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Kate Bush Fan Podcast – New Episode! A very KT party!

In this episode, Seán is joined by Thomas Dunning as they travel from Dublin to London to attend the HomeGround party in the RVT. We talk Kate at the airport, meet up with the Homeground gang, talk to DJ Paul Thomas and photographer Guido Harari and hear some terrific Kate Bush music played live. And we remembered to record much of it!

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Kate Bush Fan Podcast – New minisode – The Sensual World (song)


Rare photo of Kate performing with KT Bush Band in 1977 surfaces online!


  1. PeterS

    Hi, it truly was a great party. My first time at one of those gatherings. Would it be possible to publish the playlist of the acts here, please? I feel I experienced it all in a haze

  2. Dale


    Looking forward to every episode. Loved the last “full” episode with Tristan from France. As a gay man myself, Kate was the first artist to make me feel like I was OK just being me, and the episode with Tristan reminded me of how much Kate’s music made me feel complete. I hope you continue with the podcast as it is a great addition to the forum and website.

  3. Fanch

    It was great to meet some of you 27 years later. My last HG “convention” was in 1990.
    Cool to see new faces as well. What can I say? It was a great night, with fantastic performers, the beer was good (really !), the DJs were great, even if I am not deaf. See you next year !

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