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Final weeks for pre-order offer on Guido Harari photo book “The Kate Inside”

It’s fair to say fans are getting quite excited about this upcoming book from Guido Harari, The Kate Inside, if the comments on the project’s Facebook page are anything to go by. First up for this project is the end-of-January deadline for the pre-order 25% discount on both the Deluxe and regular versions of the book. Fans who go for the deluxe option (Guido has arranged a 3 month instalment plan) will receive a significantly different, expanded edition of the book, extra print/polaroids, signed by Guido and Lindsay Kemp, presented in a solander slipcase. All early donors to the crowdfunding phase will have their names acknowledged in the book itself. Information on how to get the discount for either version is here. Watch the project’s promo video here.

THE KATE INSIDE Highlights of the book include official press photos for Hounds Of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, including a completely never-before-seen reportage on the set of Kate’s film The Line, The Cross & The Curve. Right now, Guido is busy selecting the final shots for the book, choosing the format, materials and covers for both versions of the book and restoring negatives from 2-3 decades ago. Best of luck, Guido! [order info here]


Happy Christmas! Kate sends a message to fans


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  1. Thank you so much for your support, Sean! We’re very excited and overjoyed to confirm that, yes!, “The Kate Inside” is really happening to ya! The next few weeks will be particularly hectic as we are beginning actual book production while the crowdfunding is still running till the end of January. We’re very close to reaching our goal, but the response has been so great so far (orders have been coming in from all over the world – Europe, US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Russia, South America) that we have decided to go ahead with the project anyway. Next week we’ll start designing the book (Deluxe and Regular editions), the Deluxe slipcase and the extras. Stay tuned for updates! Happy New Year to everybody! Guido

  2. Robert Patterson

    I would be very disappointed if the Deluxe slipcase were not to be made in leather as previously advertised…and part of the reason why I ordered the Deluxe version, as I wanted something of pure quality…which I am sure Guido will make happen!

    Kate may not eat meat…but she does wear leather…I am not planning on eating my copy!

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