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Kate adds 7 more dates to Before the Dawn live shows!

From the Guardian website:

“Kate Bush has added a further seven shows to her residency at the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith. She will now be playing 22 gigs in all.

The extra nights are 20, 23, 24, 26,27 and 30 September, and 1 October.

Tickets go on general sale on Friday 28 March, limited to four per person. Fans who registered with Bush’s website were eligible to apply for a pre-sale allocation of tickets, all of which were sold within 30 minutes today.”

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Seán discusses Kate’s announcement on Irish Radio


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  1. Sarah Davies

    Is it known if Kate Bush will produce a dvd of the show, for those of us that can’t get there?

    • Chrissie O'Neill

      Yes I fully expect Kate to release a full concert DVD – she will have ample footage from the many shows to give her fans who (sadly for me) cannot attend!!

  2. Kyle

    I’m still over the moon that I was able to get tickets during the fan sale this morning! Congratulations to everyone else who was also lucky…

    I’ll be traveling in from the US and have never been to this theater. Does anyone know how good the view from side, circle seating is at this venue? I was seeking stalls seats, but none were available for the dates I could attend.

    Again, just happy to be attending… I’m sure if my seats were “on the roof” I would still be pleased!

    • louis

      they’re just as good, even though i wanted stall seats too and i got seats to the left too. the seating is like an amphitheatre for best acoustics and viewing.

    • Stephen B

      Hi Kyle, Hammersmith Apollo is a kind of ‘oversized’ theatre, with just stalls and one circle. Think the view is pretty ok from wherever you are. I too got tickets towards back of circle row V (despite being the £75 ones) but if you have a look at the venue website there are gallery photos and seating plan under venue info
      Like you I am just happy to be in the room 🙂

      • Kyle

        Thanks Louis and Stephen!

      • Mark

        Ditto Stephen! I am just happy to be in the room too, I also got seats at the back on the date I could attend but still feel like I have a Wonka Golden Ticket!

  3. dave cloherty

    Hey Kyle, I paid full price for my tickets and I’m pretty much at the back of the hall. I saw Billy Connolly (the Scottish comedian) here a couple of years ago and to be honest they’re not great seats. I did expect to be closer to the stage for full price. Makes me wonder where the seats would have been had I NOT paid full price – you really couldn’t get much further back. Doesn’t help that my wife is partially sighted. Mixed feelings at the moment; I’m excited to be going but disappointed at the same time!

  4. Sara H

    Was lucky to get tickets in the fan sale, the best 40th birthday present I could hope for! Never thought I would have the chance to see Kate play live and am like an excited child at Christmas!

  5. Maarten

    I was lucky to get tickets too this morning, i’m travelling from The Netherlands and i don’t care where i sit, just happy to be there ! 🙂
    My tickets are way back, Block 1

  6. tony marks

    Can someone explain why the tickets are so expensive. You could see Bruce Springsteen twice for what is being charged. Obviously the market seems to be prepared to pay. Fortunately I saw Kate in 79 and the prices then were £2 or £5. I assume this time Kate will be sitting down at the piano for the bulk, if not all the show. I hope they broadcast the show at local cinemas at a reasonable price. Because I’m not prepared to pay the frankly exhortation prices the promoters want

    • Dave’s take on this: Tickets are £49 to £135… which is actaully at the lower end of concert tickets these days, Rolling Stones started at £300, Madonna avarage tickets £200, Kraftwerk started at £60… top tickets for West end shows £100… all depressing but true

  7. Clive

    I managed to get some tickets today from the pre-sale, was really excited but then the bubble was burst – Eventim really messed up on the seating. Paid full price for stalls, but been allocated circle standing at the very back – which I presume would have been in the region of £45 price range not £135. Very frustrating. Appears to have happened with a few people

    • Mikael Sjödin

      I hope you e-mail Eventim and complain. I have e-mailed them today. Let´s hope they reply with a rational explanation.

      • Clive

        I would suggest calling them. They are a bit like ‘I can’t say anything’, there is ‘nothing to say’ we ‘haven’t heard from the HO yet’. I’ve even suggested that I would be happy to switch dates to the later part of the tour to resolve the issue for them, before these tickets go on sale, but even that was met with a blank ‘err I don’t know’.

        Talk about a major FU on their part. They own the venue, they sell the tickets. This is really bad treatment to fans – they should be sorting this out ASAP not being so slow over it. It may all be too late next week.

        • Clive

          got allocated seats today

          Entrance: Stalls,
          Block: Stalls, Row: Y, Seat: 11,12

          • Barney Brown

            To be fair to the Eventim team, they are under a hell of a lot of pressure – imagine having literally thousands of KB’s fans demanding why the online booking screens crashed(??!!?), the phone line died, all because they were gazillions of people all trying to get thru at once.
            Main prob is that they are not allowed to let fans book extra seats-not that they were available- and if they did book them on line, more than 4 would be automatically cancelled by the promoters.
            one of the sales guys also said that they have upwards of 1050 plus emails all about the show!…and only 8 staff at one time to deal with it all!

          • Clive

            The only bone I have to pick with Eventim is that they manually allocated seats when everyone else allocated their own seats on a first come first served basis, therefore being placed at a disadvantage to everyone else. They should have allocated seats (or equivalent) to what was available at the point of the tickets being placed in my basket, not just giving seats at the back as that’s all they had – and that was, for them, the quickest solution. There were seats available as other suppliers (ticketmaster etc.) would have been allocated them, or they could have taken two of the hospitality packages and just given us the seats that would have been allocated to them. I suggested moving to another date (across all 20 dates) so as they could give seats that should of been able to get if the website did not have a problem. But to no avail.
            The problem was actually only with 12 tickets / seats out of the 11,000 pre-sale e-mails that were sent out. Not too sure if this was across all dates or just on my date so in effect their website worked amazingly – in fact I actually went back and bought two more seats on the Friday – on the same website – and had no problems and even got much better seats than in the fan pre-sale even though quadruple the number of people were applying.
            Out of all the ticket website I have used Eventim’s is so far the best, though rather expensive (booking fees etc.), one I have used.

          • Mikael Sjödin

            I think they are a little respectless. They don´t answer my e-mails, and now they have marked my e-mail address as “spam”…
            I would like to know the differences in seating related to the different pricings. There are not so many sections in the venue, but there were many price options. To choose the most expensive ticket option, one assumes not to be placed far back.

  8. Vincent Connolly

    I was lucky enough to get two tix via the pre-sale in stalls row AA. Frankly I don’t know if these are good fix or not, but I’m just glad to have them. I’m in Sydney, so I just need to work out time of work and air fix etc. If Kate announces Australian dates, I’ll be irritated lol

  9. Sally Wyllie

    I am ecstatic I managed to get pre fan sale tickets this am front stalls this is a once in a lifetime chance to see Kate Ive been a fan from the beginning and am so excited will be travelling from Scotland with my teenage daughter and will do some sightseeing in London too!!

  10. Mikael Sjödin

    I was also lucky to get a ticket this morning! I ordered the most expensive ticket (£135) and yet I got a seat as far back as row Y in the stall, so I was somewhat surprised and disappointed. But my seat is exactly in the middle of the theatre, so that was good, at least. I will be going from Sweden to see Kate Bush live for the first time in my life (and most probably the last too) so it will be worth it. I missed her when she played in Stockholm 1979, even though I had followed her from the very beginning when Wuthering Heights hit the radio stations in 1978. Being in former Hammersmith Odeon will also be special for me, since Ziggy Staurdust was put to rest there in 1973, and I have been a Bowie fan since 1975.
    Judging from the Eventim Apollo seating plan, I think it will be a pretty cozy experience with Kate, even in the back rows.

  11. 2 very good tickets bought – bank account emptied for the only reason I ever would.

    I’m still going to try for 2 more on Friday though!

  12. Vince

    tickets secured by a friend for 19th sept & we’re up near the front & was able to let another fan use my code to get tickets so as not to waste it but great news from Kate of another 7 shows yet more shocks & surprises & it gives everyone who wants to go a fair chance for friday morning. Seeing her at the convention in leicester square 20 years ago was a dream & this will be a dream come true – thanks Kate :). Good luck to everyone & hope you all get the tickets you want – ‘its really happening to ya!’

  13. Stefan

    My dream has always been to see Kate Bush live on stage. I’m 21, a student from Serbia, and when I found out about the tour I said that I would do anything to get the tickets and go to London. Now I got the ticket. I am thrilled…I am…I still don’t believe; I will wake up one day and I will finally realize that my dream will come true and I will cry because of the enormous happiness. September will be magic again!

    P.S. Does anybody know what an Admin ID is? I got that in my e-mail.

  14. Stephamitri

    Hoping to get 3 tickets near the front for daughters and I. Just have to be prepared to be disappointed (if we don’t get them or we do pay full price and are at the back). If we are one of the lucky ones, we can fix up our accommodation in London and our trains from up north. Just waiting and waiting for 9.30 on Fri. I am selling stuff on e.bay too to pay for it all if it comes off!! Oh the anguish of it all (be worth it tho)

  15. Chrissie O'Neill

    I’m in Australia – I’ve been a fan of Kate’s since the age of 9!!

  16. Stephen Singleton

    This is going to be amazing ! Rejoice , I have a ticket , I don’t know where it is in the venue and I don’t care . I am just so happy .

  17. Linner317

    I live in Salt Lake City Utah and will BE THERE. I’ve wanted to see Kate as long as I’ve been a fan. This will be an amazing night! 🙂

  18. I am gutted that I wasn’t successful yesterday. I got to the point where I could choose tickets 3 times and each time the site crashed. I hope that the 7 new dates will have some allocation for people registered with
    No matter what I am remaining positive about securing tickets tomorrow morning.
    It’s a life changing event for all of us KB fans and if you check out my blog you will see how important she is to me:

    • Decimus

      I also had problems on the website. I emailed the venue and they sent me a new code and I was able to snag a ticket. You must contact the venue as I am sure they will help you.

      • davidly

        Hi, Decimus. What was the address you used? I wrote to
        but haven’t got a response.

        • Decimus

          The SAME email address you listed.
          Here is what they wrote….and thankfully I was able to purchase a ticket.

          Dear Customer,

          Thank you for your email.

          We are aware that you have contacted us to say that your experienced problems with your fan presale code; here is a new code to use for the presale. This code is valid until 6pm (GMT).

  19. davidly

    I’ll be in the Stalls, row Y… but there is a biiig catch; that is, my partially self-imposed melodrama is not quite at an end.

    You see, a friend who is not attending, was kind enough to lend her credit card to me to pay for my ticket, since I only have a debit card myself. Anyway, online payment options do not include putting my name in the billing address since the card does not belong to me. So I am mega paranoid that the name attached to the ticket will not be mine even though it is to be delivered to my name and address (the greeting in my email confirmation was my friend’s name, of the billing address).

    Being in Germany, I cannot get through to the 0844 number, so I sent a query via email to customer service hoping they will either say there is nothing to worry about, or that they will update the ticket.

    Longer version: At the last minute I decided to try for the first show; I thought it would be a real kick to witness Kate on her very first night after all these years. Anyway, as I said, I was using a friend’s credit card info, and when it came to the verification page, at which point it asked me three questions I didn’t know the answers to, I had one minute left! I called my friend in a panic; before she could even figure out what was going on, my order timed out.

    Fortunately, I hope, I was able to go in again and again (the longest version of this story is just too much), reusing my code each time. Considering how long it took me to finally complete payment successfully, I assume I am lucky to have gotten anything at all. That is, if this story is to indeed have a happy ending. Two-hundred euros plus the cost of a flight is an awful lot to pay only to be turned away at the door.

    I hope to see one or many of you at “the gig” !

  20. Clive

    Just been allocated seats after thier crap booking system FU

    Entrance: Stalls,
    Block: Stalls, Row: Y, Seat: 11,12

    I wonder were we would have been if they hadn’t had an issue?

  21. Nanette

    So glad to see A Rose Growing Old got tickets!

    To all the people grumbling about the website–whenever something REALLY important has to be done on line, a website almost always screws up. There’s a law, or something.

    • Thanks Nanette – it means a lot to me (possible understatement of my life)

      There’s only one Kate Bush

      but (thank goodness) there’s a second Tour of Life

  22. Decimus

    People are referring to terms like “circle seating” vs. “stall seating”. I am not sure what that means. I was lucky enough to purchase a seat for the 16th of September show, and have been the email confirmation reads as follows: Circle Seated Circle Block 4. From the theatre layout it appears that it is in the balcony. Do the Brits have another term for the American term balcony?

    • davidly

      Thanks for the answer above, Decimus. Not sure if it is British terminology so-much as style of theater layout, but I think that in this case circle is, in fact, similar to balcony or terrace, with the difference being that some theaters have the stalls (or orchestra level), then the circle above that, mezzanine above that, and then balcony at the top.

      Fortunately, the Hammersmith Apollo is a bit simpler; just stalls below and circle/terrace above that:

  23. Filipe Silva

    I will also try to get a ticket with a friend’s credit card – can anyone confirm this to be ok in terms of actually getting into the venue or am I going to run into trouble?

    • davidly

      I still haven’t received an answer back about this. I suppose you could put your name under “billing address” and “delivery address”. I didn’t do this because I was afraid that it would be rejected for not matching the credit card owner’s name and address – even though you put the credit card owner’s name down with the credit card info, also.

      Maybe I’m worrying about nothing. Maybe my name under “delivery address” is enough. But based upon the emphasis they have put on IDs at the venue, it had made me nervous. Plus, I have written the customer service about this twice and received no answer.

      The only advice I can give you is to try to have your friend with you when you do it. There is a good chance that after you enter the credit card info, you will be asked questions to verify authenticity. Mine had three questions with choices from drop-down windows.

      • Decimus

        I think A LOT of people are in the same position as both Davidly and Felipe. No where on their website does it say that the “lead booker” must be the person who pays for the ticket. In fact I can’t even find a definition of “lead booker”. Since you have over 4 months to clear this up, it may make a be worth your while to not only email but post them a letter detailing your situation. In return they could send you a letter with someone’s signature on it allowing you permission to enter with your ticket. Which you will present to someone along with your ticket. You certainly don’t want to just show up without a document supporting you. It could be tragic. We are all coming from around the globe and will be worrying about so many things like airfare, hotel, babysitters, and in my case a cairn terrier sitter to worry about actually getting inside.

        • davidly

          Well, I got this from customer service:
          Dear Customer,

          Thank you for your email regarding tickets for Kate Bush at the Eventim Apollo, London this summer.

          Whilst we sympathise with your request, we are unable to change the name on your booking as the promoter has set strict limitations on this event.

          “The name of the lead booker will be printed on each ticket. The name cannot be changed once the booking has been made. The lead booker will be asked to present ID to gain entry into the venue. Failure to adhere the terms and conditions may result in the customer’s order being void. There are no exceptions to this rule.”

          Please accept our apologies.

          Kind regards…

          Note that I was addressed as “customer”. I think I will follow your advice, Decimus, but first I have responded to the response, asking what name is on the booking and pointing out that “booking” and “billing” are not necessarily the same thing. I mean, I booked the ticket, even if I did use a friend’s credit card to do it.

          I hope you’re right and that enough people are in this position that they take note and rectify the situation.

      • Filipe Silva

        Thanks so much – I will keep you posted. If I get a ticket I’ll be going from Porto, Portugal.

  24. Patrick

    0945 and all but the hospitality seats have gone it seems…

  25. Andy Semple

    Sadly didn’t get any tickets, oh well! Unfortunately, I was registered on Kate’s website with my old work email address, so didn’t get a chance with pre-sale. I do wonder though how many corporate clients will be there without an interest in Kate? The ticket website kept on crashing for me this morning, typical!

  26. duffeldoffel


  27. I still can’t believe I’ve managed to grab a ticket, and aren’t ashamed to say I’ve burst into tears on a couple of occasions today…
    Honestly, I’ve NEVER been so happy about getting a concert ticket in my life!

  28. Rob Godwin

    My bucket list just got a major check mark penciled in. Flying in from Canada with wife and daughter in tow for the only artist in the world I would do this for. Thank god for the fan club presale. I hot wired my computer to an ethernet line rather than Wi-Fi, and stumbled across the fact that you could activate the code before 9.30, although you couldn’t book tickets yet. So at 9.30 (5.30 am here) I opened a new tab and bam, there were all the nights blazing green. By 9.30 and ten seconds I had chosen my night and was filling in my payment details. At 9.31 my credit card bounced (!) My darned bank were being way too clever about fraud. Thankfully it instantly asked for another card, which I gave it, and by 9.32 I had seats at the back of the stalls. So my 2014 family vacation just got decided in less than two minutes. No way I was missing this. If she’d announced one show on Mount Everest I’d be running up that hill.

  29. Eugene Yang

    I am a fan for 30 years but were not registered on the official site and couldn’t get a ticket in time. I have booked the flight to London but still searching for one ticket, for any show before 10-Sep. If anyone has a friend or family member that can’t go, please, please contact me. I am willing to pay premium for the ticket.

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