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April Fools!!!!! Report: Kate “transforming” Eventim Apollo into “controlled water environment” for concerts

The following ‘report’ was fabricated by myself, Seán, earlier this morning. Thanks for taking it in the spirit it was intended! Obviously myself and HomeGround promise as always never to rely on rumour or unverified sources to bring you the latest Kate Bush news. Anyway, here is the FALSE report I posted this morning, for April Fools Day – Seán

A source this morning reports that Kate is working with the management of the Eventim Apollo to turn the venue into what is being described as a “controlled water environment” for part of her London shows. The Apollo, formerly the Hammersmith Odeon, seats more than 3,500 people and will require an extensive re-fit including under seat tubing for “splash effects” as well as an enormous “tropical” roof sprinkler system. Meetings are said to be taking place with at least one leading US film effects company to synchronise these effects at key points during portions of the show believed to be taken from ‘The Ninth Wave’ suite of songs.

Unconfirmed reports also suggest the production team have been instructed by Kate to hire an unprecedented amount of working life jackets for her run of shows which begin on August 26th and run for 22 nights. More on this development as we get it.

Other Kate-related April Fool pranks that we heard of included:

Radio Carmarthenshire & Scarlet FM Presenter Jay Curtis decided to announce on his radio show that singer Kate Bush had announced a further one-off special gig in Carmarthenshire this year, in addition to the 22 shows previously announced at the Apollo, Hammersmith, in London. Thousands of listeners gathered at a local ticket office to buy the tickets…

eFestivals claiming Metallica were to headline Glastonbury, playing Kate Bush songs: Gigwise they reported that the metal icons would be headlining Worthy Farm, claiming that Michael Eavis called them up to say: “Then it came to me, a way to have them headline and not be too metal, by not playing their own material. So that was it, proper job, Metallica will be headlining The Pyramid Stage this year, doing the classic Kate Bush album ‘Hounds Of Love’ in full, plus a selection of hits from Kate Bush’s back catalogue. Personally I’m shaking in my shorts with excitement!”


Kate Bush – Before the Dawn Live: Twenty Two Dates Sell Out in 15 Minutes!


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  1. Avatar


    I hope she does “Waking The Witch!”. I always thought it would be a suitable stage performance.

    • Avatar

      Lee Walton

      I was thinking exactly the same- and Waking the Witch would be very dramatic on stage!

  2. Avatar


    It must be fun even if the shows recommend the audience to wear a water-proof stuff during the show. Or does this mean each audience would receive a souvenir of life jacket at the entrance??!!!

    • Avatar


      I can see in years to come! Ebay! Original life jacket from the rare KB concert in 2014 starting bid ££££’s

  3. Avatar


    nice try. lol.

  4. Avatar


    Well done, another scoop! Had a good laugh with this 😀

  5. Avatar


    :-D. Good one.

  6. Avatar


    I was planning on wearing my evening flippers anyway, so it works for me 😉

  7. Avatar


    Sorry, what day is today again?

  8. Avatar


    Hahahahahaha! Nice one Sean!!

  9. Avatar

    If only this was true : ) x

  10. Avatar


    I’ll bring my Speedos then 🙂

  11. Avatar


    you got me on this one – forgot it was 4.1. nicely done.

  12. Avatar


    April Foooooool’s Day!

  13. Avatar


    The thing is that it wasn’t dis-believable (pardon the pun)

  14. Avatar


    This is especially good because so many of us – me among others – would like to believe we are getting something really dramatic and unique and a bit weird.
    Seán, if you do this sort of thing on any other day than April 1st, an unprecedented amount of working life jackets will be carefully inserted inside you via the orifice of your choice 😀

  15. Avatar

    More on this development as we get it

    Or perhaps not!

    Nice one

  16. Avatar


    Of course she’ll have to sign all the life jackets!!!!! 🙂

  17. Avatar


    I will bring swimfins and snorkel…

  18. Avatar


    Sean, a good one !

  19. Avatar


    Oh, of course. The best thing you can do to a theatre that was just refurbished at a cost of 5 million is drench it in water.

  20. Avatar


    wishy washy wishy washy ……..maybe turn it into a giant washing machine?

  21. Avatar


    you, naughty naughty boy!!! 😉

  22. Avatar

    NJ Morgan

    Argggh! so disappointed now. I was really buzzing yesterday at the prospect of The Ninth Wave being staged. Not entirely amused by this!

    • Seán

      Hi there, Kate has confirmed that The Ninth Wave is part of the show. Also, she recently stated that The Ninth Wave is “about a woman who is lost at sea but is rescued in the end” see this screenshot from her official site here:

      • Avatar

        NJ Morgan

        Ooh great. Thanks ever so much for clarifying this Sean. I had missed that announcemernt on the official site. The April fool stunt is forgiven :o) I do hope Kate will be staging the full ‘Ninth Wave’ not just a selection. Time will tell.

    • Avatar

      Michael E.

      Agree. Since there is so much enigmatic aura around Kate whether pre-fab or self induced by her loyal followers, I found that bit such a letdown. When I read of the false plans I was feeling elated. And even though I was not a ticket holder, I found this news to be so “over the top Kate-like” that yet I felt joy for those who might experience this concert event.

      Not wanting to impart any negative feelings on this wonderful website that breaks important news about Kate. But we all need to be careful with any news since there is such a mysterious hold on all news Kate. I respect and appreciate that control but keep in mind that we all hold our breath every time we access this website for timely and relevant news about Kate.

      Let’s keep it sane and relevant.

      And just in case: to all who maintain and keep this website relevant about a most admired and revered Kate. Thanks! In no way should my comments be taken as negative. In the days before this website and internet, I visited record shops in America on a regular basis. Here, in the US, we found Kate’s records by happenstance and serendipity. I first saw Kate on SNL back in the 70’s when she sang MWTCIHE while lying on a black grand piano! After that, she rolled the ball to me!

      You perform a valuable service to all!

      Thanks for listening!

      Michael E.

      • Avatar


        Thanks Michael
        I really got a lot from reading your post.
        The more I read about tickets, the more it saddens me that TRUE fans were unable to acquire any. It saddens me even more that people would buy tickets with the intention of just selling them on for a higher price or were just a “must have” item for self indulgent rich celebrities who have no real conception about what Kate’s work is really about and just want to be seen at the latest event. But hey ho this is the world we live in and it aint going to change for the foreseeable.
        Thanks goodness for the fan conventions. I remember back in the early 90’s going to Hammersmith La Palais to a KB convention around the release of the Sensual World. It was fantastic and all of Kates musicians and her PA Lisa were so approachable, mixing with the TRUE fans and enjoying the day. An yes we saw Ms Bush herself at the end of the event. Thanks to the folks who organise these fan based events and may we have more in the future for TRUE sincere and loyal fans to appreciate.

  23. Avatar

    NJ Morgan

    … though I must admit I was puzzled why life jackets were involved – the person in The Ninth Wave drowns!

  24. Avatar


    she doesn’t drown she is rescued ..eventually

  25. Avatar


    Then you mean that since “And dream of sheep” to “The morning song” Will be sung for sure? Or that is a fool’s scoop?

  26. Avatar


    Nice Sean!! But hope the ticket price contains the cost to build such a kind of extra production exclusively for Before The Dawn.

  27. Avatar


    Funny. I honestly had a dream last night that Kate made the stage part into a pool/sea.
    Then I read this today(!?) strange phenomena.
    If only it could be true. Kate would really be ‘out Kating’ herself.
    Fact: she’s doing 9th wave and she’s involving a theatrical director. So although it probably won’t be Kate dancing in a catsuit (shame) it will have theatrical elements.
    What else will she sing though?
    I’d just love her to do all of The Dreaming and 9th wave, finishing off with RUTH.
    It would be a travesty to miss out The Dreaming-it is her deepest, darkest, most intelligent, electric and dramatic and emotive album. Can you imagine her doing DREAMTIME on stage? Bring me the smelling salts!

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