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BEFORE THE DAWN LIVE 2014 – CD and vinyl sets released 25th November!

| Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Before the Dawn LP set

Are you ready for a fresh Kate Bush release in your record collection?! We are so delighted to let you know that two years after she completed her extraordinary 2014 run of Before the Dawn shows at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, Kate will release a live album set of these already legendary concerts on November 25th on her Fish People label (with a 5th December US release through Concord Records). This 4 disc vinyl LP OR 3 disc CD set is available to pre-order from today. The album artwork, as expected, looks stunning, and in grand Kate tradition there is a hidden KT symbol on the album cover…happy searching. Before the Dawn will also be released on the usual digital platforms also such as iTunes, Amazon etc. The album title is billed as “The KT Fellowship Presents…” underscoring again Kate’s determination to emphasise the collaborative nature of this huge production team’s work. We cannot wait to play these glorious recordings LOUD! The power and beauty of Kate’s voice combined with the sheer brilliance of her musicians and cast is going to be heart-stopping.

| Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Listen below to “Prologue” from the Before the Dawn live album

Before the Dawn CDs
Kate filming The Ninth Wave sequences at Pinewood Studios
Kate Bush performs Aerial, 2014
Before the Dawn album cover large
Kate Live 2014

What’s included in the Before the Dawn sets? The 3 CDs encompass one act of Before the Dawn each while the tracks on the vinyl set are spread across the 8 sides of the 4 vinyl discs.

Not only does each set include every song performed each night, it also includes a surprise live version of “Never Be Mine” which was presumably cut from the actual shows for running time, marking the first appearance of a song from The Sensual World album in a Before the Dawn setting. The track was clearly originally intended to be part of the “band performance” opening act of the shows. We also now have titles for two of the dramatised elements of the live show. Attendees will remember that actor Kevin Doyle (of Downton Abbey fame!) played the part of the concerned astronomer in the film segment that opens The Ninth Wave, “Astronomer’s Call“.  A comedic scene between Kate’s son Albert McIntosh and actor Bob Harms is now titled “Watching Them Without Her“. “Little Light” provides the serene choral lead-in to the powerful live version of “Jig of Life”, and Albert McIntosh takes on lead vocal duties as The Painter on the new song “Tawny Moon“, giving the lunar spectacle a prominent place in this wonderfully expanded production of A Sky of Honey in Act Three. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Act One
Hounds Of Love
Top Of The City
Never Be Mine*
Running Up That Hill
King Of The Mountain

Act Two – The Ninth Wave
Astronomer’s Call (feat Kevin Doyle spoken monologue)
And Dream Of Sheep
Under Ice
Waking The Witch (feat Jo Servi)
Watching Them Without Her (feat Albert McIntosh and Bob Harms)
Watching You Without Me
Little Light
Jig Of Life (feat John Carder Bush)
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog

Act Three – A Sky of Honey
An Architect’s Dream
The Painter’s Link (feat Albert McIntosh)
Aerial Tal
Somewhere In Between
Tawny Moon (feat Albert McIntosh)

Among Angels

*Previously unheard live performance

Before the Dawn LP set


Kate Bush inspired showcase from writer/director/composer Caleb Lane


Ken Bruce plays clip from King of the Mountain (Live 2014) – available for download Friday 21st


  1. David Absalom

    Fabulous news. Do we think these are likely to be available on her official website or do we have to rely on Amazon etc.?

  2. Rico

    This is marvellous… Does anybody know if also a video is to be expected? The live was filmed, right?

  3. noodle

    Oh my absolute god I can’t tell you how long I have been pining to hear the concert again. I cannot wait to get these tracks into my earphones. Still holding hope for a possible DVD release 🙂

  4. David England

    Hurrah! That’s Christmas sorted then. I was feeling very sceptical about the rumours that had been flying around the internet this week, especially with what brother John had said in his radio interview. I won’t speak of DVDs; I’m simply grateful that Kate is letting us have what I’m sure will be a beautiful recording of the stunning show.

  5. Stephen Hasslauer

    At last. Oh Joy!!!!

  6. Mark

    I won’t buy this. (Maybe just “never be mine.”) this was a visual show. It won’t make sense without a DVD.

    • Colin

      Perhaps listening to her just released Prologue will convince you otherwise? It’s wonderful listening…

  7. Gary Alexander

    I’ve already pre-ordered both versions.. Can’t wait to listen to it again. If the 24 page booklet in the vinyl version is of the same quality as the tour programme it will be superb…

    Website link for pre-order takes you to Amazon; where Before The Dawn is number 1 in music… Can we foretell Kate’s 4th UK number album?

  8. Davie

    Well Kate, that is fantastic news. Thanks for giving so many people who love your music access to Before The Dawn. I am so excited to re-visit it.
    Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong ding dong. Davie x

  9. Scott Mclay

    Can’t believe that it was January 1987 that Kate had her last uk number one album with “The Whole Story”. Almost 30 years ago! Long overdue. Fingers crossed!!

  10. Wonderful news! I was privileged to attend two nights of ‘Before the Dawn’, one of them in front row. And now I’m really looking forward to the release date!

  11. ‘Among Angels’ would make a wonderful single for Christmas !! 🙂

  12. davidly

    Bring it!

  13. Colin

    This is just wonderful news. Having seen her stage production it’s the next best thing to SEEING her performance!

    Curious, the iTunes digital version has a slightly changed lineup (no Aerial for example)… anyone read about this?

  14. Eugène (the Netherlands)

    Kate really never stops to surprise her fans all over the world with her perfect sense of timing! Maybe we should all credit her more for always giving us her utmost best, even if it takes a little longer than a lot of fans can bare….. Incredible that I’ll be able to relive her mindblowing concert in a short while; attending her liveshow has been an unforgettable experience for me and I’m so proud to have been able to be part of her mesmerizing crowd one evening in August 2014. Thanks all of you who were part of the KT Fellowship!

  15. Mrs Peel

    SO STOKED! I got Amazon cards for my birthday, so woo-hoo! Will never forget September 28th, 2014.And I love that I can get the vinyl set with big format artwork like olde times when I was a lass.

  16. Eric

    Is there anyone who can tell us why there is no dvd? I strongly look forward to an explanation.

  17. bryan upfield

    Is there any clue as to which nights the songs are taken from?
    BTW Sean, you are next to me in the acknowledgements in Guido’s book!

    • Hi Bryan, oh cool – the book is beautiful, isn’t it? No indication as to which nights, unless the liner notes say otherwise I’m taking it that it’s a selection of best performances from the whole run? We shall see.

  18. Blackbird Braille

    I am ecstatic about this being released in audio format–especially vinyl! Grateful that Kate and the Fellowship made this happen. It will be treasured for a lifetime.

  19. ARoseGrowingOld

    Gifts that last a lifetime are not swiftly made

    Another album that will be talked about in a hundred years’ time

  20. Phil Wardle

    The memories of one night in September 2014 are flooding back already. The show was a visual spectacular – but the audio too was a totally immersive experience, I recall. Three of us went (all grown men) and three of us were reduced to tears as the first notes of Kate’s voice were heard at the start of the show. None of us had read reviews or set lists (though we had seen headlines criticising the choice of songs in the show – the song choices were sheer perfection!) so everything was a surprise to us.
    We had the delights of A Sky of Honey from Aerial, together with The Ninth Wave from Hounds of Love. How could anyone complain about those masterpieces? Add Cloudbusting, Hounds of Love and the remarkable Among Angels and you have the most wonderful selection of music; how could anyone find fault in that?
    I am truly excited about the release of the live shows on CD – I really can’t wait until Christmas to hear this and I’ve arranged for delivery on the day of its release (I’m not a kid – I’m 55, for goodness sake!!). The ‘taster’ track, Prologue, sounds as clear as crystal – roll on 25th November!

  21. Danny

    I’ve been searching for months…can anyone tell me where the KT symbol is on the vinyl version of BTD? And does anyone know if DC has one too?

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