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Channel 4 TV show “Four Rooms” looking for Kate Bush fans!

Four Rooms dealers

Four Rooms is a British television series from Channel 4 which sees members of the public who have rare, unusual items to sell, and four reputable dealers from the collectibles world who potentially want to buy them. Over the past 4 series, the Four Rooms dealers have handed over in excess of £1 million a diverse mix of empowered sellers who have negotiated their way to a successful deal.

They’ve had Kate Bush items sell on the show before and are eager to reach out to fans who may have some special items, such as rare records, memorabilia, costumes, etc, that they’d be interested in showcasing and selling in this way. If you might be interested, the show can be reached at @C4FourRooms on Twitter OR by emailing


Guido Harari’s “The Kate Inside” – new promotional video featuring Lindsay Kemp and wonderful photographs


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  1. Melanie Tinman

    I’m. Huge Kate fan and have been since she started xx

  2. June Robertson-Miles

    Like most I have been a bush fan since the start. I was in America when Kate did her tour last year and was devastated that I was unable to come home (due to a horrific car crash) If i could have got home I would have been in awe like most to have seen this awesome woman in concert.
    I wont say I have everything that was ever published but i have every album (including a picture disc) The Two homeground books and some items from the concert sent to me in the usa from other fans who were lucky enough to see her last year
    Now I am back home I would love to be a part of the Channel 4 show

  3. Carolyn Cole

    I would only go on the show to buy why would want to sell my rare collection though saying that I have beautiful photos of her on her piano at the opening night off Before the Dawn. Been a fan for the age of 10!

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