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Happy Christmas! Kate sends a message to fans

Kate has added a short Christmas message to her site today along with a festive twist on her tour programme cover imagery! Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and a terrific New Year for 2016 from Peter, Krys, Dave and Seán here at xxx

Kate's Christmas message 2015


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  1. Mark Edwardson

    Happy Christmas To you and yours lovely Kate. You have brought me so much joy in my life with your music.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart..

  2. Mats

    Is this all we get!??

  3. Paul Wilson

    Speaking as one who was looked after by your dear Father at his Practice in Plumstead all those years ago – God Bless you and him, and all your family Kate. xxxxx

  4. Kashka not from Baghdad

    Any chance of another album? Or even the Before the Dawn Dvd? Bertie’s college fees cant be cheap….

  5. Elizabeth

    I’ve madly loved Kate since 1987 and traveled from Portland to see the show last year, and I hate to say it, but she is doing such a disservice to all fans by not releasing the DVD. Regardless of the reason(s), she put the shows out there, we all respected her wishes not to video or take photos, and I feel that she is obligated to release it not just for us who were there, but for all the fans who couldn’t make it to London.

    It would be absolutely tragic if the only memories of Before the Dawn faded into oblivion with all of us when we pass on.

    • davidly

      Apparently you don’t hate to say it enough, Elizabeth. For you just said it. And instead of simply remaining grateful that you got to attend the show, you have chosen to express the all-too common, self-entitled view that the artist owes something more than the art she chooses to create in fair exchange to the witting enthusiast, or, that the reasons behind the no photo/viddy request had anything to do other than with the simple fact that refraining from personal obsession should be the expected default behavior in such a public venue — not, as you suggest, that it is somehow related to the professional recording that was done.

      This negativity has repercussions — as is witnessed by my mere stooping to make this additional, admittedly relatively petty comment instead of just saying, Happy Holidays to you and yours, KBN! And thank you for everything.

      • NJ Morgan

        Get off your high horse mate! Elizabeth made a valid and polite comment and doesn’t deserve your condescension.

    • Conrad

      Hi Elizabeth,

      We’re all in the same boat (pardon pun) re: wanting to see a DVD of Before The Dawn, but I have to disagree that she is ‘obligated’ to release it. Even if she had promised, announced, or even mentioned a DVD – which she never has – she’s completely free to change her mind or do something else instead.

      Of course, Kate fan must have experienced some frustration in ‘waiting for Kate’ but the only way she can make work that we love is by doing things exactly when, if and how she wants to.

      I would absolutely *love* a DVD (or cinema!) release of BTD — but also trust that as an artist she knows exactly what she’s doing.

      Glad you could make the show, though – we’re all going to treasure those memories for ever! 🙂

      Kind regards

  6. mats

    She should release the show, i dont get what all this fuss is about when the music is so good and the reviews were stunning.I find it strange

  7. Narayan Kundu

    Davidly -tis the season to be merry. So what if Elizabeth wants the DVD? It’s a natural reaction for a fan. Im still waiting for Buckingham Nicks to be released on CD album despite known bootleg versions. If you’re a true fan regardless of who it is, patience is a virtue and most fans are happy to wait. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

    • davidly

      Narayan, I agree about the merriness, and to a certain extent regret having replied at all. What I object to is the entire ignoring of the sentiment of the original post to frame a personal desire in language that accuses the artist of doing a disservice to her fans and making a claim that she has any further obligations whatsoever — this — on a Happy Christmas post.

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