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First glimpse of Kate’s special fan ticket may give ‘Before the Dawn’ clues…

Today fans have started to receive the first batches of tickets being sent out. If you were lucky enough to order your ticket from the Eventim website – you may be aware that they sometimes produce a special “fan ticket” with collectable artwork on it that people can keep as a momento of their evening.

Kate has clearly embraced this idea, and interestingly seems to have revealed some of the artwork or possibly visuals associated with her Before the Dawn shows in the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith.  As this may be considered something of a spoiler for some you’ll have to look at the image after the following jump.

***Possible spoiler image after this jump***




[Picture credit: Joanne Wallace – thanks Joanne, you were the first!]

We see starfish and seaweed in a sea of stars….

Fan Ticket (detail)

“The stars are caught in our hair
The stars are on our fingers
A veil of diamond dust
Just reach up and touch it

The sky’s above our heads
The sea’s around our legs
In milky, silky water
We swim further and further….”

Ticket detail


BBC4 to broadcast new television documentary on Kate


Edinburgh Fringe Show “Cutting Off Kate Bush” now on…


  1. Sandra

    Thank you! This is so fantastic!

  2. Richard Armour

    As someone who lives in Johannesburg I was never going to be able to make the shows. So my question is – Will there be a DVD of the shows released ?

  3. Radioorange

    Mine have also arrived. So excited x

  4. davie

    I am at work: if the dog has chewed my tickets waiting for me at home she is in big trouble.

  5. Gary Alexander

    Received my ticket as well. Can’t believe it’s less than a month before “before the dawn”

    • Tim

      My tickets arrived today also, 2 days after my email confirming dispatch. Only 4 weeks to go!!

  6. David Rafferty

    I was delighted to receive my tickets and discover ,that as I had hoped ,the ticket is a “collectible ” detailing a colourful artwork of an underwater scene that may have a tenuous link to the whole “Fish People” aspect.Counting down the days and planning to avoid all reviews until I can make my own judgement on each of the nights I will attend.

  7. James McC

    Can anyone spot the KT symbol?

  8. Lise Gerrard

    Disgusted that Disabled Access tickets will be plain & not the beautiful “fan tickets” my able-bodied fellow fans have received. Have written an email to Eventim, but as yet haven’t received a reply. Sad as I am not the only disabled fan who will be left feeling cheated.

    • Anders

      Wow. Disgusted and feeling cheated are strong words. Of course it should be for all tickets, but have to say that’s a strong reaction. Especially considering it’s a nice little surprise for most people, and not something anyone is either entitled to, knew about or has paid for.

  9. I think that everyone is entitled to the artwork fan tickets. I’m with Lise on this.

  10. masanori

    Thank you very much Seán and for handling (possible, probable) SPOILER like this. I don’t want to see any hint. As less as possible!

  11. Mingus 42

    Played ‘Mr Postman’ by the Carpenters, and then the postman actually came! I can’t open the envalope now, just too excited, because it’s all so real.

  12. Jamie

    I bet she planned on using the promo pic of her in the water before the Daily Mail waded in and spoiled it for everyone…

  13. CrimsonCrow

    “…a nice little surprise for most people.” !?!? People are supposed to think “how nice, most people get more than other people? I find that outrageous (a synonym for “disgusted”)! How is it ever OK to single a group of people out and give them something less than what others get. Sounds like “cheating” them to me.
    I would feel disgusted and cheated if my name were, say “Anders” and they sent plain tickets to everyone named “Anders.” Why is it OK to single anyone out for plain tickets. Kinda disgusts me that we still do that in the 21st century; disappoints me and leaves me feeling cheated that fellow attendees of the Great Kate’s ‘Before the Dawn’ shows will get less than I do.
    I hope, for the joy of all of us, the Eventim will make this right.

    • Anders

      I guess it pleases you to further flame your own indignation and distort what I wrote when what I said states clearly, black on white: “of course it should be for all tickets”. I’d love for everyone to have everything. My only message was to say I don’t think it’s a big deal, and there’s some overtly strong language going on here. But if you want to spend time, energy and emotions being disgusted, outraged and disappointed, all these quite negative things, then by all means. I wish people wouldn’t. I am focused only on the concert experience and having a really good time.

  14. TwinklyJules

    Received my fan ticket this morning – the art work is beautiful and I am SO looking forward to being there next month !!

  15. David

    One of my tickets was booked through See Tickets and is just a plain ticket. It seems to be just the tickets bought through Eventim which have the special design.

  16. giulio

    I received my tickets a few days ago and the artwork is very lovely!
    Unfortunately, they printed the another person’s name on my tickets,
    so I am now trying to see it through…. /:

    I wish anyone had received the fan/artwork tickets.

  17. Jon

    Got mine i am so happy, thought it would never happen, lifetime dream, one very happy man. Jon

  18. neil

    not got mine yet

  19. neil

    not got my tickets yet

  20. neil

    got my tickets\…plain green

  21. I received my four tickets yesterday, with the artwork as beautiful as shown here and my name clearly printed front left. I purchased them through Eventim’s presale.

    I’m wondering: how many Dutch fans have been as fortunate? Does anyone have a clue how many nationalities will be in the audience?

  22. davidly

    My thoughts exactly, Seán: “We dive deeper and deeper…”
    – as well as –
    “Tiefer, tiefer.
    Irgendwo in der Tiefe
    Gibt es ein licht.”

  23. Carl

    Mine arrived today! Really love the artwork, doesn’t spoil anything for people like me who want the whole thing to be a surprise! Sooo excited now! The big night is so close!

  24. Michael Carvalho

    Got my tickets here in the States yesterday, the cool starfish tickets. I was so happy, as having the tickets in hand makes it seem that much more real (though it won’t be completely real until September 24th!).

  25. Jacqueline

    Received my tickets and am just thrilled and feel very lucky to be going to see my favouite artist for the last 36 years.

  26. Alagar

    I also got my beautiful tickets for the 5th & 13th September. Absolutely thrilled & counting down the days! It is a shame that not all the tickets have the special printed artwork but surely its about being there and not the paper in your hand. Just be thankful you got a ticket, millions didn’t.

  27. Giverney

    My ticket came 2 days after email from Eventim. My hands were shaking as I very carefully opened the envelope. Needless to say it is now hidden in a safe place! Chuffed to bits and can hardly wait till 2 Sep! Loved Kate for 36 years so have waited a L O N G time to see her. Making the trip alone as hubby don’t understand her at all. Think he’s a wee bit annoyed that I am more excited about this show than I was about our holiday in Rome this year!

  28. Maggie

    Soooo got mine 🙂 beautiful artwork, aug 27th is so close now heehee, i will see my genius again !

  29. mr olsen

    No tickets yet – and no email from ticketmaster about tickets having shipped. Should I be worried?

  30. Horst & Lisa

    Does anybody know, how this hospitality tickets work? I mean, they are real, aren’t they? Today I got an Important Information for Ticket Buyers from the vendor. We’re so excited. 29 days left…

  31. neil

    From the Independaent yesterday.
    Beyond her request, Bush gave little else away about the hotly-anticipated Beyond The Dream shows, which are set to run for 22 nights and sold out in 15 minutes. “It’s going very well indeed,” she said of the preparations. Bush effectively retired from the live stage after her gruelling 1979 Tour Of Life tour ended at Hammersmith Apollo when she was just 20. ………………..
    Do you mean ‘Before the Dawn’ mate? Journalism beyond a joke

  32. davie

    I called Eventim because my tickets had not arrived. An extremely helpful woman called Michelle told me that the tickets had been dispatched. I have two sets arriving and neither had come. She assured me she would do her best and was really lovely. I live in a small village in Wiltshire and another house has a similar address. Me and the dog went round there and the chap who lives there had had my tickets for 5.9.14 for TWO WEEKS…. “and meant to call round with them”. Then he said there was another envelope for me which had the second set in them for 12.9.14 and finished the conversation by saying “is Kate Bush still around then?” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I wasn’t so pleased to have the tickets I might have had a conversation with the words “she is an absolute genius” in it. Instead me and the dog walked across the field with a sky of honey over our heads. 🙂

  33. Denise

    Ah, yes sadly the ones ordered through See Tickets are plain white. Would have loved to have had the arty one, but that’s just aesthetics, I’m too happy to have tickets at all!

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