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Site Exclusive! Brian Cloughley designs a beautiful Tour of Life infographic

This may have passed some of you by in the Before the Dawn madness of the last couple of weeks, but our immensely talented designer friend, Brian Cloughley, has put together a beautiful infographic celebrating the Tour of Life in 1979 (which is 35 years ago now). Thanks Brian!

Check out more of Brian’s work, including other fantastic visuals he has created for at his page here.

Kate tour infographic


April Fools!!!!! Report: Kate “transforming” Eventim Apollo into “controlled water environment” for concerts


An extraordinary couple of weeks…some of the headlines


  1. wonderful infographic! but did she really play in cologne/gürzenich? i know it was planned but as far as i know the concert was in duisburg instead.

    • DAG58

      You’re right! She never played in Cologne (Köln) – Gürzenich. I’ve been in Duisburg at the Mercatorhalle on May, 7th. 1979. Ticket price was 24,00 DM! The tour poster and ticket are still hanging at my wall…
      12719 days later I will see her again!!!

  2. Michael G

    Thank you!
    That’s a wonderful info graphic! And with so much information, a lot of which I’d never heard about. As I/we contemplate what Before the Dawn will feature (what will the format be? what will the setlist be? other than Kate, what will be the make up of the band, dancers, etc) it’s great to be able to go back and look at how it all happened last time!

    Now please roll on August/September… 🙂
    Thank you Brian.

  3. Brian Swanso

    Went to 3 of those concerts….Get in there. Couldn’t do it now too expensive but managed to get tickets to 1 show….Can’t wait to see whats in store……

  4. Decimus

    Guilty as charged….with all the concert excitement lately I missed this post. Brian’s work is amazing…I had no idea he was the one responsible for the “Aerial” period work on this page…the work he did with Kate and the birds is incredible.

  5. Nanette


  6. Harry Horton

    The 1979 tour of life concert had a lot of mixed and varied visuals within it, such as Kate Bush firing a rifle into the air, and other random scenarios, almost came close to being an opera in a sense. Save for the fact the songs and their stage visuals are of different subjects. Thus how much of the design and flow of action will be based on the TOur of Life concert is something to wonder about. It sounds like she will have a lot of strong creative influence, such as the Royal Shakespeare company director handling the staging. ANd thus how many singers & other musicians too will be involved. One singer that fascinates me is a 19 year old girl Bethan Louise Horton facebook. An April 16, 2014 video entry of hers: THe Vamps-Last Night (Official Bethan Horton Cov.) conveys the substantial strength of her voice, even though at times when she hits the high scales, she loses the polish and some of song comes off like a shouting, but still she’s got some lungs. She could be a consideration as far as I am concerned for a background role. If Kate Bush has singers and musicians to perform, she ought to think about obtaining singers in the 19-23 year old range. Because that creates and attracts the today’s younger generation’s immersion into Kate Bush’s music. Most younger music lovers are yet acquainted with Kate Bush. And Bethan Louise Horton and other young teenage singers could bring about the more present day youthful involvement and participation with kate Bush’s music. An important dimension to consider.

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