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Seán discusses Kate’s announcement on Irish Radio

I was asked to chat to Dave Fanning on RTE 2FM this morning, Ireland’s national broadcaster. Dave certainly fired plenty of questions at me but I tried to represent Kate and her fans as best as I could! You can hear it in the clip below. (with thanks to Peter for the audio clip)

Fun fact: Irish broadcasting legend, Gay Byrne, gets pulled into the conversation at one point as he wandered down the studio corridor. He famously interviewed Kate on her only Irish TV appearance on the Late Late Show in March 1978, but seems to have forgotten about it! I’ve included the clip of him chatting to Kate below…


MASSIVE NEWS! Kate announces live residency at London’s Eventim Apollo


Kate adds 7 more dates to Before the Dawn live shows!


  1. Sean M

    Hope you did manage to get a ticket, Sean!

  2. Colin

    Great interview Seán! Nice hearing your voice 🙂

    Through it all I kept thinking, “did he get his tickets???”.

    So glad to read you did!

    After your youtube link was a further link to a doc on her first tour I’d never seen. So amazing to see Kate as a 20 year old preparing 35 years ago for such a groundbreaking show. Shocking to see just how focused and in control she was at such a young ago!

  3. Eamonn

    Great to hear Dave Fanning drag Gay Byrne into the interview. Seán – great interview – I thought Dave Fanning did ok for 2FM morning radio….

  4. Sean M

    So many broadcasters and journalists lazily recycle those same old inacurate tales about kooky, reclusive, perfectionist Kate… refreshing to hear those yarns challenged. You came across so well, Sean – well done and thanks.

  5. Alberto

    blimey, how can someone or anyone forgot about interviewing Kate Bush?

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