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Introducing the HomeGround Audio Archive

The HomeGround Editors have been collecting Kate related audio material since before the founding of the magazine in 1982. In fact the collecting began in 1979, the year after Kate’s debut with Wuthering Heights. The material, dating from 1978 to date, radio shows and clips, and other material was originally collected on over a hundred audio cassettes, which have now been digitised into MP3s.

Be warned. The audio quality of the early material is variable. In the late 70s and early eighties we were still collecting tapes which were umpteenth generation copies of material originally recorded (most likely) by balancing a microphone against a decidedly low-fi transistor radio or TV. These files are kept in the archive because they are precious survivals of material that has not (yet) appeared in a better format. The MP3s faithfully reproduce the poor quality of the original sound.

The Archive index page is here. In due course we hope to have all of the archive available, but have begun now, with the year 1980, a year of four singles and an album. We will add further years as they are ready. Enjoy.


Heiðrik á Heygum – Faroese artist discusses Kate’s influence on his films and music


The HomeGround Audio Archive – 1978 now available


  1. Brandon

    Thank you!! Very nice to have these wonderful treasures available. Looks like you guys have kept quite an extensive archive going. This is really great!

  2. How wonderful!!
    I have been a fan of Kate since 1979 ( I was a member of Homeground for a few years when I lived in Australasia in the 1980’s.
    Can I humbly suggest that Soundcloud is not the best place for this archive to be.

    It would be worth contacting
    This sort of audio collection is _exactly_ the sort of thing that they are interested in preserving for posterity. They will also help protect it from copyright trolls etc.
    You can see what ios already in their audio collection here It would be great to see the Homeground collection in there too.


  3. Bradford Bennett

    This is awesome, a true treasure for all Kate Bush fans. Thanks, you all rock.

  4. giulio

    What a wonderful gift.
    Thankyou so much for sharing 😉

  5. Jake

    Goodness – how times have changed – what surprising questions to and comments about Kate!!
    Thank you so much Homeground/KBN.
    What a wonderful thing to do – your kindness is much appreciated.

  6. Kiki

    Thank you so much for doing this! I love listening to these older interviews. Even the recordings of “poorer quality” have a feeling about them that seems right for their time. Down the rabbit hole I go!

  7. David England

    This is great Sean; thank you so much for taking the time to share this archive. I’m delighted you’ve got the Paul Gambacinni two-part show with Kate playing her favourite music and disclosing her influences – my C90 tape of that interview influenced my own (non-Kate) listening for decades! I wonder if she’ll do Desert Island Discs one day…..

    • David England

      Oh sorry, Peter – I’ve just noticed it was YOU that did this! Ha!

      • We are the KBNI/HomeGround team 🙂

        Further years will be put up before too long. I have working on 1979.

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