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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast – Episode 1: A Kate Miscellany – out now!

For our first full podcast episode, Seán and Dave Cross of HomeGround Magazine present each other with a selection of random artefacts and moments from Kate’s almost 40 year career and chat briefly about each one. Just a small dip into the vast ocean of Kate’s work, before we get more specific in future episodes!

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The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever returns July 15th – global events list here!


The Kate Bush Fan Podcast – Episode 2: My Life as a Fan


  1. Dr Nick Owen

    I love Kate Bush

  2. Meredith Tarr

    Great job!! I especially enjoyed the bit about the 1990 KonvenTion – I was there, and it was such fun to relive it after all this time!

  3. René Lauritsen

    A lovely listen. Thank you.

  4. Pekka

    What a fun listen, thanks Seán and Dave! Loved all of it, and especially the stories of the conventions, and Seán you handing out the confetti on the tube! 🙂

  5. Dr S T O'Donovan

    Ah fantastic hour or so’s listening. Thanks Sean & Dave.
    Couple of suggestions for future podcasts?
    Maybe one about the Demos.
    One about album artwork and vinyl messages, KT hidden logos etc.
    One about fan stories which we could submit via sound messages.

    • Cheers Simon, will be doing that sort of thing for sure 🙂

      • Si O'Donovan

        PS I’d be quite excited re the album artwork, logos and messages one. We could all sit there with our vinyl out and pore over the images together X

        Also maybe an item on real rarities and one offs, e.g. was anyone at the LSO event and heard Blowaway live? Or has anyone heard the demo Maybe all the way through? Or did anyone hear the supposed title track of Never for Ever? Or was anyone at Eftling? Etc etc.

        Fantastic addition to the fansite, so thanks again.

  6. Blackbird Braille

    Fun listen! My suggestion for any “Before The Dawn” podcasts would be to interview some of those who worked on it. Would love to hear from Steven, Dave, Mino, Sandra, Jon Carin, well – any and all who worked on it. The album was billed to the KT Fellowship but outside of a few snippets here and there, and David’s more in-depth interview at SuperDeluxeEdition, we didn’t get to really hear from any of them in depth about the experience or their part in it (though Steven was just featured in a podcast last week and talks about his role in it a little).

    • It would be lovely to chat to some of the people involved – so we’ll see what we can do 🙂

  7. Nate in Nashville

    I’m really enjoying this podcast. Thanks so much!

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