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Kate releases And Dream of Sheep (2014 version) as a single on Friday!

And Dream of Sheep

Kate has this evening announced that ‘And Dream of Sheep‘ will be released as a single on 18th November and will be available to download from 11.30am on Friday morning! Those who attended the shows in 2014 will recall the near heart-stopping experience of hearing Kate’s intimate live vocal on this beloved classic song, recorded as she floated in her life jacket, the song punctuated by the eerie bleeping of her “little light”. From Kate’s site: “The character in the song is lost at sea and Kate performed the lead vocal live whilst filming in a water tank at Pinewood Studios. The song will be sent automatically to anyone who has pre-ordered Before the Dawn (digitally), which is released on 25th November.” And Dream of Sheep will join King of the Mountain and Prologue as the third complete Before the Dawn track we’ll have been treated to.

Kate’s site also reminds people to tune into BBC Radio 6 next Sunday 20th November to hear an hour long interview programme (1pm) and then the FULL Ninth Wave act of the show in its entirety later that evening (from 6pm) on the same radio station. Full story on the BBC Radio shows here. Exciting times for Kate fans!

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|


New version of “π” recorded by Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sophie von Otter


KEXP in the US have played a worldwide exclusive – FIVE tracks from Before the Dawn!


  1. Darrell Kastin

    Hi, Seán,

    Will there be a DVD released of Before The Dawn Live?


    • Hi Darrell,

      No news at all on any DVD plans. I know that it is frustrating in some ways but it’s something that I’m quite well used to with Kate – the 12 year wait for Aerial comes to mind. The most important thing to remember, in fairness to Kate, is that she never announced a DVD herself, never promised one, never said anything. We know the shows were filmed but after that we don’t know what her plans are. That’s how it is – Kate decides what to do with her work. She does apparently refer to the album as the “audio document” in the album liner notes, so perhaps that leaves the door open for something later.

      We’ll keep our fingers crossed here, anyway.

      Best regards,


  2. Greg Gilligan

    Hi Seán,
    “Heart stopping experience” just about sums it up. King of the Mountain was/is amazing but this version of And dream of Sheep for me was sublime and would have been my first track played on the 25th, so I’m delighted that I’ll get to hear it a week early.

    In a year of so much darkness Kate’s little light shines all the brighter.


  3. RollingMatador

    I do hope we get the video with it. I think maybe that’s why she chose this song for a single, there’s already a video made for it that was used in the live show.

    And what’s up with the forum? I can’t get to it…

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