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Del Palmer talks about his music on Raiders FM

Del Palmer

Our own Del Palmer took part in a radio interview yesterday with Raiders FM, and refreshingly, had a chance to discuss his own work for once (sorry, Kate!). You can listen to DJ Chris Hunter talking to Del in the Youtube clip below. Del’s music, including his latest release “Point of Safe Return” is available at his official site here:


Channel 4 TV show “Four Rooms” looking for Kate Bush fans!


Kate’s songs added as set works for UK’s A-level music students from 2016!


  1. Nanette

    Good for you, Del!

    ‘yes it was pretty good listened to Del Palmer a another channel which is gearing its self to play Kate Bush tracks and engage with real fans music lovers. One gets to hear album tracks that are never played on mainstream channels! Del Palmer material was really exciting to discover and his influence on other Acts like Kandina Jane! We will get ready to play Del Palmer and spread the world.

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