitting posture with arms laid over her knees relates a powerful inclined body posture involving the chakras of the spine, a position for connecting to the divine spirit. (3) The breath that exudes from kate Bush while in the lotus psoition in the final frame of the video visuals of MWCHE, simply in itself relates holy spirit. As a quote from a web site: “Our word spirit is derived from the Latin spiritus, which means breath” And here the breath from kate Bush’s exhaling occurs at the end of MWCHE video. In fact the use of wind and breath as indicative of the holy spirit, in the above videos of MWCHE>>The hawthorne swarm, The Long Vallley/Mammoth lakes swarm, Reno Nevada swarm, are within this rifiting zone. Also additional swarms of late,in Nevada, occurred within this rifting zone. The 7.2 Baja Califonria quake of Mexico, along with the Brawley earthquakes swarms of southern California occured within the rifting zone. The earlier video on the Hawthorne Nev. swarms illustrate this rifting zone and these quake swarms within the rifitng zone. that runs through Nevada and southern California upwards into British COlumbia.
    The major fear that I have, though no scientific facts of yet is present to validate it is: if nuclear testing nuclear bomb explosions have seriously damaged the mantle beneath the earth. The following geological development could have occured. “Dangerous underground damaged mantle originated high pressure” that could sink large portions of the earth’s surface killing off humanity in the future could now be in existance from nuclear testing. Because the rifting zones geology with their volcanic features would be the most favorable inclined geologic systems to reduce the dangerous pressure from such a damaged mantle. The rifting zones historically contain volcanoes. And the volcanoes release lava in volcanic activity. And with that action underlying high pressure conditions are reduced and diminished. The earthquake swarms in these rifting zones could be indicative of attempts to reduce dangerous damaged mantle created high pressure conditions in the earth’s interior.
    Thus the earthquakes, in B.C. Baja California Mexico (7.2) < hawthorne Nev, Reno Nev, Long Valley Ca. and the B.C. earthquakes—–all have an intitmate connection with Kate Bush's Breathing. Because in kate Bush's Breathing, nuclear testing bomb explsoions bring on the apocalypse. And the Nevada nuclear testing sites with its nuclear bomb explosions lies within this rifitng zone or near it. And all the above earthquakes in the rifitng zone could be the most intimate collection of earthquake phenomena caused by nuclear testing damage & nuclear testing bomb exposion's apocalyptic effects. That is, this rifitng zone earthquakes of various locales up and down the western U.S. and Canadian coasts could be caused by the nuclear bomb explosions that Kate Bush relates in the Breathing song. Thus these rifitng zone earthquakes cited above are the most closest and intertwined quakes to the subject content of Kate bush's Breathing. Because in Breathing nuclear testing damage creates the apocalypse and these quakes originate from the Nevada nuclear testing site's rifting zone. In that the nuclear testing site lies within or near the rifting zone that also contains the locales where thes above related quakes occurred within. The most harrowing intial unusual swarm activity being at Long valley in 1978-1980, with the Long valley volcanic system only 200 miles away from the Nevada nuclear testing site. The early appearance of this unusual Long valley earthquake swarms and caldera floor rising appeared twenty to thirty years before all of the subsequent unusual similar earthquake swarm activity in the midwest U.S. and along above the cited rifted zone. So this Long Valley earthquake activity of 1978-1980 could be closely associative to the the harrowing apocalypse effects of kate Bush's Breathing nuclear bomb explosion igniting of the apocalypse.

    BTW, you may notice one thing about my aboce writing style. In my writing I tend to repeat facts over and over again, or ideas. This writing fo repetitive facts I have is the perfectionist tendacy and phenomena in my creative nature. And this stubborn frustrating perfectionist bent or process in my emotional & spiritual nature is very similar to the frustrating perfectionist processes that kate Bush too possesses. I get hostile, anxious and I can feel the biting in my emotional state arise, or chewing away on these ideas, trying to keep refashioning them wanting to say accurately and most richly what I want to creatively convey. It can get to the pont I just junk everything, the prefectionist tendacy that chokes off the whole of the creative endeavor to begin with, occurs a lot of the times and thus I retreat back into my own world. With these thoughts, thus a significant issue, kate Bush and I came from the same ancestor's area of England. West Yorkshire, and Leicestershire for example. I have always wondered that how much of this frustrating perfectionist state of mind could have originated and developed form any mysterious conditions in england at that time. Involving the Eck master with mysterious spiritual mystical influences on my ancestors that could be passed down to descendents later on. This also goes the same with Kate Bush's ancestors from this same earlier historical time. In any case, the repeating frustrating prefectionist phenomena in my above writing, I have wondered, is pretty the same, or actually could be the same as the prefectionist phenomena activity in kate bush's creative song writing. Because of these earlier historical reasons involving our ancestors & the Eck master in England 1500s-1600s. A way out there idea but some truth could be inherent to it.

  35. Harry Horton

    Some substantial content that got left out in the initial April 1 2014 post. Two more unusual earthquake swarms in the western U.S. and canada over the past 6 years. THe web sites that illustrate the essence and data of these swarms: The unsual Juan de Fuca plate earthquake swarm in the Pacific Ocean of 2008 April. Intraplate swarm it is. the web sites: (1)”Previously unknown fault caused earthquake swaqrm off…” (2) “Earthquake swarm worries oregon; NPR” April 16, 2008. The second quake phenomena of 2012 in British COlumbia> the web sites covering the earthquake activity in this area: (1) “Recounting B.C. Quake” October 28, 2012 – CBC Newsplayer” 5:05. (2) East West coast of Canada hit with earthquake swarms” April 28, 2012 extinctionprotocol, (3) 10/28/2012 Canada 7.7M earthquake UPDATE. sincedutch.
    the NPR ORegon earthquake swarm report has a good audio report. An interview with a geologist is contained in the report. The B.C. quakes footage of a house interior shaking during the 7.7 quake is contained within the CBC report. Also the sincedutch report has a lot of good additional data.
    Furthermore when one reads the content on the Kate Bush use of wind and breath, there is a web site that is good in these areas to combine with the just mentioned kate Bush content. The web site: “In all traditions, spirit means breath or wind/1000petals” http://www.1000petals.wordpress. The spiritual dimensions and phenomena of wind and breath as the essence and expression of God and the Holy Spirit are contained within the text from this web site. Considering the text subjects from this web site combined with the kate Bush use of wind and Breath, is a favorable approach to illustrating with more depth the spritiual facets of kate Bush’s songs. especially the use of breathing and wind, as exempliefied in the initial April 1 2014 post’s content.

  36. Harry Horton

    Kate Bush’s song Breathing introduces 3 major spiritual themes. (1) The apocalypse brought on by nuclear bomb explosions is present in the video. (2) A post apocalyptic pregnancy occurs evidently. What is unusual and interesting about the post apocalyptic birth, the human child/ or human soul, either one will do, has to be born on another planet. An earthbound apocalypse would make environmental conditions unsuitable for fostering any type of human life. So the pregnancy in Breathing would have to issue forth a futuristic new type of human child, a being that would logically have to occur on a futuristic planet, separate from earth. What is interesting about that prospect, is that the spiritual process and operations predominate on earth, and such spiritual processes incorporate the immortal human soul & these processes can make such a futuristic human being of different advanced spiritual type possible: via soul travel of the immortal human soul. Since the human soul is immortal, and is a born entity or product of pregnancy, ‘a post apocalyptic pregnancy’ is primarily a spiritual pregnancy involving a birth of a human soul. And the process of the invisible human soul travelling to another planet within the actions of spiritual processes and operation is most likely feasible. The catch is, you have to die first in order to put such spiritual interplanetary soul travel into action.
    (3) Her lyrics “Give me something to breathe” which means the ‘nuclear bomb explosion induced apocalypse’ brings on earth’s death. kate Bush’s use of the phenomena of “Breathing” means the baisc major entity of her spiritual soul (that being Breath) is diminishing and leaving earth. Breath means spirit and spirit is the essence and substance of the divine, and the immortal human soul. so the immortal human soul ceases to exist on earth with the onset of the apocalypse. The lyrics “Give me something to Breathe” indicates such diminishment of the immortal human soul’s presence and lives on earth.
    Thus the most fascinating illustration of the nuclear bomb explosion apcoalypse by kate Bush is that she also adds in the spiritual facet and dimension with the phenomena of breathing in her song: “Breathing”. Using Breathing one could say its simply inhaling and exhaling as a physicological process. But that does not have any real substance of a subject or relevance with “a nuclear testing bomb explosion effects.” Yet when the physiological process of breathing is thought of in a spiritual sense, of the holy spirit and immortal soul, with this view, the future of human souls becomes apparent & present in the video as the only feasible route for the continuane of the human race into the post apocalyptic future. And that is through soul travel to another planet. This theme occurs in Breathing and Rocket Man.
    Interestingly from the previously mentioned web site in precedent posts of April 1, the web site: “In All Traditions, Spirit means Breath of Wind/1000 petals”, a quote comes. The quote: “Sanskrit scripture: Atharva Veda – “Whosoever be driven by the breath of life, he will be reborn.” This scripture passage can be compared to Kate Bush in her Indian yogi position in MWCHE, at the final frame of the video visuals, exhaling a deep breath. Kate Bush, illustrates breathing as a predominant last spiritual action in the MWCHE last video visuals. Thus the subject of reborn or rather being reborn is present in the final video visual of MWCHE, with Kate Bush’s exhaling breath. Likewise in the video Breathing, the two subjects are present: i.breathing itself ii. and the apocalypse> and again the apocalypse, points towards the human soul being reborn into the future. And being reborn as futuristic being. iii. pregnancy is in Breathing, which also introduces the idea of birth. And with that a post apocalcyptic birth being a subject in her Breathing video and song, that area could be interpreted as being reborn. Also. So this 1000 petal quote of Breath and reborn, interestingly is well present and prevalent in kate Bush’s song: MWCHE and Breathing. And alas there is a third song of Kate Bush that introduces the process of breathing and being reborn in the same process. In her Morning Fog such process is found. And found in the lyrics from The Morning Fog. Such lyrics that express this idea is: “The light begins to bleed, / begin to breathe, begin to speak….I am falling like a stone, like a stone , being born again, into the sweet morning fog.” She is being reborn again when breathing appears. And with breathing appears ( that is begin to breath, as states in the lyrics) and being reborn with such breathing action, kate Bush simply expressses the same spiritual wisdom and meanings as in the previously mentioned Atharva Veda passage. That is breathing is also being reborn which that Sanskrit passage relates. The additional kate Bush words in her lyrics: Light and speak, the speak meaning sound, and that is the sound of God, these two phenomena are the fundamental items of Eckankar. Eckankar being the religion of Light and SOund. So in her Morning Fog lyrics she relates also basic Eckankar phenomena in terms of light and sound.
    In Morning Fog her being reborn again also could designate being reborn as futuristic spiritually advanced new type of human being. Once again, Kate Bush taking on the role as fetus on her album cover the Kick Inside, opens the issue of ebing born somewhere in time ahead into the universe. The question is, is she a human or a newly advanced spiritually advanced that is type of human being. Tori Amos likewise appears as fetus on her album Little earthquakes. And with the Little earthquakes subject substantially designating an apocalypse situation, she tends to be more leaning towards being born or reborn as futuristic human being type of different order than a human being.

  37. Harry Horton

    The scary of it all when it comes to Kate Bush’s song, Breathing. A truly creative artist accurately relates artistic truths within the world around them as well as within their spiritual nature.
    And kate Bush apparently appears to be a genuine genius of creative artistic caliber. And when it comes to Breathing that is the scary of it all. Breathing simply introduces, the apocalypse, the ending of humanity that results from nuclear bomb explosions. The most prominent and existing region in the world where atomic bomb explosions have been occurring is in southwest Nevada, within Nye COunty, where the Nevada nuclear testing site has been located. 900 nuclear bomb explosions have pounded the same little plot of underground terrain beneath the NEvada Nuclear Testing site. Needless to say something most likely would have to crack or weaken under the Nevada ground with all those detonations stretching nearly 50 years since the mid 1940s. The worst scenario with such nuclear testing damage, would be the mantle is damaged in coordination with the other layers of the earth, primarily the lithospshere, and with that event, the worst thing that could happen is high pressure develops and increases down through the years. And if that happens the developing dangerously high pressure conditions could simply collapse large portions of the earth’s surface, with dangerous earthquakes, reducing the astronomical high pressure conditions, accomplishing such action. Such an event would simply exterminate humanity for all time on the planet.
    The one scary scientific study that indicates this prospect could actualize into the future with terrifying truth is the “Unrest in Long Valley Caldera, 1978-2004” David P. Hill study. Because the first geological system to go unstable in the continental U.S>. with highly unusual earthquake activity and earthquake activity increase along with the rising of the caldera floor of the long Valley caldera, is the Long Valley volcanic system and Mammoth Lakes area in 1978. The rest of the continental U.S. at that time in 1978, was basically normal & stable, with no out of the ordinary developments in changes in their respective geologic systems. The Long Valley volcanic system and Mammoth lakes volcanoes is only 190 miles west of the Nevada Nuclear testing ground. And with that terrifying situation, the conclusion, nuclear testing damage extending down in the earth’s interior has moved into the Long Valley Volcanic System and created the destabilization there in 1978-1980. The most scariest feature of this unrest at Long Valley is the Long Valley caldera floor rising and inflating. The magma in the volcano has increased volume & in activity and is pushing upwards in the volcano floor. What this means, is nuclear testing damage has created abnormal high pressure conditions beneath the ground at both the Nevada Nuclear Testing Site and the nearby Long Valley volcanic system, and the appearance of increased amounts of magma pushing upwards and inflating the caldera floor at Long Valley caldera, could be an attempt in the future to create a volcanic eruption that would reduce the increasing dangerous high pressure conditions of the volcano. Both kate Bush’ Breathing and Tori AMos’s Little Earthquakes appear to capture the attributes of what is occurring with the nuclear bomb explosion area of Long Valley California with 30,000 earthquakes appearing in the Long Valley region during these initial two or three years of unrest.
    What is eerie is the unrest at Long Valley stays rather confined and bottled up at least during the 1980s and starts to expand eastward during the 1990s. Maybe earlier possibly such expansion takes place also in the 1980s. Eventually affecting the Raton Basin in COlorado in 2001, the midwestern states geological systems in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Artkansas, texas 2008/09. And yet Yellowstone like Long Valley experiences an unusual caldera floor inflation about twenty years after the Long Valley one, commencing in 2000 or shortly thereafter.
    So the scary thing about all of this or a substantial feature is the rising of volcano floors. Because this could mean the high pressure conditions are increasing and with that could reach dangerous and catastrophic levels in the future, requiring at least volcanic activity to release lava onto earth’s surface in order to bring down the dangerous high pressure levels underground.
    With the 8.2 Chile quake that struck in Chile today, there is an additional phenomena involving two volcanoes in that region where the north Chile quake hit. The (1) Laguna del Maule Volcano in Chile and (2) Mt. Uturuncu in southwest Bolivia. Like Yellowstone and Long Valley, their calderas are experiencing an unbelievable astronomical caldera floor inflation in both volcanoes. And geologists do not know why. So Kate Bush’s Breathing nuclear bomb explosion phenomena that with apocalyptic features, embodied most notably present at Long valley with the caldera floor, evidently has spread into South America in regards to the two volcanoes, Laguna Del maule, and Uturuncu. The following mind blowing scientific report on the internet: “A caldera in the making? The Curious Story of Laguna del Maule” Erik Kemett: 11.01.13 Some mind blowing quotes from the article. the quote: “The recent activity at laguna del Maule suggest that something has dramatically changed within the magmatic system and Singer suggests that the whole magmatic system may have been replenished with basalt since the end of the last glacial period (10,000 years). End quote. What is increasingly mind blowing is the following quoted area from the study> The quote: “In his talk, Singer pointed out one thing I hadn’t noticed before about Laguna del Maule: its remarkable similarity in size and character to the Long Valley caldera. As I mentioned above, in terms of the footprint of the two systems and the types of lava flows that have erupted during different parts of their history, the two systems are eerily similar. ….[later]…..Modern monitoring of the ground surface via GPS and surveying has found that in the past decade, there has been 24-28 centimeters of uplift per year over the last 6 years. COmpare that with current “enhanced” uplift at parts of Yellowstone of that is measured in a few centimeters per year and you can see that laguna del maule is in the middle of quite a period of activity.” End quote. The chilling issue is, this massive uplift of the Laguna del maule caldera floor could be a feature of dangerously building high pressure conditions that resulted from nuclear testing in NEvada and now has spread and is a world wide phenomena.
    Now the real mind blowing data from the study. the quote: “However thats not all! Singer said that recent surveys using magnetotelluric methods that can detect areas of liquid (e.g. magma) in the crust have found that under the western side of the lake, where the uplift is highest as is seismicity, there might be at least 100 cubic kilometers of rhyolite magma at a depth of ~5-15 kilometers. Looking at the seismic data, it is likely that much of the magma is closer to 5 kilometers depth….[later]…Now that should get everyone’s attention.” End quote.
    In other words the amazing amount of magma and at such a short 5 kilometer depth could be an attempt to reduce already dangerous high pressure conditions from nuclear testing damaged mantle areas at Laguna del Maule. And this unbelievable feature at Laguna del Maule could increase over a thousand fold over the future thirty years. the magma is simply trying to spill out as lava onto earth”s surface reducing the amount of high pressure underlying the volcano system. That scenario is questionable at present time.but looking at what this article stated, it is not out of the ballpark of happening. Such an event would eventuallycollapse the earth’s surface destroying biological life including humans.
    A geographical nearby volcano in southwest Bolivia, Uturuncu has experienced the same unbelievable caldera floor inflation. THe following articles: “Rapidly inflating Volcano creates growing mystery” Live science. October 24, 2011 Andrea Mustain. some quoted material from the article: Uturuncu is already a 20,000 feet high (6,000 meters) volcano in southwest Bolivia. Scientists recently discovered the volcano is inflating with astonishing speed…[later]….Its one of the fastest uplifting volcanoes on earth de Silva told our Amazing Planet. “What we’re trying to do is understand why there is this rapid inflation…[later]…10 times faster than standard rate of magma chamber growth you see for large volcanic systems” Perkins told Our Amazing Planet.”end quote. And what is even more mind blowing, During the whole of the 20th century Uturuncu was assessed a dead volcano. It had no activity for at least 15-20 million years? probably around that figure.
    Kate Bush’s Breathing with nuclear bomb explosions expresses in her vision the earthly apocalypse will directly result from such nuclear bomb activity. And in chilling fashion the caldera floors of Long valley, Yellowstone, Laguna del Maule, and uturuncu could be affirming kate Bush’s apocalyptic vision. Because the unusual and in some case extraordinary caldera floor uplift with these four volcanoes could be from nuclear testing damage created high pressure conditions, that are expressing itself with the caldera floor inflation within these four volcanoes. Only time will play out the potentially chilling ramifications of these extraordinary recent geological developments.

  38. Harry Horton

    Kate Bush’s The Sensual World has an interesting meaning to the title. In that the word: “Sensual” tends to mean a spiritual attachment to the pleasures and temptations of the world around us. in Eckankar’s perspective, attachment of the world, perhaps better put as the sensual world, generates karma and spiritual and emotional distress and problems. The opposite of attachment, that is a human soul involved and immersed in the spiritual world is Nirvana. And kate Bush’s songs and videos are indicative of the subjects of karma attachments to the lower world plane which earth occupies, and also nirvana subjects in her songs crop up. Especially within the songs of her’s: “Love and Anger” and “the Fog”. Both songs are from the sensual world.
    “Wikipedia: Nirvana” supplies a lot of the information about the nature and essence of nirvana. Nirvana literally means; “Blown out’ as in a candle. In Indian religions, the attainment of nirvana is moksha, liberation from the cycle of rebirth. In the Buddist context, nirvana refers to the imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion have been finally extinguished.” end of quoted material from the wikipedia article on the internet.
    In the previous paragraph the fires of desire, aversion and delusion are spiritual attributes of the Sensual World. And with these spiritual attributes, karmic in essence, can create serious spiritual problems, serious enough that a human soul may find themselves in a flaming astral hell or prison with its fires engulfing one’s being. It sort of funny that in Kate Bush’s video, and song: The Sensual World, she is walking along a path, in the woods and she starts singing words from James Joyce. The Joyce words are of sexual desire and allusions, and the desire to eat foods like a crumbcake of some sort—these subject matter are contained in her lyrics of the sensual world. In Eckankar, the deadly passion of lust includes sexual desire and most interesting, desire for certain foods. Spicy foods and the like. Interestingly enough the appetite for such foods is a part of a deadly passion: lust. I think it is lobha or maybe kama the word for lust in Eckankar. Both probably are not correct. So the subjects of exotic foods and sexual desire appear in the opening visuals of the video of kate Bush’s The Sensual World.
    As she walks the path after these subjects are introduced, suddenly the fires of hell evidently start to open up in the forest area around her ambulatory path. The fire could be representative of astral hell fires. She becomes unsure of her steps, she stumbles, her countenance fraught with uncertainty and fear. Even perspiration breaks out across her face. So even this “Sensual World video visual progression” the content of nirvanna and the opposite spiritual state connections and attachments of the lower world, that is the Sensual World around us are present in the song. And with all of this, another Eckankar facet of karma and its attachments in the term of lust is present with nirvana implied in the backdrop of these video visuals of the Sensual World.
    Further exploration of the phenomena of nirvana. From “wikipedia: nirvana”.
    Phonetics – Nirvana is a compound of three phones ni and va and ne. >>>ni(nir, nis, nih): out, away from. without, a term that is used to negate. va: blowing, as in blowing of the wind and also as smelling, na: nor, never, do not, should not.
    Looking at some of the syllables there are some that appear in Kate Bush’s songs and album titles. Na: for example means never and this eternal state of nirvana possess the characteristics of never, a condition of timeless eternity. Kate Bush has an album called Never for Ever. And she uses the nirvana word never and combines it to ever, the ever meaning timeless and eternal as a spiritual dimension to the word.. So the result is never for ever. So once again here is an example of the Ecaknkar principles of nirvana present in her albums.
    What is fascinating, that in the sensual world, she has the song Love and Anger and THe Fog. In Love and Anger, anger also is ‘an attachment deadly passion’ and thus in this song from the Sensual World, the sensuous deadly passion is once again illustrated.
    The song from the Sensual World, the Fog is also interesting and has the karmic spiritual state inherent within it. THe opening lyrics goes: “You see, I’m all grown up now/ He said”just put your feet down child” cause you’re all grown up now.”/ Just like a photograph I pick you up/ Just like a station on the radio/ I pick you up/just like a face in the crowd/ I pick you up/Just like a feeling, that you’re sending out/ I pick you up…But I can’t let you go/You slip into the fog…This love is big enough for the both of us/The love of yours/ was big enough to be frightened of…” The Fog represents the confused spiritually opaque essence of karma and its conflicts that grasp the mind. What is interesting is Kate Bush leaves the issue of the “He” in the song open. It sounds like her father but she does not designate the He is her father. With this open quality the He is the Eck master most likely. Kate Bush picks the Eck master up in her mind like a photograph, or a station on the radio, or a face in the crowd, just like a feeling that the Eck master is sending out. These lyrics most likely are about the same Eck master that appears most prominently to Kate Bush in MWCHE. SHe sings in that song; I listen to a man that I never met before, ….he tells me all of his loves to eternity….I just took a trip with him. This same MWCHE manin his eyes that kate bush meets in her mind at the time in her retiring at night is most likely the same He in the song: The Fog. So with the Fog , the song from the Sensual world with all of its karmic attachments and pitfalls, the fog is a expression of attachment to the world around us and a clouded state of karmic essence within Kate Bush’s mind. And the appearance of the EcK master in the song the Fog is an appearance of spiritual guidance through the evils and karma laden world that is represented by the phenomena fog.
    What is interesting in later separate album, she uses the phenomena of Fog also as a central subject matter of a song. THe Morning Fog is the song. And in that song, the nirvanna items are most present. That is the items that are found in spiritual states of nirvana. She sings of the light begins to bleed, begins to breath, begins to speak. Breathing is connotative of spiritus, the holy spirit, God in the essence of light, and speaking as sound, sound being a manifestation of God. Light, Breath, and speak are all attributes of nirvana& God. And instead of the fog being a clouded state of karma, the fog in the song Morning Fog is one of nirvana the ooposite as in her song the Fog. THe Fog in the song The Morning Fog is transformed to divine essence of nirvana qualities, where formerly it was a lower world attribute of karma, in Kate Bush’s the Fog.
    This transition gives an emphasis of kate Bush’s the Sensual World album and Eckankar dimesnion, with karma being more prevalent and emphasized in the content of the songs. And with the song fromt he album, the Fog we find the Eck master appearing with guidance of spiritual essence to kate Bush within the karma state of the Fog. The fog is like the content of Be Kind to My mistakes. In Be Kind to my mistakes, the lyrics:we can do this together…, that is these lines address karma with the Eck master’s help and guidance…this line of thought is similar to the lyrics fromtthe Fog…THis love is big enough for the two of us. THe love being the kindness of enveloping the karmic mistakes indigenous to our spiritual natures with the Eck master’s help. So the Be Kind to my mistakes lines and the Fogs lies are essentially about the same thing.
    The use of Fog particularly initially in the song the Fog and later on another album the Morning Fog is an interesting transitional quality of how Kate Bush utilizes these two songs. She starts with the subject of the fog in the Fog as an attribute of evil and darkness, karma, and then later in Morning Fog, the fog is transformed to a nirvana state of spiritual divine essence. THe simple Nietzche principle of all evil is nothing more than energy in need of transformation. Evil converting to good, that is—and this phenomena is central to EcKankar also in terms of karma and karmic conflicts carrying out a purifying of the soul. These principles are present in kate bush’s song the Fog and transiting to later and subsequently, the Morning Fog, the latter with its nirvana essence to its meanings.
    An ABC TV NEws report with Dianne Sawyer on the CHile earthquake of past week, there was an interview with a four year old little CHilean girl. THe interviewer asked her: What did you think of the quake. She responded; The earth was dancing.” That image made me think of kate Bush’s Red Shoes video, where she can’t stop dancing. Because she did something wrong. It was as interesting interview.

  39. Harry Horton

    Some spiritual approaches that could hold enormous significance for understanding the spiritual and creative nature for Kate Bush. I did some genealogy research on my family line in England. The Horton family held an ancient character in England. THe earliest known documentation of the Horton family was in West Yorkshire dating back to 800, maybe earlier. Likewise, the earliest documentation of the Bush family and genetic line was also in Yorkshire, where earliest dates are 1181 and that date points to also most likely earlier centuries of Bush presence in Yorkshire. My family line the Hortons share this common area with the Bushs. THe two web sites: “Bush surname and Family History – Family Tree http://www.familytree“. (2) “Bush – select surname website html./. THe two web sites cite the origins of the Bush genetic line came from Yorkshire.
    The mind blowing thing about this is that as I study the Horton line, a lot of the information has potential relevance to the Bush genetic line. If one considered the spiritual principles of Eckankar, that humans are souls immersed and connected to spiritual process such as reincarnation and burning off of karma, these further spiritual facets could be considered with the Hortons ann Bushs of England. The earth and world around us with its human souls is a spiritual plane tied into the spiritual processes of other planes of consciousness & their operations. THis has some important ramifications for kate Bush and the Bush genealogy line in England.
    THe mind blowing issues is that the whole of the human race has been immersed in these spiritual processes as human souls for over 2 million years. At least in some species form, that is predecessor human species and humans themselves. So the processes of reincarnation, and karma has been ticking along in operation on the spiritual plane earth for all of these long millions of years or so for the human soul (2.6 million years is probably the most accurate figure). With that in mind, there appears to be a selected locale and point in time from these spiritual planes where the most important spiritual information will arrive that would have the most extensive far reaching implications for the future of the human soul in the history of spiritual human kind and its participation within the 2.6 million year long spiritual processes of ‘the human soul history of the world’. That locale is England & in the 1500s and 1600s and later in America in Massachusetts in the 1600s with the arrival of the Eck master Ismet Houdoni participating in these locales. The core of the spiritual information is that the existence of the human soul within the spiritual processes, most notably the reincarnation process and karma reduction, will cease to exist in the scant few centuries ahead. WHich leaves the issue where does the immortal human soul travel too, or soul travel too, in more accurate terms, when the earthly human soul no longer can participate in the world spiritually.
    For me, it seems West Yorkshire is a primary hub for these extraordinary spiritual events to take place. A major religious and political group, the Puritans emerged from Yorkshire in the 1500s and extended later into America, for example as exemplary of the major spiritual forces that were circulating in Yorkshire in the 1500s & 1600s. Ismet Houdoni could have ignited that group’ creation, in the spiritual plane of the world, that was centered in Yorkshire. as the spiritual plane county tied into further spiritual influences of the spiritual world led to the Puritans creation.. Kate Bush’s ancestors could have been participant with the spiritual influences of Ismet Houdoni in the 1500s and 1600s, particularly in West Yorkshire. And who kate Bush is today & with her songs that are replete with the subject matter of Shakespeare, and Eckankar principles could have received some sort of mystical influences from her Yorkshire ancestors of the 1500 and 1600s with Ismet Houdoni the Eck master at that time. In my own case I noticed that dating back to West Yorkshire and Northampton county and lancashire, the Horton and Houghton names were together geographical wise in these three counties. At least from the 1200 year mark. WIlliam Shakespeare’s spiritual training with Ismet Hiudoni could have occurred in lancashire with the Houghtons of Houghton towers, before W. Shakespeare showed up in London in order to write the plays. THe Bush family too like the Hortons had branches in Lancashire, the county where Shakespeare could have started his spiritual journey to India with Ismet Houdoni. shakespeare’s Lost Years period occurs at this time. A condition Jesus also experienced in his adloesence and early manhood.
    So I noticed Hortons and Houghtons had towns or settlements named after them, in Northhampton, Lancashire and West Yorkshire counties in England ranging at least from the 1200 year (most likely even earlier) to the present. The Northampton Horton group moved into Leicestershire in the mid 1200s. And Kate Bush’s branches of Bush name and people too were at least in Lancashire and Yorkshire for the bulk of this time. THe two same counties that had Hortons. Looking at these above facts in this paragraph, its appears that the Hortons and Houghtons, possibly other English families were coming together mysteriously, unwittingly, moving through the centuries along the operations of the spiritual processes emanating from the spiritual worlds, invisible as these worlds and processes are to human thought and perception, coming together to receive and participate spiritually with these new realms of spiritual knowledge involving the future destiny of the human soul’s spiritual development in the world and universe.. With one end in mind: to spiritually participate with Ismet Houdoni, and Ismet Houdoni’s knowledge that time was up pretty much for the human souls’ existence on earth as a being going through the fundamental process of reincarnation and burning off of karma. This whole spiritual process that has comprised the whole 2.6 million years of human soul spiritual existence draws to a close and these families & people in England in the 1500s and 1600s would participate with these spiritual circumstances & knowledge of extraordinary dimensions,—- that is are selected as human soul participants from the spiritual world and its processes, to get involved with these upcoming extraordinary spiritual events in England with Ismet Houdoni and his spiritual knowledge.
    That would mean after the 100s of billions of human souls over 2.6 million years of earthly existence, it all comes down to a relative few in England in the1500s and 1600s, and my ancestors, the Hortons and the Bushs potentially, as well as others–Houghtons could have been in that tiny pool of few, out of the 100s of billions of 2.6 million years. Whatever extraordinary spiritual influences or impact Ismet Houdoni had on these ancestral families or people of England. A way out there idea but it makes logical sense if one breaks it down after thinking about it.
    It is like the Hortons and Houghtons, of Lanchashire, Yorkshire, and Northhampton counties, were in place living together through the centuries from at least 1200- to mid 1500s and into the 1600s for a spiritual predestined purpose set at that earlier time, to eventually move forward into time in order to experience the presence and participation of the arrival of Ismet Houdoni the EcK master in the 1500s and 1600s in Engalnd. The Bush families too could also have been spiritually predestined also within this context. kate Bush later could be a recipient of these spiritual influences from her ancestors.
    The Horton and Houghton family groups living close by to each other intermarrying, in Northampton, Yorkshire, and Lancashire for centuries prior to the 1500 and 1600s has the character of a predestined planned arrangement from the spiritual worlds to be involved with the coming of Ismet Houdoni in England and these all important spiritual knowledge of the human soul transiting to another planet for taking up anew the human soul’s spiritual development. Because there is evidence that William Shakespeare was at Houghton Towers in the 1500s during his adolescence and most significantly his lost years could have begun from Houghton Towers in the 1570s through the 1580s. The Hortons and Bushs were present in Lancashire during this period and their involvement with the Houghtons and such extraordinary spiritual circumstances could have occurred. Ismet Houdoni could have been with William shakespeare at Houghton towers to commence such a spiritual training. the Hortons and Bushs too could have been involved with such activities with the Houghtons at Houghton towers, at various times. The name Horton as a town exists in Lancashire. Near Houghton towers.
    All this leads to the issue that I, a Horton descendent from these locales in England and Kate Bush also a descendent from these locales in England, such locales that could have the EcK master present in their areas (West Yorkshire and lancashire< primarily), Kate Bush and myself wound up with Eckankar influences and traits. Such traits and influences could have come from the ismet Houdoni influences from this era of the 1500s and 1600s. THe most prominent and outstanding attribute in kate Bush's creative nature it that her songs simply in a straightforward manner she relates the presence of the EcK master in her spiritual life, as secretive and background oriented as his existence is to her. MWCHE< the most prominent one, Love and Anger, Be Kind to My Mistakes, The Fog are just a few where this other man or person is present and has a significant part in the content of these songs as spiritually influenctial to kate Bush. That man is simply the EcK master. Perhaps the Rival poet too in shakepseare is the EcK master, but that is another story. So these facts introduce how did kate Bush get such a strong sensitivity to the EcK master in her psyche and consciousness. And with that question, remarkably her ancestors in England in the 1500s and 1600s could easily have participated in the presence of the Eck master at that time, Ismet Houdoni. These facts lead then to an interesting issue, that it could be plausible that some mysterious influences from England with her ancestors could have been handed down genetically to kate Bush, and one attribute of these 1500s and 1600s influences that she wound up with a high sensititzation to the appearance and influences of the EcK master today. WHo would be Sri Harold Klemp. These are the basic reasons that I have a substantial interest in kate Bush.
    As I was writing similar content in this area on the Royal Shakespeare topix board that I decided to write here, another commenter entered & wrote in on my writings, and she said: What does Paul and Harold think of [the certain subject that you brought up in the topix board writings]…I will leave out the subject, actually it was communism, I'll state here anyway, but that another whole area. In other words her statement might as well as stated: What do the Men with the CHild in their Eyes, that is EcK masters Harold and Paul think about communism". So the result of this is that I share a major common attribute with kate Bush. I and Kate Bush have a sensitive contact and heightened consciousness to the EcK master. She relates that in her song THe man with The CHild in Her eyes, I relate that relationship in the content of my writings on the Royal Shakespeare company topix board. ANd most significantly, the content in the posts, the other posts of mine entered on this Mankowitz article are also talking with the Eck masters Paul Twitchell and Sri harold Klemp, the men with the child in their eyes. So that is a major attribute that Kate Bush and I share. Did Kate Bush and I get this high sensitization to the EcK masters from our English Ancestors in the 1500s and 1600s? This (1) high sensitization to the EcK master thus is an attribute Kate Bush and I share. The content on this post is influenced by paul Twitchell and Sri Harold Klemp, most evidently. Just as kate Bush is influenced by the EcK masters in her songs as earlier stated like MWCHE. (2) The perfectionist trait, I have, and kate Bush has a prefectionist trait in creating her music. THis perfectionist trait could originate from mystical EcK master influences of Ismet Houdoni in the 1500s and 1600s that is handed down genetically & psyche wise from the 1500a dn 1600s. The repeating of ideas of mine that appeare in these Mankowitz posts is expressive of the perfectionist trait in combination with underlying karma and emotional blockages and conflicts. (3) kate Bush's spiritual creativity is creating music. My spiritual creativity is creating music. (4) High Anxiety and tending to retreat with paranoid essences are present with kate Bush and myself. With these similarities I have with kate Bush, the issue of what constitutes kate Bush and myself, psychologically and spiritually, the composite of who we are today, the issue could Ismet Houdoni mystical influences on our English ancestors in the 1500sa and 1600s create these similar traits between the both of us?
    One further fact, when my ancestor William Horton married Elizabeth Hanson in 1604 in West Yorkshire, the Hanson genetics were comprised of genes from katherine Brooke, and Agnes de Beaumont, that is Brooke genes and Beaumont genes in the Hanson pool. I believe later in the mid 1600s there was a Bush and Beaumont marriage in West Yorkshire. With those marriages there is a possibility I am genetically related to kate Bush from this era since Hanson genes contain Beaumont genes. Maybe other marriages too could have scattered similar genes with her that I have also in other eras.
    While doing these research areas on my ancestry trying to find any further traits or features that could contribute to my mental illness state ( I suffer schizoaffective disorder, so its a major health care issue that I try to assess every avenue of what can constitute wierd or paranoid thinking or my mental illness). Thus Kate Bush is a concordant beacon, or person that possibly could shed light on features and facets of my own mental condition because of the similarities I have with her in regards to the 1500s and 1600s english Ismet Houdoni line of thought. Even though a lot of the stuff written here is far out there and loopy and may not pan out with any factual basis, yet it also could. Its worth looking into for me.

  40. Harry Horton

    Kate Bush’s Man with the CHild in His Eyes could easily be about the Eck master. THe Eck master thus would be the most powerful spiritually embodied person on the planet and thus would be the primary and optimum source for addressing spiritual problems in one’s nature. She sings in the song that before she retires at night, he appears to her, and she says he is a man who understands all of her situations. He is also an individual who tells her of his loves to eternity. And also she takes what appears to be a soul travel trip to the planes of God with the MWCHE.
    All of this points to one fascinating fact. If one has Man with the child in His eyes for such massive spiritual guidance, one hardly needs the Bible, Torah, Koran, or any other religious text for spiritual guidance and resolve of ones spiritual difficulties. The man with the CHild in His eyes is the only being for one’s complete address to spiritual problems in one’s spiritual nature. The Eck master, that is, is the MWCHE and can deal with all of these spiritual problems. Thus with all of this there is no need for religion and religion’s inadequacy for confronting one’s spiritual problems is present, and this is a theme thus in MWCHE.
    There are three other artistic and religious areas and passages that relate this MWCHE theme just presented above. And hence the three areas are closely associated with the Kate Bush MWCHE content on this theme.
    THe first area: (1)THe Bible, Matthew 5;17-20. THink not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fufill. For verily I say unto you Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fufilled. …[Matthew 5:20:]…..For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes, and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.’ end quote. The line Your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees—-this is like saying Kate Bush’s contact with the EcK master, that is the man with the child in his eyes, with such contact she shall gain a further and more stronger and powerful understanding of the essence of God and his righteousness, than what can be found in the writings of the scribes and the pharisees or any religious texts Kate Bush comes across. Also Jesus thus participated with the EcK master at this earlier time in the middle east. Also in the Matthew 5:17 passage, Jesus states: THink not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets—which is another way of saying that Jesus is introducing himself as the Eck master (which he was not, that another story though) and that religious texts such as religious laws and the ways of the prophets, are inadequate with the coming of the EcK master(paraclete in Christian terms, the EcK master is) and the Eck master’s individual relationship to another human soul that requires no religious texts involvement. This fact is present in these Matthew lines. So in the above content, the Man with the child in His eyes themes are the same as in the above matthew passages.
    (2) Interestingly, later, in the 1500s and 1600s with Shakespeare’s arrival in England, the Eck master Ismet Houdoni appears too. As an EcK Master, a spiritual person thus, as such, as the EcK master during Jesus’ time in Judea. That EcK master of Jesus’time was a man called Zadok. Jesus tried to make himself into an EcK master but most likely fell short. And fell short of the real EcK master at the time Zadok, buts that another story and too much to get into here. And the following web site echoes the same theme as the Matthew passages of also. THe web site: “Ignastius Insight: Will the real Shakespeare please stand up?” Joseph Pearce. The web content contains thoughts by the literary philosopher Santayana. And the major subject that Santayana introduces in regards to Shakespeare is that there is no religion in Shakespeare. Alogn with the Santayan theme is the second idea: the EcK master emphasizes that only a relationship with him can get one into the God planes and religion falls short of accomplishing these ends—and this theme is present with Shakespeare slong with the no religion phenomena with Shakespeare. And thus this theme greatly gives impetus to the fact that Shakespeare’s works were heavily influenced by the EcK master at that time. Ismet Houdoni. THis santayana theme thus also is similar to Kate Bush’s MWCHE, the man that awaits for her when she retires and during that time she discusses spiritual situations with the Eck master. Kate Bush does not need religion when she connects up with the Eck Master (MWCHE) at the time of retiring, when they both discuss her spiritual situations. So the Santayana theme of No religion in Shakespeare has a lot in common with the MWCHE.
    (3) The third area occurs in West Yorkshire in the early 1800s. Emily Bronte’s No Coward Soul of Mine lines, relates the uselessness of religious texts to connect to the real essence of God. That is such real essences of God as kate bush relates, with the MWCHE and his ability to understand all of her situations. That is all of her spiritual situations. The Bronte lines: “Vain are the thousand creeds/ That move men’s hearts, unutterably vain/Worthless as withered weeds/or idelest froth amid the boundless main.” end quote. Like the Santayana theme and also the Matthew 5:20 passage: “For I say unto you, “That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees..” That is the scribe’s religious writings and texts need to be exceeded with the participation with the EcK Master that is the MWCHE in in order to make spiritual progress for one’s soul.

    The three above literary areas have many connections to the content of Kate Bush’s MWCHE. And also emphasize that the man with the CHild in His Eyes is the Eck master that naturally appears to kate Bush at time of retiring at least during her age of 12-13 years old when she wrote the song. And with such a significant spiritual connection no need of religion is necessary for such a spiritual participation.
    Also very interestingly note that in Engalnd in the 1500 and 1600s there is a strong presence of EcK master involvement and eckankar pricniples with Shakespeare. But it does not stop there. Later in England, in the 1800s in West Yorkshire, Emily Bronte relates in her poem No Coward Soul of Mine, strong Eckankar principles. That is the inadequacy of Religion to connect to the essences of God. These cited above Bronte poem lines are reflecting the same themes and ideas as Jesus related in Matthew 5:17 when he states that he has not come to destroy the laws or the prophets, which is another way of saying how vain the laws of the prophets and general religious laws are when it comes to connecting up with God. So later in the 1800s In England another artist Emily Bronte relates strong Eckankar principles in her poem No Coward SOul of Mine. This is an interesting situation and relevance to kate Bush.
    Because when Kate Bush started her career with Wuthering Heights, the only thing on Kate Bush’s mind was that she simply wanted to introduce a song whose content and theme were on the erotic attraction and relationship between Heathcliff and Cathy. Little did Kate Bush know that her subject of Wuthering HEights also had very strong affinities to Emily Bronte and Bronte’s participation with Eckankar ideas, that is Bronte as the conveyor of Eckankar principles and tenets. And that Emily Bronte’s soul and mind were immersed within Eckankar lore—where Emily Bronte got such strong understanding of that is anyone’s guess. Thus Wuthering Heights has a lot of common ground and association to the man with the Child In his eyes, with MWCHE’s eckankar content. Because the Man with the Child in His eyes is about Kate Bush’s spiritual connection to the EcK master and with that connection to Eckankar principles and content and lo and behold, Emily Bronte also like Kate Bush was immersed in Eckankar principles. So Wuthering Heights and Man with the Child in Hies eyes are in the same Eckankar principle and content areas and have the Eckankar connection and similarities between both songs. Even though kate Bush never considered any eckankar content or principles in mind when she chose to write and present Wuthering HEights. Her MWCHE definitely has EcK master content within it. But both MWCHE and Wuthering HEights are immersed within Eckankar lore and content as cited in the reasons present above in this post.

  41. Harry Horton

    WHo is the anonymous “you” and “he” in Kate Bush’s songs, especially the songs: Man with the CHild in His eyes, the Fog, Love and Anger. Most likely the he and the you are the EcK Master. And also fascinating there is the anonymous “you” and “he” in Shakespeare, especially his sonnets and Emily Bronte’s creative works, such as her poem No Coward SOul is Mine. Since the Eck Master is present in Shakespeare, Emily Bronte and Kate Bush, then the following historical theory could be true. The first appearance of the anonymous “you” and “he” occured with Shakespeare in the 1500s and !600s such as in sonnet 53, but also notably in sonnet 20, and this anonymous man is the Eck Master. The possibility there could have been some mysterious alteration of English people’s minds of psyches by the English residing Eck Master of the 1550 & 1600’s such EcK master Ismet Houdoni, that is such a mystical influence of his could be apparent and expressed in the states of Minds of EMily Bronte and kate Bush. Because the structure and flow of Emily Bronte’s poem No Coward Soul is mine, is basically the same as the structure and flow of the song:Man with the CHild in His eyes. Emily Bronte lived in the early 1800s iN West Yorkshire and that is 200 years later than the EcK master ISmet Houdoni’s presence in England in the 1500s and 1600s. Emily Bronte’s state of creative mind could have resulted from her ancestors meeting Ismet Houdoni and such ancestors being influenced by Ismet Houdoni’s mystical and spiritual powers. The highly spiritually senistized state of mind could have been handed down to Emily Bronte through, her ancestor’s genes in large part, handed down that is from her ancestral genetic line in combination with the psyche to the Emily Bronte of the 1800s. The same with Kate Bush, since the EcK master’s presence is well apparent within her state of mind and in her songs lyrics. Her ancestors, the Bush’s in the 1500a nd 1600s ,could havre been influenced by the EcK master Ismet Houdoni and such influences could be handed down genetically through the subsequent generations to present day kate Bush. Whether this is a far out, idea, with no little facts to validate it as a theory, there is lot of evidence to support it.
    (1) Shakespeare’ sonnets contain the ECK Master in his sonnets. THe sonnets written in the 1500s & 1600s. (2) Emily Bronte’s No Coward Soul is Mine, a poem that like Shakespeare carries the Eck master within its content too. If Shakespeare’s mind is influenced or altered mystically by the then present day eck Master Ismet HOudoni of the 1500s and 1600s, then there is a substantial chance EmilY Bronte of the later period: early 1800s possesses a same alteration of her mind by the Eck master Ismet HOudoni of the earlier and previou 1500s and 1600s. Becuase she —-i. has the Eck Master is her poem No Coward Soul is Mine. ii. THe structure and the flow of the poem is very similar to the structure and flow of William of Stratford Shakespeare’s sonnet 20 & 53, which have the EcK master subject contained within these two sonnets. The result of the above: Emily Brotne and WIlliam Shakepseare have fairly much the same structure of mind and even writing style delivery. The writing style delivery ,that is expresssed in the substance and structure of their poems are similar and expressive, leading to the apparent existence of similar strucutre of minds that Shakespeare and Bronte share.
    Furthermore Kate Bush likewise has the same strucutre and subject and flow of writing in her songs as Shakepeare and EmilY Bronte have in their poetry. Thus with Remarkable similarity Kate Bush has to the 1500s and 1600s Shakespeare and the early 1800s Emily Bronte, the 20th-21st centruy Kate Bush could be a recipient of mystical influences of the 1500s & 1600s EcK Master ismet’s spiritual programming in Kate Bush’ Ancestors that is handed down to descendents possibly, thus Kate Bush as such a descendent. THe following poetry and lyrics of Kate Bush, EmilY Bronte, and Wiliam Shakepseare further more illustrate these ideas with more clarity.

    EmilY Bornte’s No Coward Soul is Mine: verses from the middle part of the poem: “To waken doubt in one, Holding so fast [Thy] ….infinity, so surely anchored on/The steadfast rock of Imortaolity./With wide embracing love/[thy] …spirit animates eternal years/ pervades and brood above,/ changes, sustains, dissolves and rears/though earth and moon were gone/and suns and universes cease to be/ and [thou ]…..were left alone/ every existence would exist in….. [Thee]. End of quoted material. The content of the poem carries the anonymous “You or rather Thee and THou” who is the EcK master. Spiritually powerful, the world around the human soul Emily Bronte is immersed in the mystical presence of the EcK master. And the lines above are very similar to both Shakespere and Kate Bush.
    Example II> Kate Bush’s Man with the CHild in His eyes: the lyrics goes as: ‘I hear [him]…..,/before I go to sleep, and focus on the day that been/ Irealize [hes]….. there when I turn the light off,/ and turn over/ and suddenly I find myself/ listening to [a man]…../ I have never known before/ telling me about the sea/ oh [his]…. loves to eternity. end quote. The [he]…. is anonymous like the The and THou in EMily Bronte’s No Coward SOul is mine. The Eck master thus is the most likely the subject of the MWCHE. And the same sturcture and spiritual essecne Kate Bush and Emily Bronte share. And thus the Eck Master is present in both the BRonte poem and Kate Bush’s MWCHE. Also the [he] and [you] the Eck Master, in both works is presented in all encompassing spiritually powerful deimensions. A similarity between kate Bush and Emily Bronte’s two works. But once again most significantly the two works present a structure of mind that is the same for Emily Bronte and Kate Bush. And since the Eck master is present in both similar structures of mind of E. Bronte and K. Bush, the possibility that the EcK master could have created this state of mind, unique and spiritually sensitive, in both Kate Bush and Emily Bronte. The question, which EcK master? Ismet Houdoni of the 1500s and 1600s could have been such EcK master.
    Further Kate Bush song lyrics that relate the anonymouse and spiritually powerful you: The Fog. The Fog’s lyrics: “I pick [you]…up, just like a photograph/ Just like a station on the radio, I pick [you]…..up/ just like a face in the crowd/ I pick [you]…up/just like a feeling that [you’re]….sending out, I pick it up….” end quote from the Fog. (2) Love and Anger. The lyrics: what would we do without [you]….” the you is the EcK master. Thus two more songs that have the EcK master within it. Thus this extraordinary similarity and sameness of strucutre and mind between Kate Bush and Amily Brotne and Shakespeare, is presented with more extended furtherance in the additional two Kate Bush songs above: Love and Anger and The Fog. Illustrating once again the sameness of mind that Shakepseare, the 1800s Emily Bronte ,and the 20th and 21st century Kate Bush have in common with each other.
    The Shakespeare sonnet 53 carries lines that are the same in meaning to Emily Bronte’s No Coward SOul is Mine. The lines from Sonnet 53: ” What is you substance, whereof are you made, That milluons of strange shadows on you tend?…interruption, this idea of millions of strange shadows on you tend is the same thought of kate Bush’s Love and Anger lyrics meaning: “What would we do without you”. COntinuing though with the sonnet 53 lines: “Since everyone hath, every one one shade….In all external grace you have some part/ But you to none/ none you, for constant heart.” end quote. These last sonnet 53 lines meanings are the same in EmilY Bronte’s No Coward Soul is mine: “Though earth and moon were gone/ and suns and universes cease to be/ and thou were left alone. every existence would exist in Thee.” end quote. Every existence would exist in thee is the same as sonnet 53’s lines: In all external grace you have some part, by Shakespeare. Thus the same structure of mind Bronte has with Shakespeare in this example, with the Eck master as a similar subject in both Bronte and Shakespeare’s mind.
    Thus the issue; Kate Bush and Emily Bronte, and William Shakespere have all these simularities in their poetry and songs, and the EcK master present within all these similarities, the result: could the mystical influences of Ismet Houdoni on the psyches of Shakespeare, Emily Bronte and Kate Bush be a real fact. kate Bush and EMily Bronte could have inherited these EcK master sensitivities down through their ancestors. And their ancestors could have been mystically influenced, that is, their minds and psyches that is altered spiritually and mystically by the 1500s & 1600s EcK master Ismet Houdoni. In any case one major issue about all of this, that in the 1500s and 1600s there is evidence that another planet in the universe for….a group? …of spiritually senistized human souls to travel to in order to more eeffecitively carry out the spiritual development process could be apparent. Such a futuristic planet showed up in the works of Sidney and Shakespeare espeically. Sonnet 59, relates the Fair Youth with an advanced futuristic frame or body. And Sir Philip Sidney’s Astrophel and Stella, relates the presence of a planet, where biengs (humans of some sort) live on such a planet with more advanced virtous states of beings than humans. Sonnet 31 of Sidney’s relates these subject areas.The result of this is EmilY Bronte and Kate Bush with EcK master altered spiritual states and minds, upon their deaths, their souls could be booked so to speak for such a futuristic planet. The Astrophel and Stella route for further stronger spiritual development of their souls in the future, especially if earth dies out as could be the case in the middle part of the 21st century. Because with a 1500s and 1600s EcK master mystical influence state of mind, one area of the vast region of such EcK master influences from the 1500s and 1600s, the Houdoni influences, is a futuristic planet for the human soul. And kate Bush and Emily Bronte, and W. Shakespeare could be such souls travelling to such a planet, if the three were recipients of Ismet Houdoni mystical influences and such mystical influences carrying the futurist planet as a part of a spritual program for such sensitized and influenced souls. Kate Bush’s Rocket Man carries the idea of travelling to another planet and a another world, and WIlliam Shakespeare’s Dark Lady sonnets has as its embodiment the Astriphel and Stella phenomena subject present in his sonnets: 126-154. The grouping of sonnets of his, that is the Dark lady sonnets that is also known as the Astrophel and Stella subject presence in these Dark lady sonnets.

  42. Harry Horton

    The two Kate Bush songs: the Big Sky and Rocket Man have soul travel to other planets as a potential theme of the songs. This theme also comes with the apocalypse theme in Kate Bush’s Breathing. In the Big Sky the lyrics start out with the once again anonymous you. The you could be the EcK master. THese lyrics start as: “I m looking at the Big Sky/ You never understood me/ you never really tried” end quote. It seems Kate Bush is miffed at the EcK Master, claiming that The Eck Master never really tried to understand her. Yet this lack of understanding on the the part of the Eck master occurs with exploring the heavens by Kate Bush. Exploring the heavens, the stars and other planets is an action Kate Bush endeavors towards with the presence of the Eck master. The lyrics then continue: “Quick cause its changing in the big sky… cause we’re leaving in the big sky” The human race or a part of it at lest is leaving earth and heading to the Big Sky. For its future. After changes in the human soul is occuring. The futuristic planet theme is present in the Big Sky lyrics and video visual presentations.
    The presence of superman in the Big Sky video visuals implies a new futuristic type of human being on a futuristic planet. This superman character introduces a presence similar to Shakespeare’s sonnet 59: “What would the old world say of the composed wonder of your frame, when we are mended (made advanced and superior)> SOmething to that effect. Superman is a superior being to regular humans> characteristic that sonnet 59 also relates in regrds to the newly advanced fair youth. There is also a spotlight with an airplane traversing its lighted face in the video visuals of the Big Sky. The spotlight gives the impression of a separate future planet that exists in the Big Sky video visuals. The opening scene of the people waving goodbye to earth, gives the meaning that they are headed to a futuristic planet that crops up around the 2:00 mark. So the Astrophel and Stella theme is present in Big Sky, with such earth people going on a soul travel journey to take up in a new world, a new futuristic planet. Big Sky hence is the same as Rocket Man because ROcket Man has a seprate planet also in its content. And the astronaut transforms to a new type of person or man that is different than he the human back home with his wife and kids. Also one cannot raise the kids on Mars is a lyric in ROcket Man. THe kids represent future generations of human beings. WHich is saying future human beings or souls, different than the former human souls will inhabit the futuristic separate planet. Human souls of the earthbound sort will not exist in the future generations on this planet, that Rocket Man has made contact with. Once again the Astrophel and Stella theme is present in the Rocket Man song.
    Astrophel and Stella, a collection of poems and sonnets originally from the 1500s & 1600s Sidney has further expansion as the Dark Lady sonnets of Shakespeare also known as the Astrophel and Stella theme and subject matter which the Dark Lady sonnets are based upon. In Shakespeare’s Dark Lady sonnets the two fascinating themes and subject matter are: (1) The Dark Lady represents funerals, mourning, black, the death aspect of life. In this case the death of human life on earth. (2) Fascinatingly, this death oriented themes are combined with the starlover and star phenomena, that is the Astrophel and Stella subject area. The Astrophel and Stella subject introduces a new planet for the futurististic human soul to take up within when earth dies out. So in Kate Bush’s The Big Sky and Rocket Man, this astrophel and stella phenomena with earth’s dying out is present in both songs, at lest via strong implication. After all she did her song: Breathing that did have an apocalypse theme within it. And Breathing thus has the Dark Lady phenomena of black, mourning and the dying out of earth.
    As Rocket Man lyrics relate: The astronaut is on a timeless flight. The lyrics don’t make quite sense in a standard space travel endeavor where the timing, and time period of the space journey is calculated to a precise segment. Rather the more unusual timeless quality of time and experience is related. And the eternal is timeless, and this timeless word designtes more of an eternal human soul soul travel journey rather than a standard space flight.
    Thus Kate Bush’s songs Breathing with the apocalypse and her lab technician friends travelling to another planet, the song Rocket Man with an actual travel to another planet, and thirdly, the song: Big Sky with travel to a future planet with a number of human beings or souls making the journey. These three songs once again suggest a communicating of the Shakesperian themes of earth’s end, and the Astrophel and Stella phenomena with humans taking up on a futuristic planet. The fair youth in sonnet 59 has the composed wondrous frame mended, that is advanced and superior, compared to antiquated former human beings. THus the futuristic planet with this Brave New world environment spiritually waiting for the human souls, or some humans at least, in the future is present in sonnet 59. Kate Bush’s Rocket Man and the Big Sky evidently relate the Astrophel and Stella theme, inherent in the content of her songs, and with her EcK master senisitized mind that shapes her creative songs, she relates these substantial shakespere themes in her songs. The futuristic planet with an advanced human soul type long with the apocalypse.

    Additionally there are two astronauts in the group of people in the Big Sky video visuals. Space travel, to Stella for the Astrophel group is conveyed with the use and presence of the two astronauts. Meaning a future planet is the destined locale and arrival point for the people in the Big Sky song and video visuals.

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